New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


35. Worries and Crys.

 ~3 months later~

     Rosalin P.O.V

     It has been 3 months since Harry basically called me fat.. I keep getting skinnier from throwing up my food. I am perfectly fine with that. Ella is almost a year, at 9 months.  Management keep pushing going to America, but finally.. We are leaving for America tonight. First stop. Home.

     I walked out into the sitting area where Eleanor and Lou were sitting. Eleanor was poking her now showing belly. "I hope your happy you little baby.. I can't fit any of my Top Shop clothes anymore."  She frowned playfully and I smiled and laughed. Eleanor looked up and looked at me from head to toe, "You would be able to fit my Top Shop stuff. You can have them, if you want?" She smiled at me. I laughed. "I am not as skinny as you were." We all laughed and I went back to the bunks and grabbed Ella and held her sleeping body in my arms, and walked back to the sitting room and sat by Eleanor. "Yes you can.. your basically a stick!" I smirked slightly. Louis looked at me weird. "Rosey, when was the last time you ate?" He stared me down. "This morning when I woke up. Why?" I was lying. I haven't ate in 3 days. "You look pale so I was wondering." I nodded and played with Ella. Lou kept looking at me. I shot him a smile and he looked away. All the guys except Niall was there. "Where is Niall?" I asked sharply. Everyone shrugged. The next second Niall came tumbling through the door. "Hey everyone!" He stood up. He didn't look himself. I ignored it. "Is everyone ready to go to the airport. Everyone nodded. We told the bus driver to go ahead to go to the airport.

     There were not a lot of fans there so we got on the plane fast before anyone else came. Eleanor sat beside me on the left and Ella on the inside on my right. "Ready to go home?" She asked me smiling. I shook my head. "Not really. Remember my parents told they never wanted to see me again." Eleanor frowned, "Not true. They were just mad and upset, they love you." I fake laughed, "Yeah.. 'Love' "  Ella fell asleep on the way there which meant, I could too.

     When we got to the states, It was different, it had different air and it seemed all so different. It has been a year and since I have been here. We all got on to a different tour bus and went to the venue on the show tonight. I wasn't feeling good so I ate but ending up throwing it back up. The boys wanted us there for the first show in America, I left Ella with the bus driver, Who came with us to the USA, We trusted him, he was like a father to all of us.

     Eleanor and I joined the boys in the dressing room. "Hey babe, Help me with this tie?" Niall asked coming up to me, I smiled and helped him. "Reminds me  of the BRITS last year" He winked and kissed my cheek, "Roslain.. your face has gotten really boney, Are you okay." My smile faded. "Yeah! I feel fine." He nodded and back up slowly, looking me up and down and turned. he shook his head and went to talk to the boys.. That felt really great. My soon to be husband thinks I am gross and ugly. I sighed and walked over to the couch and ended up falling asleep.

     I was woke up by the manager saying the show was over. I smiled and said thanks. I went looking for Niall when I came across these two people making out against the wall in the corner. I felt disgusted. I shrugged it off and walked away when I realized that, that guy looked like Niall. I backed up and waited for them to show up in the light. I gasped and felt tears. His hands were all over her bum and her hips "Niall!?" He stopped and turned around. "R-Rosalin.." He paused. He moved and I saw Holly. "It is not what it looks like.." I half laughed. "Well it looks like you guys were making out and your not bothering to move your hands from her hips long enough to explain to me!" He looked down and moved his hand. "Way to late for that Niall. How could you? We have a daughter together!! We are engaged.. Well WERE engaged.." I took the ring off and tossed to him but Holly caught it and put it on her finger. "Wow! Nialler this is beautiful!!" Holly gushed and kissed his cheek. Niall stood there looking at me. "You didn't even bother to apologize? I know why, I'm ugly now. You think I look horrible cause I'm Bulimic! I got my eating disorder back!" I shouted as Eleanor and Louis walked up to me and looked to see what I was yelling at. Niall stood there in shock. "Rosalin you Bu-Bulimic?" He shuddered. Tears where flowing down my face now. I nodded, He came closer to me, "Rosey. I had no idea it came back." I backed up. "No! Niall. We are through. I can't trust you anymore. You broke our family apart." Eleanor glared at him and she took me away. Lou stayed behind. I can't take this. I need to get away.

     Niall P.O.V

     Louis walked up to me and took a swing but missed, "What the hell Niall?!" I shrugged. "What?" Holly was standing behind me. "You cheated on the perfect girl and you go and cheat on her with some whore??" He spat. Holly was not a whore.. She made mistakes but she was my first love and still is.."She is not a whore!! I love Holly and Rosalin both! Holly is my first love and has always had a special spot in my heart." I looked at her, she was holding onto my shoulder. Lou backed up, "You so pathetic, you going to let your family go because of Ho- I mean because of this WHORE. Niall she has slept with more guys then she has claimed them!! You hurt Rosalin more than she can take." Lou left. I shook my head. "Why did I do this?" Holly rubbed my back. "I didn't know she was sick.. She is Bulimic.." Holly scuffed. "That bitch deserves to be sick. She tore US apart. We are back now!" I could see her mouth turn into a smile. Now I know why I never got back with Holly. She was cruel and rude. I shook my head. "No! Holly! You tore US  apart by cheating. I can't believe I did this to my family.. You made my cheat on my fiancé!!" I took the ring off her finger. "You had the nerve to do this in front of her." I felt Holly standing there in shock. I took off running looking for Rosalin. I am such a terrible person.

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