London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


10. I Love you too..

Hilary's P.O.V

I turned around and faced him. '' Hila- '' He started speaking but I cut him off. '' No.. I think it's over. I'm sorry Liam.. '' I spoke softly. Liam looked hurt.. I kinda felt bad but.. '' Oh.. Okay Hilary. '' He said almost bursting in tears. I then walked past him with tears running down my face as I walked down to my room.. '' What have I done... What have I done.. '' Was all I said.. I shut my door then slid against the wall in the bath tub. Crying, Miserable, Shut.. Down. I cried myself to sleep.. The next morning I woke up and I put on these clothes : : I walked over to the Hotel mini fridge.. Opened it.. Grabbed a Dr.Pepper and a tortilla. I then walked to my bed and sat down and turned on the tv. I watched tv until it was time for bed. Then I changed into this : : And fall asleep.. This has been my same routine for.. I think 3 weeks?.. Oh well. I'm  heart broken.. Even though I broke Liam's heart.. He didn't break mine..

Liam's P.O.V

I can't believe she did this.. I've been peeking through the peek hole in the door that leads to her room.. She has the same routine. Wake up, Change, Grab a drink and some food, Watch TV, Change, Go to sleep.

Yeah.. I have been stalking her.. ALOT. But she has been mumbling some stuff I can't hear very well.. I wish my butt would get up and ask her out again but.. Dani came back and I was so hurt I asked her out.. So she's here all the time trying to get me under the covers. But I won't let her. I finally broke up with her again.. She hasn't come back. I then got up.. Walked over to the door that leads to her room. I turn the knob and I walk in. She's sitting there crying her eyes out. I walk over and hug her tight. '' Hey Liam.. I'm Sor- '' She starts to say but I cut her off. I kiss her. '' Hilary.. Will you go back out with me? '' I ask her. '' I'd love too Liam :) '' She replies. '' Okay. Go get ready. Not too fancy! Ill pick you up in a bit. '' I tell her smiling. She smiles. '' Okay LiBear '' She replies. I leave the room and get ready quickly.

Hilary's P.O.V

When Liam Left I jumped up and ran into the shower. I then got out and dressed in this : : You walk outside and Liam is there looking very handsome. '' I thought I told you not to look fancy! '' He says trying to make himself be mad. I giggle '' Oh. Oops I thought you said look fancy. '' I replied. He chuckled. '' Come on. '' He grabs my hand then pulls me along with him. We laugh and talk the whole way there. Finally we arrive at a cute little Cafe . '' Aww Liam this is so adorable '' I say while smiling at the cute cafe. '' Yeah. It is . '' He replies. We walk in to see old and young couples smiling at each other while laughing. I smile. Then I turn to see a old man sitting by himself. ( I saw a picture like this.. It was a old man sitting alone. he always would take his wife somewhere on Valentines Day.. But this time she's gone :(  )  I frown. Then I tug on Liam's arm. '' Yes HilBear? '' He says. '' That poor guy. '' I say about to cry. '' Oh come on.. It's okay. '' Liam says comforting me and wiping my tears gently. Then we walk to a table and sit down. Liam orders us both some tea and we talk and laugh the whole time. Then it's time to go. '' Liam, that was nice :) '' I say smiling. '' Your welcome Hilary. '' He says squeezing me in a comforting hug. We both walk back to the hotel and go our separate ways..

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