Chapter 1

I was walking home. The sky was covered with the dark clouds. The street was quiet. No sound, but the wind blowing. My hands were in my jacket pockets. My hood was up to avoid my hair going crazy from the wind.I was never really a people person. I'm quiet. I'm independent. Maybe you can even say I'm selective mute at times. Who knows? I don't talk a lot.I stopped by the cemetery where my parents were buried. They died in a major car crash. My brother, Evan, and I survived from it. We had minor injuries. My brother broke his left arm, and I got a scar on my right arm.After collecting beautiful white flowers and setting them on their grave, I kept walking to home. I've lived alone for 2 years now. Evan was away in college. I was still in high school, a senior. Just one more year and then I'll go to San Diego University with my brother.***I finally reached the front porch of my house. I got out my keys until I heard breaks stop. I turned around seeing a black van stop right in front of m


1. Chapter 2

I heard the front door close. The windows were so tinted I couldn't see the other side. Then this man appeared walking towards me. I struggled to get the right key into the lock. I panicked as he was walking closer to me. I decided to run to the back gate, but the man had grabbed hold of my arm and tugged me. He carried me over his shoulder as my hands were pounding on his back, but nothing would work. Nothing.

He threw me into the back and closed the doors. It was dark, I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. 


It's been about a 45 minute drive. I was so terrified, I hid in the dark corner. The van had stopped. The doors swung open revealing 2 men. The man that had kidnapped me, and his friend.

"Get over here, Now!" He demanded.
I trembled and crawled over as his hands pulled me down to the ground. I scraped my knee.

My whole body was shaking as I attempted to get up onto my feet.
The man then gripped my right arm and pulled me into a building. I wasn't sure what the building was. It didn't have a company name, or anything. I walked in while my eyes scanned around the area.

"Keep moving," the man said, pushing my back.

I didn't know what was happening. I was kidnapped... How? Why? 

They put me in a room where it had a single chair, and the walls, floor, and ceiling were white. They told me to sit in the chair, and I followed their orders.

They inject anesthesia into me. I knocked out in a matter of seconds.
I wasn't aware of anything that was taking place.

I woke up seeing cuts on my arms and needle marks in my hands.
I panicked and tried to get up from the chair, but my waist, hands, and ankles were tied together. The workroom that was in front of me was dark. The lights were off. Nobody in the room.

"SOMEBODY HELP!" I tried to yell. But the room felt very dense. It felt stuffy. No sound could go through, or come in.

"HELP! SOMEONE! PLEASE!" I attempted to try once more.

I tried to wiggle out of my chair or to at least make the rope loose. Nothing worked!

I rubbed my wrists together trying to loosen the rope. It became loose and it fell to the ground.
I untied the rope around my ankles and waist.

I got up and opened the door seeing nobody or nothing. It was empty. I walked out, my body still in pain. Had they injected drugs into me? I felt weak. I had barely reached the stairs until I collapsed onto the ground.

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