Dreams Come True (1D Fan Fic)

Ivy Kiloro has been through her share in tragedy. After her only relative, Uncle Mike, dies of an overdose, the courts order her to be sent to an orphanage. Then one day, a group of lab technicians come and take a DNA swab from Ivy. Then the unbelieveable happens. This 17 year old, normal, nonspecial girl, was Harry Styles younger sister. Life is good, but what will happen when she gets close to one of Harry's bandmates?


7. Chapter 6

A/N: Just a couple flashbacks and that night.


*Zayn's P.O.V.*

I'm lying in bed thinking about today.


*Flashback 1*

I look out the window as Harry explains the plan to Ivy. Pretty much, I'm supposed to hold her hand while he distracts the fans. Liam gets ready to open the door, and I grab her hand. "1, 2, 3, GO!" We jump out and pull her along. Everyone is screaming and clawing at her. Harry lets go and walks towards a group of girls. I hear Ivy cry out in pain as someone pulls her hair, and it angers me. I wrap my arms around her, pulling her close. I feel like I need to protect her. We make it safely inside. Well, almost. Ivy's arms are bleeding, badly. Seeing it hurts me. What's happening to me?

*End of Flashback*


*Flashback 2*

I'm having so much fun right now. Ivy tries to skate, only to fall down. I offer to hold her hands and she accepts. When she touches my hands, I feel a spark. Probably just static electricity. I pull her behind me as I skate backwards and she's giggling like a little kid. A slow song comes on, and I skate around behind her. Before I can process what I'm doing, my arms are at her waist and my head is on her shoulder. I push us around for the rest of the song. I have flipping butterflies in my stomach the entire time. I think I'm developing feelings, but I only met her this morning. Crap.

*End of Flashback*

I can't have feelings for her. I sigh. Harry would hate me, and she probably doesn't even feel the same. My head jolts up as Ivy screams in her room. I get up and run. When I reach her part of the room, she is thrashing around on her bed. "Ivy!" I sit on her bed and shake her awake. She starts crying. "Zayn?," she whimpers. "Yes, love?" "You, you were dead," she cries. Me? Dead? "It was just a dream, Poison," I whisper. She sniffs. "Please lay with me," she says quietly. I chuckle and nod, getting under the covers. Soon, we both drift off into a peaceful sleep, in each other's arms.

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