Love Finally

Sophie and Drew are best friends until he tells her he loves her. Finally after two years has something sparked? Does she finally love him? Is he her soul mate and will he stick by her through anything?


1. 8th Grade

"Hey! Stop!" Drew yells after me. I keep running faster and faster. I'm as fast as the wing; sprinting down the sidewalk. I don't stop and won't until I get home. He wasn't going to catch me. I won't let him. He isn't going to make things awkward between us. We are only in eighth grade. Why is he telling me he loves me? He can't love me! Not like that! We are best friends.

I see my house. One more block and I'm safe! I don't look back. I can't look at him. I feel like I'm in a dream. I turn and run up my driveway. I open the door, shut it, and run upstairs to my room. I slam the door really hard. Why is he wrecking our friendship now in the last week of eighth grade?

-Two Years Later-

"Hi Sophie!" Olivia says. She is my best friend in the whole world. We've been friends for about a year now and we are now in our sophomore year. Oh, I'm Sophia, but everyone calls me Sophie. Sophia Bleu, that's my grandma's name too. Olivia Bronlen is the prettiest girl I have ever met. She has blonde hair with the most gorgeous, blue eyes in the world. She is the exact opposite if me with my black hair, dark brown eyes and I'm tan skinned all year round. The best part about us though is that we can share clothes because we both wear a size two.

"Hey Liv!" I say. It's a Friday morning before school. There aren't many people in the halls yet because Olivia and I like to get here early, I know what your thinking. What happened to Drew? Well let me give you some knowledge of Drew Tarsens. He's cute with blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm not sure why I am always friends with people that have blonde hair and blue eyes but I am. Drew and I haven't talked since the Saturday before the last day of eighth grade. I miss him a lot but I don't blame him for not talking to me anymore. I shouldn't have acted the way I did and I have felt bad every day since. He doesn't even look at me in the hallways. Maybe it was supposed to be this way. I'm guessing it is because he has a girlfriend now for two months. The worst part is that she is my lab partner in advanced biology. Her name is Sarah Montana. She is pretty. Drew must just love her golden brown hair and hazel eyes. I never thought Drew would date her.

Drew and I were friends from third grade to eighth grade and with one moment of me being a scaredy-cat, like always, I lost him.

"How was your dinner with your mom last night?" Olivia asks me.

"Good, we went out for Chinese," Mom and Dad got divorced when I was 6 and then Dad moved to Florida with his new girlfriend when I was 8. That's when Drew and I became friends. I haven't seen my dad since Drew and I stopped being friends two years ago. I don't know why I stopped seeing my dad, maybe it's because I hate taking a bus by myself to Florida from Arkansas or if I just have no will to see him anymore because Drew always pushed me to go and see him, or maybe it is a little of both of those reasons. Whatever the reason is I just don't go there anymore.

My dad also has a 6 year old daughter and I'm almost 16 so I don't like seeing that little brat. My dad's name is Patrick Bleu and I look just like him but I'm a girl. His new wife's name is Candice and their precious devil is Molly. She looks a lot like me but I do not call her my sister. I live with my mom though and her name is Amanda and I couldn't live without her.

"Did you get your homecoming dress yet? Weren't you going last night?" Olivia asked me.

"No I'm getting it tomorrow," I say in a very excited voice because this year I actually have a date and so does Olivia. Homecoming is next weekend and I cant wait for the dance. I'm going with the guy that sits next to me in math. His name is Leo and he is really charming. He has this dark brown hair that swoops to the right and these caramel brown eyes that are beautiful. Olivia is going with a guy in her French class named Chance. Both of the boys are very cute and we have been very excited for this dance.

"Oh, send me a picture of it," Olivia says.

"Ok, I will," I say trying to picture what kind of dress I want.



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