Brianna and her life

Brianna mom passed away a few months ago and her dad did drugs and she didn't feel safe so she decided to run off. Then she was walking down a street and ran into a blond blue eyed boy he was so handsome. If you want to know the rest than read the story tell me what u think I'm knew though so it might not be good.


2. Next morning

Tomorrow morning I woke up to find that the boy s were a sleep down stairs on the floor. So I snuck quietly and we t into the kitchen Maura came in and said are you making the boys breakfast. I said yeah why. She said just wondering by the way in a few minuets I got to go to work I said ok. Then she left for work. I woke the boys up and told them to come eat their breakfast. Then they asked me what I wanted to do. I said I don't know. Louis suggested football (soccer) I said I would play. Liam said how about playing just dance. I said I'll do that to. Niall said how about play the guitar and sing. Either one works for me I said. Zayn said why don't we goi g shopping. Either one works for me. Harry said I do t care.we ended up playing football. Later we set down and ate chicken and corn. Then we started to take turns singing song. They told me I was talented but I thought they were lying. Then I was going to go skateboarding. Till my dad knocked on their door. I got scared I ran up stairs an hid
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