Bad For You (Larry Stylinson) [HIATUS TIL SUMMER]

Louis thought he could handle it all. After being bullied both physically and verbally throughout most of his school years, he believed his experiences had made him stronger. When he decided to pursue teaching, everyone was shocked. They all questioned why he would want to spend most of his hours in a place similar to the one that held some of his worst memories. Memories of being beaten until he was left broken and bleeding on the floor, of being verbally assaulted until hot tears streamed down his face. But he had his reasons. He wanted to be that shoulder for his students to lean on. One student in particular caught his eye. Rough-and-tumble school bad-boy Harry Styles. The boy refused any help from the start, but will Louis be able to break down the walls Harry has worked so hard to build up?

*Viewer discretion is advised* if you're uncomfortable with strong language, self harm, or sexual content, this story probably isn't for you.

YES THIS IS A LARRY FANFIC. Happy reading xx


3. Love is a Fairytale

[ A/N: as promised, here it is... CHAPTER 3 YAAAAYYY! Another important A/N at the end of the chapter, so look for that. Thanks for reading, and I live you xox ]

Chapter 3: Love is a Fairytale

At the end of the day, Ms. Walker had had to leave almost immediately after the final bell of the school day, telling Louis she had an appointment to attend. So now here he sat, alone in the classroom, grading the short essays the students had written during class. "Good practice," Amy had told him.

Louis sighed. He supposed he'd have to get used to it eventually. And it wasn't such a horrible assignment. Some of the things the students wrote were pretty interesting. Oh, who was he kidding, this was fucking BORING.

He could feel his mind wandering. The essays were pretty much all the same. The guys for the most part disagreed and wrote very unimaginative essays barely skimming the surface of anything deep and meaningful. All the girls wrote sickeningly sweet essays about how they believed completely in love at first sight, how it had happened to them, and blah blah blah.

"Love at first sight extists..."

What did they know, Louis thought. You think you love someone and they go and play with your heart. He shook himself out of his angry thoughts, wanting to be done grading so he could go home and relax, maybe call up his buddy Liam.

The last essay in the stack caught his attention though. It wasn't particularly long, but the content was far deeper than the whole pile of already-graded ones combined. He peered up at the name scribbled neatly across the top of the paper. It was Harry's, the boy who hadn't seemed to care about anything.

The words on the page nearly broke Louis' heart. There were just two sentences: "Love at first sight doesn't exist. Love itself is all a fairytale." That was it. But just from those words, Louis could tell that Harry had obviously loved and lost, much like himself. He'd had his heart broken.

With a deep, somewhat shaky sigh, he wrote Harry's score on top and recapped his red pen. Maybe this was the student silently begging for someone to notice his hurt. He was a bad boy on the surface, but what would Louis find under all the layers Harry had built up?

And with that thought fresh in his mind, Louis quickly packed up his leather briefcase and walked briskly outside to his car. He needed to talk to Liam. NOW.

Louis swung open the door to his shiny new black Mercedes, a congratulatory gift from his extremely wealthy parents, before throwing his bag in the passenger seat carelessly. He slid into the driver's side and fit the key into the ignition. The car made a grumbling sound and sputtered out. He hadn't quite gotten used to starting this car yet.

"God dammit, not now!" Louis screamed in frustration, tugging lightly at his chestnut fringe. He jammed the key forward again. The car sputtered for a second, but it turned into a low growl as the key took to the ignition. "I'll have to have that checked out," he muttered to himself. Louis sped away from the school grounds and rolled the window down, hoping the fresh air whipping into his face would clear his mind before his talk with Liam.

The school wasn't too far from his house; it only took the young man about ten minutes to get home. He quickly parked the car in the long driveway on the side of the house, grabbing his bag and hurrying inside. Louis threw his keys on the small table attached to the wall near the front door and slammed it closed behind him. He quickly discarded his coat onto the leather couch and pulled his iPhone from his back pocket.

His fingers skimmed over the names in his contacts list before he found the one he was looking for: "Leeyummy". The nickname was an old joke between the two of them. Without a moment's hesitation, he hit "call" and brought the phone to his ear.

After the second ring, Liam picked up. "Aye, mate. What's up?" the slightly younger boy asked.

"LIAM!" Louis shouted into the phone. "I met someone today. His name is Harry and he acts like a bad boy but I think--" he rushed out until he was cut off by Liam's voice.

