Dreams Come True (1D Fan Fic)

Ivy Kiloro has been through her share in tragedy. After her only relative, Uncle Mike, dies of an overdose, the courts order her to be sent to an orphanage. Then one day, a group of lab technicians come and take a DNA swab from Ivy. Then the unbelieveable happens. This 17 year old, normal, nonspecial girl, was Harry Styles younger sister. Life is good, but what will happen when she gets close to one of Harry's bandmates?


5. Chapter 4

*Ivy's P.O.V.*

We reach the lobby after ten flights of stairs. Zayn stops me and hands me his leather jacket. "Put this on. We're going to go out there, but instead of walking past, we'll stop," he says. "I'm going to make sure they don't hurt you again." I nod, lost in his deep brown eyes. He grabs my hand and pulls me out. We walk about halfway to the parking lot before he turns around. "Listen up," he yells, causing the girls to go quiet. "First, thank you all for supporting us. But, I'm not happy in the least. You guys hurt Ivy, badly," he says sadly. One of the fans gets the courage to speak her mind, and she screams, "Why should we care? She's clearly two-timing you and Harry! She deserves to be hurt!" Zayn's face twists with anger, but I beat him to it. "First, gross," I begin, and the fans gasp. "Why would I date H-" I am cut off by a fan shouting, "Shut up!" "Let her finish!," Zayn yells. "Harry is my brother," I yell. "And Zayn, well, I barley even know him. You should think before making assumptions." Zayn walks up behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders. "She doesn't deserve this," he yells. Before I can register what is happening, he rips his jacket off of my shoulders. The girls gasp at the sight of my slashed up arms. I turn to look at Zayn just as the same loud-mouth fan speaks up. "She self-harms? No surprise! What a freak!" Zayn is fuming and he storms over to her. "She didn't do this," he growls. His face softens and he holds out his hand. "Give me your hand." She obeys. He looks at her nails and frowns. There's blood under them. He drops her hand and jogs to me. "You did this!," he tells the fans. "You hurt her. I don't want any of you to ever touch her again." He grabs my hand again and pulls me towards the car. "Wait," I say. He stops to look at me. "I want to drive around. Please?" Zayn chuckles and nods. I pull him to the parking lot after he dismisses the car. "D6, D7," I mutter. "Aha! D8." Sitting there is a blue Ford F-150 with red flames down the sides. Zayn whistles. I grin and feel around the rim for my keys. "Yours?," he asks. "Yup. My uncle had it specially designed. You should see the interior." His eyes light up and he runs to the passenger side of the car. "Wow," he breathes. The interior is all red with blue stitching. "It has a surround-sound stereo and strong A/C. It's automatic shifting," I tell him as he nods in approval. I get on the highway and head out of OKC (Oklahoma City. Oklahoma's capital). I roll down the windows and turn on the radio. "Woo Hoo!," I scream. Today will be a very fun day.

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