Dreams Come True (1D Fan Fic)

Ivy Kiloro has been through her share in tragedy. After her only relative, Uncle Mike, dies of an overdose, the courts order her to be sent to an orphanage. Then one day, a group of lab technicians come and take a DNA swab from Ivy. Then the unbelieveable happens. This 17 year old, normal, nonspecial girl, was Harry Styles younger sister. Life is good, but what will happen when she gets close to one of Harry's bandmates?


6. Chapter 5

*Ivy's P.O.V.*

After a very fun drive into Norman, I pull up outside of my favorite restaurant, O'Connell's. "Why we here?," Zayn asks. I look at him with the most serious face I can muster. I wait a few seconds before yelling, "FOOD!!" He laughs and climbs out. "I'm paying," he whispers in my ear and I shake my head.  We walk in and I lead him to a windowless room in the back. "They won't bother you here," I explain and he nods, knowing who I'm talking about. The waitress comes up. "Hi! What can I-" she cuts herself off. "Ivy?" I look up. "Rachel?" We both grin idiotically. "HOLY CRAP!," we say in sync. I notice Zayn sitting there looking confused. "Oh! Zayn, Rachel. Rachel, Zayn," I introduce. "Nice to meet you," Zayn says with a smile. She nods, obviously trying not to fangirl. "Drinks?" I look at Zayn. "Two waters," he tells her. She walks away and I raise an eyebrow. He just grins and looks at the menu. "Uh uh," I say, snatching it up. "Since you ordered my drink, I order your food." "Ivy-" "I'll let you pay," I bribe. He sighs. "You are evil, Ivy Styles," he says. It'll take time to get used to that. Rachel comes back with our drinks. "Ready?" I nod. "Two of my usual," I say, and she nods, taking the menus. "So what will we do today?," Zayn asks me. "Um, do you mind if I've planned it out?" He shakes his head. I giggle excitedly, making him chuckle. "After we eat, we'll take a tour of the OU campus across the street. Then, we'll go to the mall and do some shopping. Then, we head to Star Skate to have fun! Afterwards, we drive back to the city and go to the top floor of the Devon Tower. Next, we'll go to the Crystal Gardens and the Outlet mall to get kicked out of as many shops as we can. If we have time, we'll go to the Yamaha place before returning to the hotel," I finish, breathing heavily. He smiles and nods. "Sounds like loads of fun," he chuckles. Rachel returns with our food. She sets it down in front of us and goes to walk away, but I stop her. "Come eat," I say, and she heads off to get more food. Zayn sits there looking at his food. I roll my eyes. "Buffalo wings and curly fries," I state. He grins, shaking his head. Rachel soon joins us and we have an amaZayn lunch. Soon, we head out. We have the best time on the tour of the campus, spending most of our time in the art department. After about three hours of shopping, we head to Star Skate. "You know how to skate?," I ask him. He shrugs. "They open?," he questions. I laugh. "I called ahead and rented it out. No crazy fangirls can attack us while we're here." He grins. We enter the rink. "Rollerblades or regular skates?," the guy at the counter asks. "Rollerblades," Zayn and I say. He gives them to us and we put them on. We are the only ones here, besides the guy who works the music. Zayn stands up and skates around once. "You'll have to help me, Mr. Showoff," I say. He chuckles. "C'mon." We get onto the rink as the guy starts the music. Want U Back by Cher Lloyd blares through the speakers. The disco balls turn on and the lights go off. I start to skate, but fall ten seconds later. Zayn laughs and helps me up. "Just hold on to my hands," he says and I happily oblige. He grabs my hands and a shock runs through me. I shrug it off as Zayn skates backwards, pulling me along. I'm giggling like crazy, which makes him grin. We continue this for multiple songs until a slow song comes on. He skates around me and places his arms on my waist. Resting his head on my shoulder, he skates us around until the song is over. We pack up our stuff and head into the city, blaring the radio. I can't stop thinking about that shock. And when we skated to that slow song, my stomach had erupted in butterflies. Oh well. It's probably nothing. We continue having fun until about 9. Then we head back to the hotel. "Good night, Poison," he whispers. "G'night, Showoff." I told him about my old nickname, so he's using it. I shut off the lights and fallinto a deep, dark sleep.

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