"Whoa whoa whoa, Lou. Slow down! I can't understand a damn word you've said to me, lad," Liam chuckled.

"Sorry, sorry. Just got excited is all," Louis uttered more slowly. He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"I said I think I've found someone who is in a similar position to what I've been through. He needs my help, Li. I can feel it. And he's getting it whether he wants it or not."

Liam let out a heavy sigh on the other line. "Louis, I know you are just trying to help and all, but what if this kid doesn't want to be your charity case?" Louis was about to protest, but Liam's deep voice once again cut him off. "No, hear me out," he said. "Not everyone is like you, Lou. You're sweet and kind, and you have a wicked sense of humor. But what do you know about him? About Harry?" The silence from Louis' side of the line seemed to encourage him to continue on. "Exactly. You don't know him, Lou. What if he's exactly as he seems? I just don't want to see you get hurt."

"I suppose you're right," Louis sighed. "But his paper, Li. You didn't see his paper! It was incredible. Well, really it was only two lines, but still! What he wrote was so deep and heartfelt and not at all what I would've expected to come from the mind of a "bad boy". I just--I don't know, I just feel like it's all a façade he's built up to protect himself. But don't worry, Li. I'll be careful. I think I'm just going to keep an eye on him, get to know him better."

"Alright, well you'll have to keep me updated on what you find out. I hope it all works out for you, Lou. I really do," Liam told the other man.

The two boys stayed on the line chatting for several minutes before Louis yawned, exhausted from his first day of work. He bade his best friend goodbye before letting the line go dead. No matter what Liam thought, he was going to do this. He had to do this.

After a quick dinner and a long, hot shower, Louis climbed right into his king-sized bed and pulled the crisp sheets and duvet over him, snuggling into the warmth. He breathed in a deep sigh before shifting onto his side. His lids grew heavy almost instantly and soon he was plummeted into a deep, dream-filled sleep. One face kept appearing under his lightly twitching eyelids. Harry Styles, the school rebel.

The next morning, Louis woke up at half seven to the annoying beeping of his alarm clock. He made a mental note to buy himself a new one that would wake him up more gently with music. Still feeling quite groggy, Louis managed to slump out of bed and drag himself into the bathroom for another shower. He let the cool stream wash over his bare, lightly tanned skin, raising small goosebumps. He quickly washed up and hopped out, wrapping a plush white towel loosely around his waist. Louis wandered back into his bedroom and dropped the towel at his ankles. He wasn't one to cover up his manhood while he was alone. He walked over to his large wardrobe and yanked a pair of tight black boxers out of his drawer before slipping the elastic band emblazoned with the logo "topman" over his hips. Although he was a teacher, he definitely didn't dress like a typical teacher might. In fact, he probably dressed more like some of his students on most days.

Today, he decided on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a simple white t-shirt that hugged his body closely. His toned abs were framed nicely by the thin material. No, definitely not your normal teacher.

Louis trudged back into the large en suite bathroom and plugged his hair dryer into the outlet. He shook his hair out and ran his long, thin fingers through it as he dried it. When it was completely dry, Louis yanked the cord from the outlet and spread some hair wax over the tips of his fingers. His flat brown locks were quickly transformed into his signature quiff. When he was finally satisfied with how he looked, it was a quarter past eight, forty-five minutes before school started. Teachers were supposed to be there twenty minutes early, so he had to hurry if he wanted breakfast.

Louis practically ran down the stairs and into the spacious kitchen; he really wasn't in the best mood when he skipped breakfast. Louis practically tore the hinges off the polished cherrywood cupboards looking for something quick to eat. He had already started the kettle for his Yorkshire tea. That was a necessity. But now, what to eat? He grudgingly settled on a small bowl of porridge with honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon mixed in. It wasn't his favorite meal, but it would have to do.

He quickly gulped down the thick, sticky lump of porridge in the bottom of his bowl and went to the downstairs bathroom to quickly brush his teeth. With one last look around his house to make sure he didn't forget anything, he headed to the entryway, grabbed his brown leather coat, slipped on some black vans, and grabbed his keys from the small table, his briefcase in his other hand. He stepped outside and slammed the heavy front door behind him. His black Mercedes was still parked in the driveway. He had been too lazy to park it in the stall behind the house.

After the ten minute drive to school, Louis hopped out of his car, having no troubles with it this morning. He was on time, thankfully.

The teacher's lot was a short walk to the school, but Louis didn't mind. It was a beautiful morning by London standards. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't a cloud in sight. Louis breathed in deeply, loving how the chilly September air filled his body and refreshed his senses.

