London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


5. Knock Knock..

I answered the door '' Hey Liam! '' I said holding fits of laughter.. I was about to burst his expression was so priceless from being mad and scared that I ran in my room. '' H-Hey! '' He said barely noticing I was about to explode. I then burst out laughing.! '' AHAHAHAHAHAHAH '' I laughed and couldn't stop.. '' Are you okay? '' Liam asked. My face turned straight.. '' Erm.. Yea. It's just.. You look so hilarious. He smiled and said '' Thanks Love. That really puts a smile on my face '' he said sarcastically. I walked back in my room knowing he was staring at my butt. I turned around '' Uh privacy please? My butt doesn't like you staring at her. '' I said to him. '' Poor Sally '' I said rubbing my butt. '' I better get going see ya Hilary! '' He said and ran out of my room to his looking as scared as ever. I burst into a laughing fit until I started crying.. '' Oh God.. That boy. '' I said under my breath. I stood up and left my room. I got in the elevator and clicked 'Lobby'. I then waited. The elevator stopped and the whole Lobby was full of girls screaming and trying to get a room.. Security Guards came up to me and guided me through the crowd to the door. '' Name, and Age please. '' They told me. '' Hilary, 19. '' I replied. '' Okay We will let you in if you say your name and age when you get back '' They told me then they scribbled my name and age down under the ' checked in ' List. I turned around and walked out to the store across the street. It was Forever 21 . I absolutely love this store! I ran in like a maniac getting stares from different kinds of people. I giggled at their expressions and I ran right to the shirts with rips and White tank tops to go under them. I went through them maybe 50 times saying '' Inny Meeny Miny Mo ''  And landed on a violet one. I ran to the dressing room to see 5 of them filled.. I walked to the last one open and started changing my shirt. Then I checked myself out with the shirt on. '' Perfect '' I said happily. Then a boy popped out and said '' What's perfect? ''   I turned around '' Oh hey Zayn. Remember me? '' I said to him ignoring his question. '' Yea. Hilary right? '' He asked smiling. '' Yep! Perfecto. '' I replied. '' My shirt is perfect. '' I said answering  his other question. He smiled. '' Thats a nice shirt. '' He told me then walked back in the dressing room. I went and changed back and went to buy my shirt. I stood in line waiting. '' Finally. '' I mumbled under my breath. Then Harry grabbed my shirt and went and payed for it then handed it to me.. '' What The Hell Harry!? I was gonna buy that. :P '' I told him with a mad look plastered on my face. He chuckled. '' Sorry love, but I'm sure you didn't have enough. Did you see the price? '' He asked. '' No.. How much was it? '' I asked him. '' $57 Bucks. '' He replied calmly. I gasped then went and asked to return the shirt and get the money back. Harry got their first. '' She means.. Thank you for making such a beautiful shirt and she can't wait to wear it '' Harry said and gave a sexy wink to the cashier. The cashier smiled and then gave her phone number to Harry. I walked out and Harry came behind me. '' Hey '' I said. He smiled '' Hey '' He replied while ripping up the cashiers number. '' So. From what Liam told us you named your butt and you were rubbing it? '' Harry asked. '' Yea.. Pretty much. '' I replied giggling. Harry smiled at me.Then Liam ran out and hugged me and was aiming to kiss my cheek. 


Okay I changed font. Because after reading my book on Ipod the font looked jacked  up. okay bye.

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