True love?

Jeena is a normal 19 year old girl she has long curly blonde hair with big cat green eyes. She force to marry Harry styles even though she hates 1D. But what happens when she falls for a mother member are two. Btw there are very inappropriate parts please no mean comments because I did worn you it isn't Disney channel. ENJOY����������


19. Packing

Jeena. Pov
When we got in the car Harry was very distance. I said " What's wrong " kissing him on the cheek playfully. He said "so Liam carry u in there with just that?" His face was pale now. " we'll yeh but don't worry he was trying to seduce me." I said giving him a tight hug. " let's just change the subject were do you live again" he said quickly. "Westpoint 111 drive " saying sitting back down. I was so glad I had a 5 month brake from swim.

When we got to my house he just stand in the doorway of my room watching me pack my giant pink suite case I turned around and said " is it going to be cold or warm?" Cold you want any help" " yes can you come and tell me whether the outfit looks sexy" I said seducilingly winking. He come behind me and wraps his arm around my waist. " I thinking your sexiest with nothing on" he said sexily kissing my neck. God it felt good he turned me around nd I was against a wall. He started going down my neck right above the shoulder and I started groaning loudly. Harry picks me up pushes my suitcase off the bed and starts
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