My Life In Words

Um... Well basically I'm going to attempt to write in this thing everyday about my day and stuff... Hopefully people I know don't read this cx


2. My Sexuality

Okay so lately I've been questioning my sexuality... Don't judge me when I explain this to you... I'll be a bit embarrassed but hey... It's a diary... Right?


Okay so I'll be roleplaying One Direction bromances... I know, don't judge me. And there is this one particular one that I do on kik and it's a genderswap. It's a Larry Stylinson one with it Louis and Harry, both are girls. And it's gets dirty... People who don't know roleplay talk, that is called smut. So the girls have sex and sometimes my mind wanders off and I kind of just think, "I wonder what it would feel like if that was mine and this girl I'm roleplaying with's clits rubbing together... I bet that'd feel really good.." and then I'm just like wait, I'm straight. But I don't know, maybe I'm bicurious, maybe when I'm older I'll turn out to be a lesbian. I don't know but I've been really curious as to what it'd feel like to have lesbian sex.


I know have of you girls have probably wondered the same, what it would feel like to have some other girl's vagina rubbing against yours as well as her breasts. Honestly, I think it'd feel pretty damn good. I think a tongue and fingers slipping inside me would feel better than some thick, huge ass penis. I mean seriously. It just seems like it'd feel better... I mean I don't know... So what if I turn out to be bisexual or lesbian? Is that such a bad thing? I feel like I might be though. But I'm not even sure.


But anyway, instead of making me feel like a weirdo and you thinking I'm some creepy ass bitch who needs Jesus, how about we switch to a different topic? Like school. Yeah so okay. Let's get something straight. You know how I said me and my friends are basically considered weird? Yeah well because of that I get bullied often. It's honestly just so fucking annoying. I just want to kill everyone at my school. I wouldn't mind ripping some dicks off and making people choke, honestly I wouldn't. I'd be happy to. But I don't even understand why I get bullied. I don't do shit to people but they still pick on me. HOW THE FUCK IS THIS JUSTICE?! WE'VE LEARNED ABOUT BULLYING FOR FUCKING 9 YEARS AND YOU STILL DO IT. GROW THE FUCK UP, HONESTLY. Any of the people reading this if anyone even decides to, if you've ever bullied someone in the grade you are in, or is a bully. Grow the fuck up or go back to kindergarten when none of the kids give a fuck what you say or do. Honestly, it's bullshit.


I'm tired of having to go to school and having to stand up for myself constantly. The jokes are getting pretty fucking old. I'll admit, I'm a ginger and the constant jokes that people say, saying I have no soul and I'm just a dumbass red head are pretty fucking dumb. Honestly, like you haven't said that joke 100 times. Why can't people just be civil and fuck off? It's simple.


You know something else I hate? I hate how they say you can't put anything on TV commercials that isn't true, but then here comes those face washer commercial shits. NO ONE'S ACNE GOES AWAY IN JUST 2 WEEKS. NO ONE SPLASHES THEIR FACE LIKE THAT. NO ONE AUTOMATICALLY WAKES UP IN THE MORNING BECAUSE THEY WASH THEIR FACE. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT.



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