London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


8. The Date ;3

Hilary's P.O.V

I woke up the next morning tired.. I checked the date.. '' February 16 '' I whispered.. Did I sleep through the 14? Omggg '' Sh*t '' I mumbled. I checked the time.. '' 8:00 A.M. '' Huh.. I got up and knocked and Liam's door forgetting what I had on. -.- Liam answered the door. '' Hey Hilary '' He said with the sexiest morning voice. '' Hey. Can I come in? '' I asked. '' Sure. '' He replied. I ran in and over to a alarm clock. '' Whatt! '' I said quickly then slapped my forehead. It's the 14..  '' Liam, what time is our date? '' I asked him. All he did was stand their and stare at me.. I looked down.Yep. I was in my panties and a t-shirt.. '' I better go to get some respect. '' I told him then walked out of his room and slammed his door. I walked in my room and closed the door then slid on sweat pants. *Knock Knock* '' WHO IS IT?? '' I yelled loud enough for the person outside to hear.'' It's Liam!! '' He replied. I jumped up and answered the door. '' Hi! '' I said. '' Hello.'' He replied. '' Our date will be at 12:00 and it's 11:30 so.. see you then '' He said smiling. '' Okay.. Bye '' I said then shut the door. '' Bye. '' I heard Liam say. I giggled then ran and took a shower and then got dressed in a white non-fancy dress. I put some white sandals on. I curled my hair and when I was in the middle of doing my make-up their was a knock on the door. It was Liam. '' Hey Li . '' I greeted him. '' Hey love. Almost done? '' he asked. '' Yep, just need my make-up! '' I said then walked over to where my make-up was and put a little bit. Enough to show. but not too much. '' All done! '' I said as happy as I could. Then I walked out of the bathroom and Liam grabbed my hand and we started walking. I was blushing slightly.. I could feel it. We arrived at a beach. Good thing I have my swim suit under this dress. '' Liam, It's really quiet here.. '' I said a bit scared. '' Yeah. It's okay I rented the whole place. '' He said then gave me a comforting hug. He led me to a picnic by the water. We both sat down and talked and we laughed. Then we ate. Right when Liam was about to pick up his sandwich it got splashed by water. I laughed. '' Y-Your sandwich is d-drenched! '' I said between laughter. He got a mad look on his face. He looked like he was gonna expload. I stopped laughing and got up and I ran to the street remembering that this happened to my ex too. 

* Flash Back*

Hilary's P.O.V

Jake (Ex) and I were sitting on the beach and Jake tried to bite into his sandwich..But the water splashed it and he got really mad. I was laughing and smiling but he didn't look happy. He walked over  too me and punched my face and threw me in the water. He knew I couldn't swim. '' HELP!! HELP!!'' I screamed at the top of my lungs as I lost breath.. I woke up in the hospital..I was fine..

*Flashback over *

I sat on the street crying as the memories flowed in. I heard footsteps walk up behind me. Then a hand landed on my shoulder and I flinched then jumped up. I turned around to see the one and only..




There's your cliff hanger :) I'm so sorry I didn't upload on the 14th I was so busyy and I didn't upload yesterday because it was the Valentine's dance for school. But here is a cliffhanger chapter! YAY Hahaha okay ill see you later.. *Tomorrow* as I should say.    *uploaded February 16 2013. 1:38 P.M*

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