Crazy Love Story

Sandra was living in her grandmother because her parents died already. When her grandmother died, she lived in her friend's house named Katie. Then Katie and Sandra studied there in London where Katie lives. So they meet these guys who think they are different from the other girls..


3. 1st Day in School

When Sandra woke up by the music she heard she saw Niall playing his guitar. So she thought, that's why I woke up it was Niall playing the guitar. While Sandra was looking at Niall, Niall noticed Sandra looking, so he asked her.

Niall: What are you staring at?

Sandra: Nothing. I was just mesmerized by you playing the guitar. 

Niall: Want me to teach you?

Sandra: Nope. I know how.

Niall: Nice. May I hear you play? 

Sandra: Sure.

When Sandra was playing the guitar, Niall was amazed. She have never seen a girl play the guitar like that, except for Taylor but she was different. No girl have denied to be helped by Niall. But Sandra she was really different, like I was just an ordinary guy for her.

Sandra: So was it nice?

Niall: Its nice. 


Sandra: Oh I will be late for my first class.

Niall: What's your first class?

Sandra: Geometry... Why?

Niall: Your in luck. We have the same class.

Sandra: Coincidence. Can I go to the bathroom first?

Niall: Yeah sure... Take your time.

Sandra: Thanks.... By the way I am Sandra. 

Niall was shocked when she heard her name. He remembered that girl who had helped him. But he din't mind it anymore.

When Sandra was done. She got out and saw Niall holding her clothes. And then she asked.

Sandra: Why are you holding my clothes?

Niall: I was going to give it to you. Here.

Sandra: Thanks. Its your turn. 

Niall: Okay. Wait. Can you wait for me? 

Sandra: Why? Are you scared?

Niall: Nope. I am going to tell you the rules.

Sandra: Okay. 

When Sandra was done putting her clothes on. She knocked on the bathroom door and told Niall she was going but Niall insisted her to stay. And she stayed. When Niall got out, Sandra looked at him in a very shocking face.

Niall: Why?

Sandra: Nothing. Just please put on your clothes. 

Niall: Why, shocked to see me like this.

Sandral: Just go and put your clothes on or I will just leave.

Niall: Okay. 

After Niall got ready, both of them went outside the room. Then Niall gave the rules. And when they reached class, Niall was keep on staring at Sandra. 

After class, they parted ways. 

Sandra saw Katie.

Katie: So how's your first night?

Sandra: It was terrible.

Katie: Why?

Sandra: You wanna know who my room mate is.

Katie: Who? Is it a hot boy?

Sandra: Niall Horan.

Katie looked shocked. 

Katie: You sure. Your not kidding me.

Sandra: Nope. 

Katie: Oh my gosh.... Aren't you happy?

Sandra: Nope. 

Katie: Are you crazy..... There's a hot guy with you in the same room. 

Sandra: So.

Katie: Aren't you............

(When someone interrupted them with a phone call.)

Sandra: Oh wait a sec.

Hello. Who is this?

Niall: Its me Niall.

Sandra: How'd you get my phone number?

Niall: Secret. Just go back her at the room and I'll tell you something.

Sandra: Just tell it now.

Niall: I can't my mouth is shot. Go now. I am waiting.

Sandra: Wait.....

(Niall hang up.)

Sandra: I hate him. I am not his assistant.

Katie: LOL. Who was that?

Sandra: No one. Not an important person. 

Katie: I think you should go to him.

Sandra: Who?

Katie: Niall called you right.

Sandra: Is it okay?

Katie: I will just chat you in Facebook and in Twitter.

Sandra: Thanks. I will treat you tomorrow. Bye.

Katie: Bye..


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