True love?

Jeena is a normal 19 year old girl she has long curly blonde hair with big cat green eyes. She force to marry Harry styles even though she hates 1D. But what happens when she falls for a mother member are two. Btw there are very inappropriate parts please no mean comments because I did worn you it isn't Disney channel. ENJOY����������


15. ZAYN DON'T !!!

We end up going to his flat that he shared with the boys. That end up being a terrible mistake when we walked in the boys were still up watching mama. Harry and I decided to join them and god was it scary. I took off my heels and say between Harry and Zayn. Harry had his arm around me the whole time when I would scream jump. By the end of the movie my head was in his shoulder to scare to look up. When Harry went to use the loo zayn leaned over and whisperer " can I talk to you" i nodded my head and said " yeh later when everybody asleep. For the rest of the night I kept wondering what zayn wanted to talk about. All of us went to bed around 12 Harry gave me this shirt that was a XXX that went mid thigh becuase of high tall I was. I told him ill be right back he said ok with curious look. I headed down stairs and saw Zayn waiting for me. He said " I know you don't want to hear this but when I was dared to kiss you it was amazing and I just wanted to do it again" " zayn please I'm with Harry and Louis is already scarying me with this love stuff just don't " before I could say anything else he leaned in and kiss me dead on the lips it was amazing but he was so forceful I was up against the walk now trying to get him to stop but he wouldn't. He started grabbing my leg it gutted so bad he stared go up unde the big shirt and to my panties. All of a sudden memories flew in from when I was 13 when this guy would rape me countless times. I was so scared tears started to stroll down my face. He looked up he kept saying "Please don't cry I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you I'm sorry" he said that repeatedly and stared to tear up. " zayn don't cry just never do that again" I said walking away. When I went to mine and Harry room my tears were try. He Disney say anything though he just hold me intil I was a sleep.
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