Valentines Craziness

Andrea is special. No one knows much about her, except her closest friends. She has a giant secret that cannot get out. Andrea is sisters with Louis from one direction. She hasn't met the other boys from the band, so she doesn't know what to expect. Its almost Valentines day... but she has no desire to be in a relationship. All she wants to do is make a good impression...


1. Homecoming!!!

'Cupcakes,cupcakes....WHERE ARE THE CUPCAKES?!' I thought to myself as I paced around my house. Louis and his band mates were coming home today, and I wanted it to be perfect.this was the first time I'd be meeting them!!!!
"OMG THE DOORBELL!!!!!! Be cool, be cool." I coaxed myself as a walked toward the door.
I opened it, but there was nobody there. Then out of nowhere, Louis jumped out and hugged me!
"Louis!!! OMG Louis I missed you so much!"
" I know I missed you too Andrea!!!
The boys the emerged from around the corner. My back was to them so they couldn't see me... But Louis saw them and let go.
" guys, this is my sister Andrea. Andrea, this is Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Niall." He introduced. But the boys couldn't do anything but stare.
"Hi I'm Andrea." I said. All the boys quickly regained themselves and we all went in. That night, we just played games, watched movies, and they told me all about their tour.
" hey Andrea?" Louis asked later that night when we were alone.
" what's wrong Lou?"
" well, I just got a text from Paul... We get to stay a few extra days here and......" He trailed off. " can we stay here for a few nights?"
"Yes of course!!! I have two extra rooms here! That is so exciting!"
"Awesome!" He yelled over to the guys in the other room-" she said yes! Go get our stuff from the car!"
I could hear whoops from the kitchen as they all went outside, but I stopped Louis.
" Louis, you planned this?!"
All he could do is laugh.
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