Crazy Love Story

Sandra was living in her grandmother because her parents died already. When her grandmother died, she lived in her friend's house named Katie. Then Katie and Sandra studied there in London where Katie lives. So they meet these guys who think they are different from the other girls..


4. Amazing Date

When Niall called Sandra, he feels so happy to ask her on a date later. So after 5-10 minutes Sandra came and was so furious about Niall.

Niall: Your here.

Sandra: Yes I am. But before you give me the rules, I would like to tell you this. I just met you and this is crazy so please don't call like that when I am with my friend. Because you interrupted our conversation.

Niall: Sorry for that. I just want to ask you something.

Sandra: What is it?

Niall: Can you go out on a date with me?

Sandra: Okay as long as its okay with your fans.

Niall: It is. So I will pick you up at 7 pm. Okay.

Sandra: Okay I will wait. But before you leave I will ask you. Why me?

Niall: Because you are nice, pretty, smart and talented.

Sandra: Really? But why me? There are girls more talented than me, smarter than me, prettier than me, and nicer than me.

Niall: You are different from them.

Sandra: Okay. So explain different. Because there are a lot of different girls like me.

Niall: Your different, because other girls ran to me and scream, hug me and other more things.

Sandra: So that's why... Okay so see you later.

Niall: Okay.

Niall was really happy that he would take Sandra out on a date. So when the clock strike 7 pm someone knocked on the door. It was Niall. So Sandra saw Niall holding a bouquet of flowers. Then Niall gave the flowers to Sandra. Sandra blushed and fan girl. But she doesn't mind. So when they went to Niall's car she asked Niall where they were going.

Sandra: Niall, where are we going?

Niall: Later, you will see.

Sandra: Sure.

So when Sandra saw the restaurant she was shocked. So Niall opened the door for her.

Niall: You like it.

Sandra: Nice..

So while they were eating Niall was keep on looking at Sandra. After they eat, Niall stoop up and gave something to Sandra.

Sandra: What's this?

Niall: Open it.

Sandra looked so shocked with a smile on her face. It was a beautiful necklace.

Sandra: Thanks Niall.

Niall: Do you like it?

Sandra: Yes I do.

Niall: I will put it on you.

So after Niall have put the necklace, they went home. When they got home, they slept early. So the time past and Niall suddenly see lights. It was Sandra crying. So Niall went to her bed and asked her why she was crying. 

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