Brianna and her life

Brianna mom passed away a few months ago and her dad did drugs and she didn't feel safe so she decided to run off. Then she was walking down a street and ran into a blond blue eyed boy he was so handsome. If you want to know the rest than read the story tell me what u think I'm knew though so it might not be good.


4. Too nervous to do any thing

Later after niall and the boys were done eating they asked me what I wanted to do i said I don't know. I'm too scared that my dad will find me. Niall said I will be there to protect you. Then Zayn,Harry,Liam, and Louis said the would too. That made me feel a little better so isaid how about a movie. They said ok. Liam said lets watch toy story. We said no. He said awe man. Niall said how about final destination 5. Then I said yeah let's watch it. They said ok. So we started to watch it then Maura came home and said what are you kids watching louis said final destination 5 a new scary movie. It's almost over Zayn said. Then I asked what we were going to do afterwards. I said let's go swimming. Almost all of them said yes so we did we were out in the swimming pool. After we dried off we ate supper and decided to go to football game I was excited to go because they were professional football players.
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