London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


11. Party! aww..

Hilary's P.O.V

I walked over to the bathroom and got in the shower. I got out and changed into this : : I then climbed into bed and turned on the tv. Next thing I heard was knocking on my door.. '' Weird.. '' I whispered. I answered the door and there stood Liam. '' Hey Hilary, I was just invited to a party.. Wanna be my guest? '' He said while winking. '' Fine.'' I said trying to sound mad.. He chuckled. '' Okay get ready wear something.. Party style. If you know what I mean. '' He said while smiling. '' Okay Liam. See ya in a bit. Bye. '' I said. '' Bye babe '' Liam said while leaning in too kiss me. We kissed quickly then I walked into my room and picked this : : I put it on then I dropped my phone and some extra money in my hand bag. I opened my door and knocked on Liam's door. Liam answered dressed in this a nice top and pants along with some shoes.. He smelled like cologne. He took my hand. '' Ready to go my princess? '' He asked. '' Yes I am, my prince '' I replied smiling. '' Your looking stunning tonight '' He said whispering in my ear sending chills down my back. '' Not to bad yourself '' I whispered back. We arrived at the club. Liam opened the door for me. We entered then he grabbed my hand and led me to the bar. '' Two ______ ( Any drink) please. '' Liam asked the bar tender. Soon the drinks were in front of us. I drank mine down. Then Liam and I got up to go dance. While we were dancing Liam left with another girl to the bar. I shrugged and continued dancing with another guy. I decided to get drunk. No fun without the drinks. I walked up to the bar and ordered '' One ______ please. '' I said. Then I chugged down the drink. After that I chugged down what seemed like 10 more. I felt pretty tipsy. I got up then walked to a bedroom thinking it was the doorway to get out of here. But it was a bedroom.. I opened the door to find Liam and another girl having sex. I backed out of the doorway with tears coming down my face. I didn't feel drunk anymore.. I walked back home. I walked into my hotel room and went to change into some lazy clothes. Sweats. I climbed into bed crying. I fell asleep..                                                                                      THE NEXT MORNING

Liam's P.O.V

I woke up next to Hilary. Wow.. last night was great. I looked over at her and noticed.. That's not Hilary.. that's some other girl.. '' SH*T '' I cursed out loud. I got dressed quickly then ran out all the way to Hilary's room. I opened the hotel door with the extra card she gave me. I walked in to see a sleeping Hilary with mascara running down her face. I walked over to her and woke her up.. '' Hey princess..  How did you sleep? '' I asked . Hopefully she didn't find out what I did.. '' Hey dragon. '' She said angrily. '' GET OUT OF MY FUCKIN HOTEL ROOM!! WERE OVER. THAT WAS THE LAST TIME I WAS GONNA LET YOU BACK  IN SO WERE DONE! F.O.R.E.V.E.R! '' She screamed in my face. A tear rolled down my cheek '' Okay princess. I'll see you around. '' I wiped a tear from my face and walked out of her room sadly. I slammed the door and all I heard was muffled cries. I wanted to run in and hug her so tight.. I turned around ran in and hugged her.. I comforted her even though she was gonna kick me out probably. She didn't push me at all, she hugged me and said she was sorry. '' No i'm sorry, I shouldn't of slept with that girl.. or did it with her. But I was drunk. Hilary.. Will you please take me back? I won't break your heart this time.. At all! I promise.. I know your heart is in pieces and has bruises all over it.. but this time i'm gonna heal your heart fully.. So.. take me back pleaseee!! '' I said to her softly.

'' Fine. But this is the LAST time I take you back, I love you Liam. '' She replied smiling. '' I love you too Hilary. '' I replied then kissed her compassionately. She kissed back. Then we both fell asleep peacefully. 


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