London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


4. Hello :)

Hilary's POV

I woke up on the floor.. '' what the heck.. '' I got up and checked my face to see if I might of been crying.. Nope.. Oh Yea! I forgot.. I another big crazy smile plastered on my face. Great.. I giggled at my crazy expression. I grabbed a towel and hopped in the shower. I got out and got ready. I got dressed in a Hello Kitty T-shirt with skinny jeans and baby blue converse :) I brushed my hair out then curled it quickly. '' Perfect '' I said maybe a little too loud.. I walked out the door with my phone and some money. When I got out of the hotel room there was 2 boys trying to push open a door and a could hear someone trying to hold the door closed. I stared at them like they were crazy.. They saw me and both leaned against the door in a weird position trying to act cool. I giggled at that. '' That is totally sexy.. '' I said noting the sarcasm. They both scrambled to normal positions and scratched their heads. '' Sorry love, I'm Zayn. ''  The boy with black hair said. '' And I'm Harry. '' the curly haired one said. '' Cute names. I'm Hilary. '' I replied with a grin. They both spoke at the same time '' Oh! The girl Liam never shuts up about! '' They both chuckled. I blushed and tried to hide it. Then the door burst open and Liam stepped out with full anger. When he saw me his face softened '' Hi '' Liam said. '' Hello. '' I replied. Then he just stared at me.. Creepy.. Then he turned to the boys and strangled them both while yelling '' WHY DID YOU TELL HER THAT!? '' Both boys looked scared.. '' Uhm Liam.. You can out them down.. '' I said then walked back in my room and closed the door and locked it.. Then I heard knocking on my door..                                                                                                       

 * BUM BUM BUM!! Can you guess who it is in the comments?  See you next time.. But its Sunday so you gotta wait till Thursday for me to continue writing. Unless I have time this week. Bye! *

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