True love?

Jeena is a normal 19 year old girl she has long curly blonde hair with big cat green eyes. She force to marry Harry styles even though she hates 1D. But what happens when she falls for a mother member are two. Btw there are very inappropriate parts please no mean comments because I did worn you it isn't Disney channel. ENJOY����������


8. Are you ok

Harry pov
Her eyes look so sad and ashamed i said " are you ok?" She walked over to me and said " please don't me mad but Louis and I kissed its only a once please Harry forgive me" she said with years in her big beautiful eyes. I wiped them away hiding my anger and hold her in Abig it lasted for about a minute then we started laying down me still holding her whispering " it's okay" but on the inside I was thinking of a million ways to kill Louis in my head and we drift asleep.
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