London Love

London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!


14. Bye Liam.. :'(

Hilary's P.O.V

The next morning I woke up, stretched  and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a mess! then all the the memories came flowing in and a tear rolled down my cheek. I brushed my hair and teeth then sat on my bed and watched tv for a bit. Then the doorbell rang. '' *DING* ''   '' COMING!! '' I screamed. I opened the door to see Liam holding a suitcase, a teddy bear, and a rose. '' Bye Hilary. '' He said with a crack in his voice. He then pulled out a necklace and placed it around my neck. He then gave me all the things he carried here except the suitcase. '' Wait '' I told him then ran in my room and put all the stuff on my bed and I grabbed a gift I was gonna give Liam. A picture of us on our first date. '' Here '' I said smiling while handing him it. He smiled then kissed me. '' Bye. '' I said holding back the tears. '' Stay strong, my love. '' He replied then kissed my forehead softly and walked away. After that I broke down into tears. I think I could've flooded the hotel. I walked into my room and then went to take a 'shower'. I actually grabbed a knife and cut. Thinking this was all my fault.


3 Years Later.

Hilary's P.O.V

Liam is coming back today. I'm in the airport trying to cover up my scars with my jacket. Finally I see him. But he is holding hands with another girl. Dani? I think. A tear rolls down my face and I get up throw my necklace he gave me and I ran.


Liam's P.O.V

Ah, I finally arrived. Dani and I got back together. I used to be dating this girl I think named Hilary, but I bet she is over me now. It's been 3 years already so.. I looked up to see Hilary, tears forming her eyes. She rips off the necklace I gave her and she throws it on the ground while running out of the airport.




*There was another chapter!! ENJOY ;3 ~Mackenzie

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