The courtyard was filled with students mingling around in the sun. The school really was a beautiful place. Bright flowers and delicate-looking trees were scattered everywhere. Benches filled with laughing students sat in small gardens and shade trees offered protection from the sun's bright rays. Louis strolled along slowly and took in all the sights and sounds of this school he would be teaching at for the remainder of the school year. Not a bad place. Not at all.

It was only his second day of classes, but Louis felt much more confident in himself today. The whispers and stares in the hall didn't bother him much at all. Speaking in front of his couple of English classes had made him much more comfortable in front of people. In a way, this was sort of a therapy for him. He was still healing the scars from his past.

Louis made his way to Ms. Walker's room--without a map this time. As he neared the room, he could hear faint music coming from the half-open door. He smiled to himself. It was just like Amy to be the musical type. It fit her bubbly personality perfectly.

With that small smile still gracing his slightly stubble-covered face, Louis pushed the door all the way open. Ms. Walker had her back to him. She appeared to be organizing worksheets for today's lesson.

"Beethoven, eh?" Louis asked the slight blonde woman.

Ms. Walker spun around quickly at the new sound in her classroom.

"Oh, it's you, Louis. Gave me a small scare," she said, chuckling a bit. "But yes, I'm not really a Radio 1 kind of person. Beethoven is much more...soothing. It's pathetic, I know," she told him with a smile.

"No, no, it suits you, really. I'm more of an LMFAO guy because, well, I'm Sexy and I Know It," Louis joked, swaying his hips slightly. "But that's just me. Honestly I should probably listen to more calming music like this because I'm a bit too energetic most of the time."

His mentor laughed along with the younger man beside her. "Oh, Louis. You'll make a fantastic teacher, you know that? I'm fairly sure the students all love you already."

"Except Harry..." he mumbled barely audibly.

"Harry? Well don't you worry about him. He's a bit of a bad egg anyway, you know. He doesn't like anyone except his buddy Zayn. I'm not really supposed to know too much about students' personal lives, but he makes it quite clear that he's a player and doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself. He got kicked out of his old school and has been here for the past three years. Those three years have been just peachy, with him and Zayn terrorizing the other students who get in their way. There's even rumors that he slept with one of our teachers here. He's a right arsehole. Just ignore him like the rest of us do," she explained to him.

"No offense, but I'm pretty sure ignoring him won't do a damn thing to help Harry. Maybe all he needs to get back on track is that one person who cares about him and is willing to help. That one person who obviously hasn't been there for him yet," Louis said, his voice an octave higher than normal.

"It's useless Louis, he only lashes out when we try to help him," Amy said, sounding exasperated.

"I've been in a position sort of like his before, Amy. I can't just sit back and watch him fuck up the rest of his life! It might take some time, but I will get through to him. I won't give up on him like everyone else has. He's got potential; I read his essay!" Louis realized his voice was raised once again and apologized as the first bell rang and some students started to make their way inside the room. Ms. Walker turned the music off and plastered a smile on her face as she greeted the students. Louis walked over to the door and held it open, surveying the poster-covered corridors lined with grey lockers.

Louis' head snapped around as soon as he heard the commotion at the far end of the hall.


Louis could see a mass of bodies at the far end of the corridor, but he couldn't make out who was shouting.


By now, Louis' feet were automatically bringing him toward the brawl about to break out.

Louis was close enough then to see and hear Zayn hiss in a low growl: "Not him, Harry. Anyone but him, I said, GODDAMMIT!"

"I don't see why you care so much about the little faggot, I mean look at him cowering over there. It's sad, really. He looks like a lost little puppy. Awww look at little Nialler huddled in the corner, about to cry. Poor baby," Harry mocked until he was knocked forcefully to the ground by the strength of Zayn's fist connecting square with his jaw.

"Don't you fucking dare call him that shit, Harry. Anyone but him, I said. But you just had to go prove who's top dog around here, didn't you? Well I guess your plan backfired because look who's on his arse on the floor now," Zayn spat. His eyes were flashing daggers at Harry's doubled over form on the floor.

And with that, Zayn stormed off toward the edge of the loose circle of students that had formed around the two, toward the small blonde boy Harry had called "Nialler". Louis had him in one of his classes as well and remembered his name was in fact Niall and assumed the other name to be mocking the frightened boy.

