1. saved by the bell.

it's 8:00 A.M and my first period class at Bridge Stone Middle School had just started. As much as I disliked this school and everyone in it I had no choice but to at least try to like it. I took out my notebook and stared blankly at the board and copied down the simple math equations. After a while I began to day dream and doodle. This usually happened in this class but I honestly didn't mind. It's not like if I actually paid attention I would learn anything anyway. I'm impossible to teach. The class is 45 minutes which seemed to go on forever. As soon as the bell rang I walked swiftly out of that room and into the next. I hated the hallways. That's where everyone hung out... Like the Popular's, Emo's, Goth's, Cheerleader's Ect. And then there's me. That girl nobody ever really talked to. I'm that crazy blonde girl who loved to read and write. It's a passion. I always liked writing but I never thought anything of it until recently. Nobody else likes to write is it weird that I do ? Am I different? Being different had always been a fear of mine . But i'm starting to realize that being different is good. Part of me wants to be myself and part of me wants to be what everyone else expects. I'm not quiet at all. The reason I'm quiet? well There's various reasons to that but the main reason? Probably because of other people constant;ly telling me i'm not good enough. Telling me i'm useless or that Nobody cares. In the halls people would find me and tease me. Or make fun of me at lunch in front of all of there friends but it wasn't a bother at first. After a while it got worse and worse and worse. And now look where I am. I'm afraid to say anything because I know someone will find a way to hold it against me in some way. I'm  terrified.  I hate it when a group of "popular girls" (or so they think) walks up to me and tries to talk to me. We both know they have no interest in actually having a conversation or talking about something constructive so I don't see why they bother. Whenever they try to talk to me I just ignore them.. In second period I have science so I take my seat located towards the back of the room as my teacher flips through papers in the front of the room. "Well Hello there Annie!" My teacher Mrs. Jones says with  her voice sounding as cheerful as ever. "Hi." I say softly. and quietly wait for the tardy bell to ring so class can begin. "Good Morning Class " she begins and then I zone out into my mind and think about more important things then volcano's and rocks and minerals. I day dream about a perfect world. Where everybody was kind and civil to one  another. But sadly it was just a dream. Mrs. Jones handed us a worksheet that we were to complete by the end of class, so for a majority of the time I was focused on that but I knew deep inside this was no time for learning about volcano's. I knew there were At least One hundred other things I could be doing right now but no, i'm sitting in science class staring at a work sheet and listening to some lady rambling on and on about Rocks for the next hour. In science I sat next to  one of the most popular girls in my grade. Her name is Briana. It was obvious she hated me. So I never dared look in her direction. Next to Briana sat another girl who I knew strongly disliked me for whatever reason. Anyway, The class was just about over when Mrs. Jones asked the class who wanted to read the ending paragraph of the article we were in the middle of reading. Before she even finished the question Briana piped up and said "Annie does" My heart sank. I couldn't possibly read in front of all these people. I can barley have a conversation without being stressed out. After Briana and everyone else telling me to read the bell rang. I was relieved. I would have rather died then read in front of them. Especially with popular people in my class. Trust me I would never live it down..

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