Crazy Love Story

Sandra was living in her grandmother because her parents died already. When her grandmother died, she lived in her friend's house named Katie. Then Katie and Sandra studied there in London where Katie lives. So they meet these guys who think they are different from the other girls..


5. Confession Night

When Niall asked her why, she just kept crying. When suddenly she spoke.

Sandra: I remembered my grandma. She died already when I was turning collage.

Niall: Oh, I am so sorry. Then why are you still crying?

Sandra: Because that's the reason why I left America to go here. 

Niall: Don't you like it here?

Sandra: I do. And don't worry I won't be leaving.

Niall: Glad to here that.

So when Niall heard that he was happy. Then he told Sandra.

Niall: Sandra don't cry, I want you to be happy.

Sandra: Okay. So I think its kind of late. Sorry to wake you up.

Niall: Its fine. I will do anything for you.

Sandra: Okay handsome. 

Niall: Did you just call me handsome?

Sandra: Don't you like it?

Niall: Thanks.

So they slept. Niall was keep on smiling, he can't stop. So when the clock struck 7:00 am he woke up and found Sandra no where in sight. Then he stood up and saw a paper. Its says....

Niall, I am going for a jog outside with my friend. 

So immediately Niall called Sandra.

Sandra: Hello.

Niall: Sandra why didn't you wake me up?

Sandra: Why would I?

Niall: Oh I just want to join you jogging. 

Sandra: Don't worry, there's still next time.

Niall: Fine.

So Niall went into the bathroom and took a bath. So when he was done, he heard the door opened, he knew it was Sandra. So he went out and saw Sandra talking to someone in the phone.

Sandra: Yes yes yes I will. Don't worry. 

So after that Sandra hang up....

Niall: Who was that?

Sandra: That was my friend.

Niall: Oh. So babe did you miss me?

Sandra: No. And don't call me like that. You're not yet my boy friend....

Niall: I know... I am just practicing.... 

Sandra: For what?

Niall: Because I know someday that we will be together.

Sandra: I think you should sleep cause your day dreaming again. 

Niall: Okay babe...

Sandra: Stop that.

So after that, both of them went to there classes. So after Sandra's class, she went back to there room to get something. So when she got what she needs she opened the door but it was locked. She tried to pull it harder but nothing happened. She was thinking how the door got locked, the lock is inside so there must be something at the other side. So she shouted and shouted but nothing happened. So she called Niall.

Sandra: Hello Niall.

Niall: Yes babe.

Sandra: Please stop calling me that. I need you here in our room. 

Niall: Why?

Sandra: The door is locked. I can't open it. 

Niall: I will be on my way.... 

Sandra: Please hurry.

So Sandra cried and cried because she was stuck there for an hour. When suddenly the door opened. It was Niall. So Sandra hugged Niall. 

Sandra: Niall, I knew you'd come. 

Niall: Of course. 

Sandra: Why was the door locked?

Niall: Someone put a chair in the knob.

Sandra: Why would they do that?

Niall: Don't worry I am here to protect you. 

Sandra: Niall thank you very much.

So Sandra was really happy. Then he told Niall.

Sandra: Niall..

Niall: Yeah. 

Sandra: I would like to tell you how happy I was.

Niall: Its okay. 

Sandra: I mean I like you.

Niall: What?

Sandra: I like you.

Niall: You like me?

Sandra: YEAH!!!!!

Then Niall kissed Sandra. So Sandra was shocked but she was also happy. And Niall was like the happiest person in the world. So they went to a cafe and they celebrated it... 

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