Bad For You (Larry Stylinson) [HIATUS TIL SUMMER]

Louis thought he could handle it all. After being bullied both physically and verbally throughout most of his school years, he believed his experiences had made him stronger. When he decided to pursue teaching, everyone was shocked. They all questioned why he would want to spend most of his hours in a place similar to the one that held some of his worst memories. Memories of being beaten until he was left broken and bleeding on the floor, of being verbally assaulted until hot tears streamed down his face. But he had his reasons. He wanted to be that shoulder for his students to lean on. One student in particular caught his eye. Rough-and-tumble school bad-boy Harry Styles. The boy refused any help from the start, but will Louis be able to break down the walls Harry has worked so hard to build up?

*Viewer discretion is advised* if you're uncomfortable with strong language, self harm, or sexual content, this story probably isn't for you.

YES THIS IS A LARRY FANFIC. Happy reading xx

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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