To Be Loved

I'm not the girl who smiles on valentines day but more or less I'm the day there smiling about......


1. To Be Loved

I woke up to the very day I dread every year, valentines day. There are always those girls who dread Valentine's day because there single but me, no. My story is more personal than that. A bright sun shined happily into my eyes as I moved our of the way there was a silence stirring about the room. It was too quite. Soon enough Jackoby my best friend jumped on my back screaming "Happy Valentines!!" Like she does every year. Her screaming of this is not because its valentines though, it's because I'm Valentine. "Irony? Love? Which will she uncover this year?" Jackoby said as nosy as normal. "Jackoby your not one to talk of normal names" I laughed as I slammed her on the bed, in which she released of my back immediately. "And it will not be either because I'm not leaving this house" I said stomping on the ground to make my point. " direction tickets?" She mumbled out looking like a lost puppy. I felt crushed between to things I hate and pressured by my sisterly best friend. "You know my mom won't let me go if you don't come, so come with meeeeeeeeee" she whined loudly.

I let out a deep long sigh sweeping through long strands of my cocoa brown hair. "I guess so...." I said as she got up jumping up and down. I smiled at her as I grabbed my keys "I'm driving" I said as we ran out the door of my room. "I can't wait can you? They are going to be on our town!!! Valentine this will be ground breaking!!! History in the making!!" The overly excited blue eyes blonde haired girl smiled. "Don't get to excited Jackoby" I chuckled as she was practically bouncing in her seat. We stood in line for an hour to get inside, I didn't mind though I mean I don't really even listen to this band. As we where waiting Jackoby kept filling me with information " Zayn's 'vain' which I think people make that up personal because it rhymes. Niall's our Special Snowflake, Lou's the oldest but most immature, Liam's daddy direction of course by the way he's totally adorable, and then Harry is like so hot I mean drop dead gorgeous. Emerald Green eyes. Beautiful." She casually went along. "Ohhhh we're here!! Oh mi gosh do I look okay?" She shrieked with excitement, As soon as I stopped the car I heard her slam the door and she ran as fast as she could. When I saw what she was running to I was surprised, it was a long limo and I think I might have seen those Emerald eyes she was talking about. I then glanced in the window of the car, she left the tickets. I couldn't believe she forgot them. I grabbed them out of the cup holder and closed the door. The line to get in was HUGE. I couldn't believe this many people came for some guys they've never met. Thousand's of dollars per a ticket, to meet them? While this both confused and fascinated by everything I saw. Girls fighting, crowds being backed down, and huge body guards. I was both frightened and amazed, I just didn't know what to think of this. 

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