London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


3. The Concert

I woke up the next morning drowsy. Then I remembered.. '' THE CONCERT!! '' I screamed at the top of my lungs. Then I heard some groans and I giggled. I ran into the bathroom with some clothes and I jumped in the shower. After I got out I got ready. I curled my hair, brushed my teeth, put on a heart necklace, and slid on a purple ruffle top along with skinny jeans and flats. I grabbed my purse and dropped my phone, the ticket, and money, just in case.. Then I dropped in a bag of cookies. I smiled at myself in the mirror once more then checked the time. I almost dropped my bag seeing it was almost time to get in. I walked over to the concert really quickly. '' shit '' I mumbled after seeing about 3,000,000,000,000,000 girls outside waiting.. I hope thats a number because thats how many girls I saw.. Then I walked to the line. I stood there..and stood there..and stood there.. finally!  '' Ticket please ma'am'' A tall guy asked as he held out his hand for my ticket. '' Oh I'll get it :) '' I grabbed my ticket from my purse and handed it to him. He frowned '' Erm , This is a plane ticket, not a concert ticket. Sorry but you can not enter. '' He said calmly.  My face dropped.. '' wha..? ''   He chuckled '' I'm joking! It's a ticket. Here you go. '' he handed me a wrist bracelet and I walked in shaking my head angularly. '' Ugh. '' I mumbled under my breath. I walked to my seat which was at the back because I didn't have enough money for the front row :P Those seats are like $1,000. Then 5 boys walked on stage.  '' Hello Londonnn!! Welcome to our first concert on the ' Take Me Home ' tourrr!! '' Niall  Said With a big smile plastered on his face. Then Liam spoke up '' We are going to sing a few songs then answer some twitter questions!! '' Liam smiled while he was looking around the crowd like a little kid that lost his puppy. Then Louis said '' We will start with ' Kiss You ' because everyone seems to really like that song and so do we :) '' Then the music started and Zayn started singing then Harry then Liam and so on.. I danced along and sang to every song that played. Then the twitter questions was on! I grabbed my I phone 5 and clicked my twitter app. '' Okay, First question.. ' Can You Please Follow me On twitter? I LOVE YOUU '  Okay '' Harry Said...then they waved to who tweeted it and actually followed her!  I then sent a tweet '' Hi Liam, Its me Hilary!  But can you all dance to 'Gangman Style'? ' Then Liam Read it out loud and frowned a bit when he noticed what seat I was in. But then Gangman Style started playing and they all started dancing like crazy to it. I giggled then yelled '' WOO YOU ROCK THIS SONG!! ''  then they all turned to me and chuckled. The concert ended after a few more questions. I walked back to the hotel wondering who got backstage passes. '' Those  lucky people.. ''  I entered the hotel and went up to my room. There was two guards infront of 1D's room. I guess that's where the backstage thingy is being held.. I walked into my room and shut the door. Then I went and put my ear up to the wall. '' Yeah.. Hilary is a nice girl. And I would totally date her.'' Liam said. Then I heard a girly voice '' Oh, Would you date me? ''  ? said.  '' I would if I didn't like Hilary '' Liam answered. Then I heard all the boys whistle and I blushed and walked to the wall and slid down with a crazy smile plastered on my face.

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