Dreams Come True (1D Fan Fic)

Ivy Kiloro has been through her share in tragedy. After her only relative, Uncle Mike, dies of an overdose, the courts order her to be sent to an orphanage. Then one day, a group of lab technicians come and take a DNA swab from Ivy. Then the unbelieveable happens. This 17 year old, normal, nonspecial girl, was Harry Styles younger sister. Life is good, but what will happen when she gets close to one of Harry's bandmates?


10. Chapter 8

*Ivy's P.O.V.*

About twenty minutes later, Zayn walks out of the bathroom, running a hand through his black hair. He sits down beside me and I weave my fingers through it. "I liked it better blue," I say. He smirks then looks at me for a minute. "How are you so comfortable?," he asks. I knew someone would ask that. "I don't know. I guess I just feel safe around you guys," I explain. He nods. "All the other families they shipped me off to, they expected the perfect child. But I just feel as if I can be, um........ well, not really normal, but you get what I mean." He grins. "Ready to lose?" I gasp. "What? You think you can beat me because I'm a girl?," I question. He nods again. I glare. We begin playing and get to the fifth game before the others come in. "Zayn!," Louis exclaims. "Your hair is normal!" "SHUT UP LOUIS!," Zayn screams. "DO YOU WANT ME TO LOSE TO A GIRL?" I giggle at him, causing the others to laugh. "Just face it, Showoff! You can't b- WHAT!?!?," I scream as he let a zombie through, allowing it to eat me. "YESH! I WON! IN YOUR FACE, POISON!" I fall onto the couch, fake sobbing. I'm a very sore loser. Most people who see this side of me think I act like a guy. "You, Ivy Azul Poison Styles, are my servant all day tomorrow," he boasts. "From midnight to midnight." Harry wrinkles his eyebrows. "What is this?," he asks. "We made a bet. Winner of the tournament is the master of the loser for all day tomorrow," I explain. He nods. "I have sooo much fun planned!," Zayn says. Harry gives him a look. "NO! Not like that!" I laugh and look at the clock. "HOLY TURTLES! It's 11! Bed time." The other boys nod and leave to go to bed, but Zayn just shakes his head. "We are staying up another hour so that I can become your master," he whispers, then cackles evilly. I giggle. "You have a cute laugh," he tells me, making me blush. "Thank you," I whisper, tucking my hair behind my ear. He grins. The clock strikes midnight. "Yes! Follow me, Poison," he says, pulling me to his room. "Lay with me." I grin and climb in. "I don't want you to have more nightmares," he whispers. "G'night Showoff." "Night Poison."

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