As Zayn neared Niall, though, the boy took shelter behind the nearest passer-by, tears filling his clear blue eyes.

"P-please, Zayn. Don't hurt me," he stammered.

Zayn's dark brown eyes went wide with shock. "What? Niall, I- I just got done defending you. Why would I hurt you?" he asked the blonde boy who had now sunk to the tiled floor sobbing.

"B-because you and H-Harry are best friends, right? He's had his turn, now you want yours. Why don't you just get this over with?" Niall sighed, picking himself off the floor, tears still flowing freely from his red-rimmed eyes. He stood in front of a confused looking Zayn. When the latter still didn't move, Niall picked up Zayn's slightly-curled fist and tried to bring it to hit him in the eye, but the black-haired boy steeled his grip on the other's hand, holding it back from making contact with Niall's porcelain face.

"Niall, stop! I'm not going to hit you, okay? I told Harry not to hurt you, but he obviously didn't listen to me. I dunno, Niall...there's--there's just something about you that makes me want to protect you," Zayn told the smaller boy, his face blushing two shades darker. "That sounds really awkward, sorry," he mumbled, letting go of Niall's hand.

Niall blushed as well. "N-no it's okay. That's nice of you to try and protect me, Zayn. I've never really had anyone do that for me before. At my other schools, people mostly beat up on me like Harry did," he said, rubbing his fingers gingerly over his stomach, where he could already feel bruises forming.

"Oh Niall," Zayn sighed sadly, removing the blonde's hands from their caressing. Niall looked at the raven-haired boy questioningly. He gasped slightly as Zayn lightly lifted Niall's grey t-shirt so he could inspect the damage done by his best friend. What he saw caused him to ball up his fists in anger. Peppered all over his milky white skin were fresh purple bruises beginning to form.

Zayn gently ran his ice-cold slender fingers over the marks, eliciting a whimper from the Irish boy's lips. "I'm so sorry, Niall," Zayn murmured. He continued to run his fingers over the tender flesh and soon, Niall began to relax into his touch. Zayn's fingers were like an ice pack and it soothed the dull ache.

"It's not your fault, Zayn. I know you tried," Niall whispered. The older boy noticed that the pair were getting some strange looks from other students who had witnessed the fight. He quickly but gently yanked Niall's shirt over his exposed stomach and grabbed his hand, dragging him off along the hall and into the bathroom to clean him up and calm him down.

Meanwhile, Louis had rushed to Harry's side. The poor boy was still in a heap on the ground, clutching his injured jaw. "Harry...Harry, are you alright?" Louis asked as he kneeled right next to the other boy.

"Fine," the younger boy growled as he began to pick himself off the floor, a large purple bruise visible right below his left ear.

Word had apparently reached the headmaster about the brawl. He looked furious as he stormed his way down the corridor, glaring directly at Harry. "Would you mind telling me just what happened here, young man?" his voice boomed, sending the remaining students scattering toward their first classes.

"As a matter of fact, Headmaster, I would mind. Keep your big fat nose out of my fucking business, would you?" Harry spat. His temper was obviously flaring; he could blow up completely at any time.

"Why you little--" the headmaster was cut off by Louis.

"Headmaster, I've got this. I'll talk to him," he said quickly before the two staring hostilely at each other could start a shouting match.

"Mr. Tomlinson, Harry just earned himself two weeks of detention, so if you would just leave this to me," the headmaster drawled with a satisfied half-grin on his face.

"No, Headmaster!" Louis received a rather confused look from his boss. "I--I mean, you probably have your hands full, what with it being only the second day of school and all, so why don't you let me deal with this? I'll give him his detention in my room," Louis pleaded.

"Louis, I really don't think you know what you're getting yourself into with this boy. But by all means, take him and get him out of my sight before I make his punishment harsher," he said with a pointed glare at Harry.

Louis nodded and guided Harry to his and Ms. Walker's shared office, as he knew his mentor would be teaching the first class of the day in the classroom.

The office was a small room containing a wooden desk scattered with papers, a few cushioned chairs, and some filing cabinets. The view from the huge windows was quite lovely. They overlooked the back courtyard, where a quaint little pond populated with ducks lay, shining in the early-morning sun.

Louis stood behind the desk with his back facing Harry, staring blankly out the window. Finally he sighed and turned to face the troubled boy. The teacher's hands were in his front pockets, an expectant look on his face.

"Well?" Louis asked when he received no response. "Are you going to tell me what happened?"

