True love?

Jeena is a normal 19 year old girl she has long curly blonde hair with big cat green eyes. She force to marry Harry styles even though she hates 1D. But what happens when she falls for a mother member are two. Btw there are very inappropriate parts please no mean comments because I did worn you it isn't Disney channel. ENJOY����������


27. the compotion

Jeena pov

Right before I fell asleep I couldnt help but think a girl wanted my auto graph and not the boys lol.

when i woke up I was next to Harry i got out as quitely as possible and headed down stairs with a two sizes two big sweat shirt on and some booty shorts." what yall give up on trying to carry me down here!" i said chuckling when i saw the boys. I dont know why but they looked really cute today god jeena snap out of it you are with harry. I sit down and Niall places a stack of pancakes in front of me. "So were your sister Zayn" I said while diiging in. " She went back to her house. Why you ask?" "because i worry about my fans do you" "well of course" "Can yall help me eat all of this stuff im not that hungry" I said to the boys. "YES" they all say echoing each other. Liam and Louis were above me eating and Zayn and Niall were beside me. They were just so funny I couldnt help but laugh. Harry woke up and came down he ate the last pancake. we all went into the livingroom. "Lets watch a movie" i said while sttiing next to Harry. "TOY STORY" Liam screamed I luagh and got all three of them and we had a Toy Story marathon about after the second one Louis said " who wants hot chocatle?' "i do we all scream" okay good can you make some liam" "no you do."How about we have a contest who can hold the plank the longest." 'Thats a great idea lov lets do it" harry said to me smiling "Okay" i said and got down to the floor with the rest of the boys. 'What are you doing"said Liam. "getting ready to beat yall asses what about you?" i said with swag. 'you are a bit full of it." said Louis. "Well im a proffesinal athelete now can we the show on the rode."ok ok"

  We were going into the 2 minute mark when louis fell. After Louis was Zayn then Niall. After five minutesHarry fell. Me and Liam kept going he ended up falling at the15 minute mark I luaghed  got up and said" btw i've beat Michel Phelps at this once we did it for an hour." "HEY YOU SHOULDVE TOLD ME" lois said walking to the kitchen mad. he was cooking them I walk up behind him and said "Louis dont be mad" i whispher seducivly in his ear biting at it. he got gussebumps and said " how can i ever be mad at you." the only reason why I did it was becuase i notice he was doing something to 5/7 of the mug. he came in and gave everybodt there mugs and sat down.everybody took a big sip at once and spit it out eccept me and Louis.

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