Brianna and her life

Brianna mom passed away a few months ago and her dad did drugs and she didn't feel safe so she decided to run off. Then she was walking down a street and ran into a blond blue eyed boy he was so handsome. If you want to know the rest than read the story tell me what u think I'm knew though so it might not be good.


1. Running away from home

Brianna didn't know what to do her mom passed away a few days ago and her dad does drugs and she don't feel safe there. She don't know if she wants to run away or stay there.she thought it would be best to run away but if she does what if her dad catches her. She had a bookbag with money,clothes,and shoes. Her dad left to go to the store. She had planned it for months but practiced it only three times. While her dad was gone she snuck out the back door and ran down the road through somebody's yard. Then she didn't know where to go so she went to the park. She was looking for some place to hide till she ran into a blonde hair blue eyed boy. Brianna said sorry i ran into you. He said its okay. She asked what his name was he said niall. Niall asked what was mine I said Brianna but you can call me Bree for short. Niall said what a lovely name. She said thank you. Then he asked why was she so scared then I said I ran away from home. Niall asked why I did that. So the Bree said her mom passed away a few months ago and her dad did drugs and she didn't feel safe there so she ran away. Niall said awe that's so sad that's horrible. Bree was so upset she about to cry. Niall said don't cry you can stay with me. Are you sure Bree said. Yeah he said excited. I said thank you that means a lot. Come on let's go he took my had and walked me to his car it was nice. Then when we got there he introduced me to his mom. I said hi what's your name. She said Maura what's yours. I said Brianna you can call me Bree for short. Then niall asked if I could stay there. Maura said sure. Niall took me to his room and said I could sleep on his bed and he would sleep on the sofa. I said no I will sleep there. He said no your not. I said your not either. He said then I will sleep next to you is that ok? Isaid yeas of course you can this is your house. Then we both went to sleep. Next morning I got up early and cooked niall breakfast to thank him. He came down stairs and looked at me and said you cooked breakfast for me. I said yeah why is there something wrong with that joking here you go. The boys are coming over later. Ok I said. Around 5:00 the boys came through the door and louis looked at me and said hi who are you? Brianna I said nice to meet you louis. When I said louis he knew I was a directioner. Niall introduced me to everyone. They started to talk about concerts and tours. Then Harry asked me why I was staying here. I started to frown and cry a little then I said my mom passed away and my dad does drugs and I didn't feel safe there and I ran into niall at the park and he let me stay. Then they all came over and gave me a big hug and said its okay we're here for you. I felt really welcome there. Then they were going to meet Paul and told me to come with them. So I did. Paul asked me who I was I said just a friend. He said ok nice to meet you the. We went home it was really late so the boys stayed over then they stayed up playing games while I went to bed
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