Harry shrugged. "The little blonde faggot was in my way so I punched him a few times."

Louis sighed once again and took in Harry's rough appearance. His black button-up shirt was rumpled and undone a few buttons at the top, his mop of curls even messier than usual. If Louis wouldn't have know better, he could have sworn it was sex hair. That thought made him blush slightly; he wasn't sure why. He was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts by a dark chuckle from Harry.

"Fuck, not you too. I wouldn't have pegged you as a fag like the new Irish kid," Harry sneered.

"I--what?" Louis asked, puzzled and slightly flustered.

"You were just checking me out...sir," Harry mocked. His green eyes shone with amusement at his teacher's discomfort.

Louis sighed for what felt like the tenth time since entering the office with Harry. "I was just making sure you didn't have any major damage, alright? I'm completely straight, thank you, and I would appreciate if you stopped using such offensive language in my presence, Mr. Styles," Louis chided him.

"Mmhmm," Harry hummed as he began to fiddle with things on Ms. Walker's desk.

After a moment of silence, Louis spoke again. "Harry, what's all this about? I read your essay and it was exceptional! But then you go and do things like this...I just don't get it. Help me to understand why you act like this," he gestured up and down Harry's body, "when you clearly are so much different inside."

"I don't know what you're talking about," he snapped. "That essay was a bunch of shit I made up to get a good enough grade to pass the fucking class so I can get out of this hellhole when spring finally arrives." Harry's chest was heaving up and down and his hands were balled into tight fists.

"Fine, Harry. I'm just trying to help you," Louis told him as he began to get exasperated himself. "Now get to your first class; you're already extremely late. I'll see you last period of the day and we'll discuss your detention."

Harry groaned loudly. "I know you don't care about me, Mr. Tomlinson. None of the teachers do. To them I'm just some fucked-up kid who won't get anywhere in life. So cut the bullshit and stop pretending you're different. I'll see you last period," he growled before wrenching the door handle open and quickly slamming it behind himself.

Louis tugged on his impeccably styled hair in frustration. Why couldn't Harry see that he really did care about him? Maybe if he gave the boy some time he would come around, Louis thought.


When the last period of the day finally rolled around, Louis was slightly anxious to see the curly-haired boy who had been invading his every thought all day long. Ms. Walker was at her desk, counting and stacking the study guides she had printed for the day, to go along with the section of 'Romeo and Juliet' they were to read. Louis stood at the front of the room, absentmindedly drumming his fingers on the whiteboard he was leaned against.

The sound of the final bell ringing drew him from his jumbled thoughts and he smiled at the class sat before him. As his eyes scanned the desks, however, he noticed a certain student missing: Harry. Louis' smile fell slightly, but he pulled a fake one onto his face as he greeted the rest of the class enthusiastically. If Harry wouldn't even show up for his lessons, how could Louis begin to help him?

As Ms. Walker finished stacking and stapling her worksheets, Louis once again took attendance. It was a good opportunity for him to learn the kids' names. He finished and still no sign of Harry. When the class period was over, the curly-haired boy hadn't bothered to show up. Louis tried not to let it bother him as he held the door open for the chattering students who bid him farewell for the day with a chorus of "Goodbye, Mr. Tomlinson". He smiled a genuine smile at them and said his own goodbyes as the remaining students trickled out.

He was about to go ask Ms. Walker if she had any work for him to do before she too left--she had yet another appointment, she had told him--when he saw Zayn stood by his locker, chatting with a taller, curly-haired boy.


Louis was hurt by the fact that he had skipped his class. The rest of the students had taken a liking to the young teacher right away, so why hadn't Harry?

Zayn noticed Louis looking over at him and his friend and turned back to Harry. His lips mouthed something to him, but Louis was too far away to hear what was said. It must have had something to do with him though, as Harry slowly turned and looked Louis in the eyes, his emerald green meeting Louis' own ice blue ones. Louis noted that the two younger boys must have made up and were the best of friends again.

Louis cocked his head to the side questioningly and motioned Harry over to him. He saw his student roll his eyes and say something to Zayn before making his way over. Zayn gave him a little wave before slamming his locker and heading out the front door toward his car.

Now the two men were left alone in the corridor; Ms. Walker had brushed quickly past Louis as he was observing Harry by Zayn's locker, telling him she had to hurry to the doctor's office and that she had no work for him tonight. "Yes, Mr. Tomlinson?" Harry asked cockily.

