London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


7. Oh No..OH YAY

'' Your gonna have to go sit in the waiting room please. '' A doctor asked us. * Btw its Liam's P.O.V * '' Okay.. '' I said then turned around with all the boys walking behind me. Right when we sat down a nurse came out '' Hilary's friends ? '' She asked us. We all jumped up and ran into her room. She smiled a weak smile. I ran up and kissed her. She kissed back. '' Hey Teddy bear :) '' She said to me. I smiled. '' Hey princess :) '' I replied. She giggled '' That doesn't match but okay. '' She said. '' When are you leaving? '' I asked her. '' Now. '' she said while smiling. '' Ehem '' someone coughed behind us. '' Oh! '' I said forgetting the boys. I moved and all of them piled on top of her and I heard a moan. I pushed them all away to see Hilary crying. '' Whats wrong love? '' I asked her with a frown on my face. '' Squished..Ow.. '' Was all she said. I hugged her then handed her clothes and shooed the boys out of the room. Hilary changed quickly. '' So, Hilary, I was wondering if tomorrow because it's Valentine's Day do you want to go on a date? '' I said smiling at her. '' I'd love to Liam '' She replied with the happiest smile I have ever seen. I took her hand and we walked outside with the boys while camera's flashed like crazy. I smiled to the fact that we were finally out into the world. I hugged Hilary . '' Wanna be my princess for real? '' I whispered into her ear. She smiled. '' I'd love to have a prince of my own '' She replied. Then I kissed her and gasps went around the crowd then a flash of a camera went off and Hilary burst out laughing. I chuckled. You gotta admit, that was pretty funny. ... 

Hilary's P.O.V 

Finally! HOMMEEE!! I ran into my room and started screaming my head off. '' LIAM PAYNE ASKED ME ON A DATE AND TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!! THE SWEETEST GUY I EVER MET IS MINE FOREVER.. !! '' I yelled then added, '' Im noy trying to be spoiled though.. '' I said then laughed. I fell on my bed on went to sleep excited.. I have no idea how that happened.



* As you all know tomorrow is Valentine's Day. So I'm gonna maybe write a longer chapter then this. Well *claps* Hilary finally got a boyfriend and this will be her first datee!! ;3 Well see you later peoplesss*

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