London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


2. The New Room and.. neighbors -.-

It was getting really late so I decided to take a warm shower. I grabbed a towel and turned on the water and hopped in. I started washing up and singing '' Hey Girl im waitin on ya, im waitin on ya comon and let me sneak you out, and have a celebration a celebration '' then I turned off the water and got out of the shower while drying off. I got changed into a baby blue tank top and some black pj shorts. I tied my hair in a bun and walked out of the bathroom, then the door knocked.. '' At  this time?? '' I said.. I walked to the door and open it. A boy with his hair shaved off waved at me. I waved back with a confused expression. '' Hello love, I just need to state the fact that you sing beautifully and you should keep it going.'' He Said.. I blushed '' thank you.. Im Hilary. Hilary Arguello. '' I said.  '' Im Liam. Liam Payne. '' he replied mocking my tone. I giggled. '' Well I better get going love, see you later? Are you coming to our concert? ''   He asked   '' Yes , I certainly am! '' I said cheerfully. He chuckled  '' Goodbye Hilary. ''  He said ''Bye Liam! '' I replied. He hugged my unexpectedly and he left. I closed my door and walked to bed. I lied down and then heard loud banging. I groaned '' What the hell is that noise? '' I got up and went to the wall and put my ear  up on the wall. All I heard was noises '' Ew..'' I took my ear off the wall and went next door. I knocked quickly. Liam answered. '' Hey love, sorry about the noises. Louis is mocking me about meeting you.''  He said.   '' Oh My.. '' I said and started backing away then I ran to my room and slammed the door.. What is wrong with me.. I must've made a fool out of myself.. I lied on my bed and thought.. and thought.. until I fell asleep.

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