"Harry, you skipped class," Louis said, trying not to let his frustration show.

"So, maybe I did. Why do you care?" Harry shot right back.

"I told you, Harry. I really do care about you and I want you to do well in my class, but I can't help you if you don't show up."

"We had this conversation already," Harry growled in a low, menacing tone. "You don't care. Nobody cares. Now stay the fuck out of my business, yeah?" he snarled.

Louis shook his head slowly and ran his palm over his prickly stubble. He was nearly out of patience. "Whatever, Harry. But I can't just let this detention go. Headmaster Burnes insists. So why don't you come back to my room and we can pass the time by going over today's lesson that you missed?"

"BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Harry screamed.

"Harry, you were involved in a fight, and it's only the second day back at school. I think two weeks worth of detention is more than fair. Plus, I think you'll find that I'm not all that bad," he retorted, cracking a small smile at the fuming boy in front of him.

Harry's eyes softened slightly before he caught himself and went back to his normal, sheltered self. "Let's get this over with, alright?" he mumbled.

"Let's go," Louis agreed, ushering the boy into his vacant room.

Harry walked into the room that seemed oddly silent without the rest of the class chattering away or laughing at one of Louis' cheesy jokes. He really wasn't a bad guy, Harry thought to himself. In fact, he was a pretty cool teacher, but Harry just didn't feel comfortable letting anyone get that close to him again after what Jordan had done to him. It had taken over a year for him to even let Zayn be close to him. And that's why when Zayn had seemed to take a liking to the new kid, Niall, Harry had lashed out at the poor innocent boy. He was afraid. Afraid that Zayn would decide that Niall was a much better friend to him than Harry could ever be. It was probably true, too. Harry didn't think he could ever fully open up to anyone about his past. It was too painful and keeping it a secret gave him some power over what had happened in an otherwise hopeless situation.

That was why he kept up this "bad boy" persona. He seemed unapproachable; nobody had any desire to get close to him. And that's how he liked it. That way, he couldn't get hurt.

Harry took a seat in a desk at the front of the room and put his head down in his arms on the desk. He focused on nothing but his own deep breathing in an attempt to chase away the thoughts of his past that Louis had somehow managed to dislodge. His calming exercise was interrupted when he felt a warm hand on his upper back, between his shoulder blades.

"Harry, are you alright?" Louis asked, the concern evident in his voice, all anger having melted away, apparently.

"F-fine," Harry murmured in a soft voice. Louis was surprised; this wasn't the same boy he had seen fighting in the corridors only hours earlier. He wasn't even the same boy who had been shouting at him no more than two minutes ago. No, this boy had a certain softness to him. He looked almost--broken.

"No, you're not. There's something the matter, isn't there, Harry? I can see it in your face."

Harry shook his head. "Please...just drop it," he pleaded, his voice still timid. His forearms were itching and all he wanted at the moment was the blade that would take all the bad memories away as his own crimson blood flowed from his system, taking the horrible thoughts with it. Cutting was the only part of his past life that he had retained, as much as he wished he hadn't.

"Alright, well let's get to the lesson, shall we?" Harry nodded as Louis went to Ms. Walker's desk a few feet away. He shuffled through a few papers before he found the study guide he was looking for. "Right, err...why don't you come sit up at the desk with me? This arrangement seems too formal for my liking," Louis told the boy as he dragged the cushioned chair from his own makeshift desk in the opposite corner. Harry got up from the desk he was perched in and sat wordlessly in the chair Louis had gotten for him.

"So in class today we read Act I Scene I of the play and started to work on this study guide to go along with it. It's not much fun, I know, but I promise the worksheets will be very helpful when we start to do little projects to go along with our readings," Louis rambled. Harry nodded attentively and Louis continued on. "I was thinking you could read through the scene and then we could start to go through the guide together? Sound good?" he asked.

Harry blushed slightly. "Well, I erm...I already read it. The whole play, actually," he said, unable to meet his teachers eyes. It was so embarrassing to admit, but he had read 'Romeo and Juliet' multiple times and actually quite enjoyed it.

"You, Okay, so just skip to the guide, maybe?"

Harry nodded and fiddled with the pen he held between his slender fingers. He could still feel the heat engulfing his face like an inferno as he read the first question aloud: "What are the names of the two families that have been feuding for generations?"

The question was far too easy, especially for someone like Harry who had the play practically memorized cover to cover. He scribbled his answer and looked to Louis, who was nodding and smiling his approval. The rest of the study guide went by much like the first question, Harry furiously writing down answers with Louis watching over him proudly.

