London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


13. Waking Up

Hilary's P.O.V

I woke up the next morning laying by Liam. I groaned then got up and looked at myself in the mirror. '' Ugly '' I whispered. '' Your not ugly, your beautiful '' Someone said. I jumped a bit then turned around to see Liam standing there. He smiled. '' I'm gonna take a shower Liam. '' I said. '' May I join you? '' He said with a perverted smile. '' No. '' I said then walked away smiling. I grabbed some clothes and hopped in the shower letting the hot water run down my back. 10 minutes later I got out. I got dressed into this : : I walked out of the bathroom too see Liam practically wearing the same thing but in ' Boy Style '. I gasped. '' I'm gonna change Li li. '' I said smiling. '' NO! '' Liam practically yelled at me. '' Fine. '' I replied. He grabbed my arm and dragged me outside of the room. We then were both in Pizza Hut. '' mm Pizza '' I said smiling. Liam chuckled. We got our food and ate while laughing our heads off. Talking about the weirdest things ever. Then we left and walked to the park. We got on the swings. Then chased each other around like a teenage couple. Then at the end of the day Liam took me to a really fancy restaurant. '' Liam, Were not looking fancy '' I whispered in between gritted teeth. '' I know love, calm down. I reserved the whole place, No one will care. '' He replied to me with a comforting squeeze added. '' Okay '' I said calmly. We got sat down and a women who looked about my age (19) came as our waitress. '' Hi, What would you like to drink? '' She said nicely. '' Dr.Pepper please. '' I told her. She scribbled it down then turned to Liam and almost died. '' You sir? '' She asked between trembling.. '' Dr.Pepper please.. '' He said. '' Oh by the way are you two dating? '' She said losing her nice tone. '' Yes, we are actually. '' Liam replied. '' Oh. That's too bad Liam, I would be much better then her. Especially in bed. '' She told him smiling.  Liam scoffed and got up then grabbed my hand and dragged me out. I was crying kinda. He hugged me. '' It's okay babe. '' Liam whispered in my ear trying to calm me down. I wiped my tears and we arrived at a Carnival. '' I LOVE CARNIVALS!! '' I screamed happily. Liam smiled. '' There's that smile.'' He said. I giggled then we ran in after getting tickets. Of course.  We ran over to a food stand for dinner. We both got some pizza. '' mm Pizza again. '' I said. He chuckled. '' Yeah. Very fancy huh? '' He asked. '' Very! '' I screamed. We finished then went on millions of rides. I think we went on every ride twice. After the last ride we walked back to the hotel. '' Hilary, It's time for me to tell you something. '' Liam said with a frown. '' What is it Liam? '' I said while my smile dropped. '' I'm going on tour for 3 years, and.. you can't come. '' He said about to cry. I then broke down and ran into my hotel room then locked the door. Liam pounded on the door. '' HILARY! PLEASE!! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING AGAIN IS IT? '' He asked me. '' No. We are still dating. '' I replied still crying. '' Okay Hilary./ Tomorrow I leave. I'm coming to say bye tomorrow. '' He said then walked into his room. I then cried myself to sleep.



*There's your new chapter! Okay  I'll write tomorrow! Hopefully, I will be able to write tomorrow actually. Bye!!*

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