True love?

Jeena is a normal 19 year old girl she has long curly blonde hair with big cat green eyes. She force to marry Harry styles even though she hates 1D. But what happens when she falls for a mother member are two. Btw there are very inappropriate parts please no mean comments because I did worn you it isn't Disney channel. ENJOY����������


35. The new girl

Jeena pov
When we went to McDonald Niall ordered all this stuff for me and I couldn't eat any of it. We sat there for hours just messing around and having a good time but I couldn't shake the feeling somebody was watching us. When we walked back to the house we were holding hands. When we got there we were still laughing about some crazy lady in McDonald chanting that the work is going to end. When we saw them they were all layed up on the couch with Michel lecturing something about commas. "Give then a break please" I said. "Find bye see you in five months." He said while giving me a tight hug and then left. "Let's go somewhere fun!" Harry yelled. "Like what?"you will see come on. When we got in I reailze I just had on some converse skinny jeans and a hot pink v neck shirt that said kiss my splash on it. When we got into this coffe shop area I was welcome by a bleach blonde girl singing die young by Ke$ha. When she saw Harry her face lot up and her blue eyes sparkle jealous hit and hit hard. I mean they had there funking hoods on with some big shades. We went to back which I guess was her room are something. She had a leather jacket on with some dark skinny jeans and a whit hollow shirt and her flowing freely around with soft freckles under her eyes and on the nose. When she said her goodbyes and everybody left she ran into the room and jumped into Harry's arms. She screams with joy and gets down. I was about to pitch slap her but she went in the opposite direction of me and put her arm on Niall's shoulder and said,"I still can't believe we aren't related she said laughing. She was a funking slut. " who the hell are you!" I said when she walked back to Harry and was super close to him. She ran up to me and said " omg Harry told me so much abou you you are even prettier in person.""love this is hailey. She is the craziest girl you will ever meet. And we never dated she finds me to be a perv." He said giggling making her blush. She grabbed a container and start Chungking a bunch pills down. "Oh my god somebody call 911 what is she doing-" u said. "Relaxe love she has medical problems and have to take a bunch of medicine.
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