London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


6. Haha.. * Gay Title for this chapter xD *

When I thought Liam was aiming for my cheeks his lips landed on my nose. My face turned into a ' O.O ' face. he chuckled. '' I got youuu! '' He screamed like a child and ran around the hotel hallway. I put a fake frown on my face and stomped into my room. Then I went under my covers and started fake crying and saying in a sad voice '' Liam won't kiss me!! He only kisses my nose and cheeks!! It's so saddd... even though were not dating!! '' I screamed while still fake crying. Then I heard someone run in and sit on my bed. '' I'm sorry Hilary. I didn't know you wanted me to kiss kiss you. '' Liam said in a sad voice. I jumped out of the covers and scared him. '' AHHHHH I got youuu!! '' I said mimicking him. Then I ran around the Hotel hallway in the same spots he did. Then a pair of lips crashed into mine making me stop dead in my tracks. 

Liam's POV

I kissed her to make her stop running in the hallway and all she did was stand there. I got sad but then I felt lips moving against mine in a perfect motion. I smiled between the kiss then broke it. That's when I heard crying behind me. I turned around and saw.. Dani? '' Dani?? omg.. I-I forgot about my own girlfriend! '' I screamed and ran over to Dani. But all she did was push me '' ITS OVER GET OUT OF MY LIFE LIAM PAYNE! '' she yelled in between tears. Tears started dripping down my face I turned around as Hilary was walking toward me. When she was about to hug me I pushed her. HARD. I walked into my room not caring if I hurt Hilary or not. I slammed the door and went under the covers. I fell asleep. 

Hilary's P.O.V 

I was on the ground almost about the cry. My knee was bleeding really bad and my arm felt numb. I laid there in pain. '' H-help. '' I barely could speak out. Then Zayn walked down the hall with a smile on his face then he saw me and his smile dropped. '' Hilary?? Hilaryy!! '' Zayn yelled then called 911.Thats all I know until I blacked out. 

Zayn's P.O.V

I sat there on a chair by Hilary's bed while tears streamed down my face. A few minutes later Harry,Louis, and Niall walked in while Liam trailed behind looking happy. I gave him a confused look. Then Niall whispered in my ear '' We told him we  were coming to get Dani to be his girl again.'' I nodded . '' See what you did Liam? '' I said directly at Liam. '' What? I didn't do anything.. '' Liam answered not even noticing Hilary. It was pretty sad I had to admit. I pointed at Hilary then looked back at Liam with a mad look. He gasped '' SH*T!! '' He yelled. '' What d-did I do? '' He said with a shaky voice. '' You pushed her on the ground too hard and she cut her knee and broke her arm. It's pretty serious. '' I answered his question quickly. He ran over to her and started saying sorry so many times I stopped counting. He then kissed her lips softly and passionately. Then  her monitor started beeping like crazy.  I jumped while all kinds of nurses and doctors ran in.



So what do you think about chapter 6? I had some sad moments typing it and ' Awww ' moments too. Well See you little gals later! Bye :) -Hugs and Kisses- xoxoxox

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