The last question was slightly more difficult, but after a moment of thought, Harry had his answer formed. He let his thoughts flow from his mind right into his hand and onto the paper before him. Satisfied with his work, he put his pen down and handed the paper to his teacher. Louis read through the answers quickly and was surprised by the depth of them. Harry really understood what the play was all about. "That's great, Harry. Really great," he praised him.

The younger boy mumbled his thanks and began to awkwardly twiddle his thumbs. Louis looked at his watch. Still twenty minutes left until Harry's detention was over. "If it were up to me, I'd let you leave," he told the boy.

"It's alright. Not like I have much else to do anyway," he said. Normally he'd just hang out with Zayn after school. The two of them often went to Zayn's house to play video games and take a smoke every now and then. That was yet another bad habit Harry wasn't particularly proud of. Sometimes, though, he could substitute the cold, shining tip of his razor blade for the hot, flickering tip of a flame from his lighter that licked the rounded end of a cigarette planted firmly between his puckered lips.

Harry began to fidget worse as he thought about it. It had been a few hours since he had been outside in the sheltered bit of trees he and Zayn used to hide themselves as they lit up on school grounds. It was against school policy, both knew, but they didn't particularly care. Plus, it was good for their rebel image. Harry was too wrapped up with craving to notice that Louis had moved his chair closer. He put his rather small hand on his student's forearm and shook him lightly.

"Harry. HARRY!"the said boy finally realized and looked at the teacher, slightly dazed and startled. His green eyes were wide as he reacquainted himself with his situation. "You zoned out there, lad. Is something bothering you?" Louis asked.

"Erm, no, just--just craving a smoke, is all," he said sheepishly. He knew full well that he could be suspended for even being in possession of cigarettes on school grounds.

Louis looked at him sympathetically. "I want you to be comfortable, Harry. I'll open the window and the breeze should clear the smell away."

Harry looked quizzically at the man beside him, who was still clutching his arm, he noted. "Wait, you're actually letting me smoke? In school? Aren't you going to get fired or something?"

Louis let out a chuckle and made his way to the window facing the pond. He pushed the window open and stuck his head out slightly, letting the slight breeze tickle his face. "Don't you worry about me, Mr. Styles. Just do it quick before we get caught and I lose my job and you get suspended."

Harry eagerly fished a half-empty pack of cigarettes from his bag and found his lighter. He flicked it open, loving the familiar sound it made as he did so. He could already feel himself calming down. He quickly lit the rolled paper between his pink lips and inhaled deeply. The smoke filled his lungs and began to burn slightly, but that was the feeling Harry so craved. It was addictive. After a few seconds, he slowly exhaled the thick black smoke into the wind and watched the wisps be blown to the pale blue sky. He flicked a few ashes absentmindedly out the window as he watched the fluffy white clouds moving above him. He took a few more drags from the cigarette before carefully extinguishing the butt on the window ledge before him and flicking it to the ground below. He could feel Louis' eyes on his back and turned to face the man who was barely three years older than himself.

"Thank you," he breathed. He wouldn't let Louis know it, but those words went further than for the smoke. He meant them to express how thankful he truly was that someone seemed to have taken notice of him. That someone actually cared about him.

"It's no problem. Like I said, I want you to feel comfortable while you're stuck here with an old man like me," he joked.

Harry grinned a little and nodded, then went to sit on a desk as he waited for his time to go home. Louis took notice and packed a few things in his briefcase before walking to the back of the room, toward the door. "I would quite like to get going home, so if you promise not to tell Headmaster Burnes that I let you off early, we can both be in our way."

"He wouldn't believe me anyway," Harry said as he walked into the hallway, slinging his bag over his shoulder.

"Right, well goodnight, Harry!" Louis called. Harry raised his hand above his head in response, not bothering to look back. Louis lifted the lanyard from around his neck and locked the classroom door behind him. He made his way once again to his Mercedes and hopped in, eager to get home after a long and eventful day.

Little did he know that the next day would be a hundred times more stressful than that one had been.


The next morning, Louis was awoken early by the sound of his telephone ringing. He mumbled some profanities into his pillow before reaching an arm out of his warm bed and searching for the phone blindly on his bedside table.

"Hello?" he managed to croak in his gravelly morning voice.

"Louis? This is Headmaster Burnes. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you..."

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