My Life In Words

Um... Well basically I'm going to attempt to write in this thing everyday about my day and stuff... Hopefully people I know don't read this cx


1. The Truth

Dear.... Diary I Guess,


So today I guess is day 1 of my diary.. I probably won't write in you everyday, this is only to get things off of my chest when I know I don't have the guts to talk about it with someone or say it to their face.


I have issues with so many people you have no idea how much I hate basically.... Hmm... Maybe about 90% of my school? The guys are all either swag fags, smelly, ugly, stupid, annoying, or.... Actually maybe that's about it. I know I know, I sound rude to just say this about people. But seriously, if you went to my school... you'd completely understand. 


Now on to the girls. Oh my god you have no idea how pissed off these girls are. They're all fake Barbie bitches, populars, try hards, annoying, stupid, or.... everything. I just want to strangle everyone in my school. I have my little group of friends, we're weirdos, honestly. But at least we don't try hard to fit in. Honestly, the girls at my school put on tons of make up. They're skinny as hell as they still bother to say they're ugly. But then when someone who is clearly stronger says "I'm gonna kick your ass" they're all like "Hell no! Try me!" and I'm sitting her like.... Really?... You weigh 20 pounds. Fuck off.


Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way. Maybe I'm the only one that notices the try hards or the twigs or anything. Because clearly the boys at my school want anorexic cheerleaders instead of a girl who weighs the average weight... Like me. Now I'm not saying every guy should automatically be in love with me, I'm just saying why the hell are they dating these anorexic twigs? Not that I would ever want to date a guy at my school. They're all terrible. They're in 9th grade and they're using girls for sex already. I'm not even lying to you.


Or maybe people just don't like girls like me because we love One Direction or Justin Bieber. I mean I love One Direction, in all honesty. But I have that side that loves Eminem, Green Day.. Or that side that loves Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC. Or even that side that loves Skrillex and Deadmau5 or whatever those dubstep people are. I can have all different sides. As of the 2013 Superbowl I've been researching football so next football season I can watch all the games and actually know what people are talking about during school. 


So maybe I'll never know why I'm not liked. Is there really anything wrong with me? I mean sure, some people say I have an overly large forehead or I'm a bit overweight, and that's what lowers my self confidence. Do people really have to go around ruining my day because they think I'm fat, ugy, or weird. Yes, apparently they do and it pisses me off. Why can't they keep their comments to themselves or just ignore it. I mean I understand people have their own opinions on others, I stated mine in what.. The second and third paragraph? Maybe the first and second.. But at least I'm not saying it straight to their faces. I'm typing it out, but I don't exactly see anyone I know reading this.


But in all honesty, people always say "why don't you say it to my face instead of behind my back or typing it to me?" but why? Why do people say that? Because they want to feel tough. They want to have the power and to feel like they overrule you. When in reality, you overrule them.. you have the power and you're tough. Because you're just trying to save their feelings. You know that if you say it to their face it's only going to make it worse than typing it out. Because when you say it to their face they can walk away and stop listening. Sure they can stop reading it when  you type it, but we all know they secretly want to know what you're saying so they read it anyway. That's when you explain things to them or if it's your friend and something bad happens, you explain what happened. As if in face to face they just get pissed off and walk away. They tune you out. In my opinion, that's damn rude.


But it's the truth and we all know it. But of course, all of you who will read this, or may not. Which I don't expect anyone to really, but thanks if you do, I know that none of you reading this are anything like me. You probably all don't understand a word I'm saying but just agree because you don't understand. But if you do understand, thank you. You make me feel like less of a weirdo. But anyway, I'll talk to you later diary... But I'll need a new name for you. Maybe I'll call you Good Listener.... Or Friend. Okay now I'm just making myself sound like a loner... Which I'm not! I'll have to think about that name for a bit...

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