New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


42. What Just Happened?

     Roslain P.O.V

     I pulled away from Kyson's lips and just sat there. What just happened, "Ummm..." Kyson said turning to the door, Eleanor is standing at the door with her jaw dropped, "O.M.G" She covered her mouth and entered the room followed by Louis. Oh god Louis. He walked over to Kyson and picked him up off the bed and held him by his color. I covered my mouth. "What do you think your doing Kyson?" Kyson looked confused and then a creepy smile on his face. "Hey Ele, I can see your Pregnant. Stop trying to hide the baby bump. I'm guess he is the father?" He said looking at Eleanor then Louis, "I can and will tell mom and dad if he doesn't let go." Eleanor went from me to Louis, "Lou! Put him down now! Please.."  Louis listened and sat in the chair across from me while Eleanor glared at me. "Why were you kissing my brother?? You are ENGAGED!! " Kyson jumped off the bed.. "You are ENGAGED??" I sighed. "I'm not engaged! I broke it off because he is a cheater whore." Louis stood up. "Look I'm not picking sides or anything but Niall does love you.. He was never in a relationship Like this before you so he has a hard way of showing it. Third time is the charm?" I shook my head and teared up. "No! Not putting Ella through this! We can't keep braking up cause of Holly and Niall. They are perfect. He knocked me up because Harry didn't. I would have ended up pregnant anyway!?"  I stood up and fixed my shirt and tried to storm off. Louis grabbed my wrist. "Have you quit eating." I didn't answer, I jerked my wrist and went out of the room into the hall bathroom and sat there.

     Eleanor P.O.V

     Kyson sat on the bed, I knew he liked her, just didn't think he would use now to show it. "What do you mean? She said she is over being Bulimic?" Louis shook his head. "No.. She says that so we will get off her back." Kyson just sat there and looked at me. "Eleanor.. Since when did you have a boyfriend and pregnant and married before this I hope?" I looked down and Louis looked at me. "Not married." Kyson looked at me disappointed. Louis butted in. "But we are going to, I love you sister with all my heart. I would never want to hurt her." He smiled at me and Kyson smiled too. "Well... I have something to confess.." He looked down and played with his fingers. I looked at Louis and back at him. "I have a daughter.." My jaw dropped.. again. "Her name is Kali and she is about a year in a half.. Her mom moved and took her with her." I sighed. "Kyson. It's okay." He smiled. "I know. Just takes time. Rosalin needs to go back to Niall... She is a mess and so is Ella." I nodded and Louis did too. "She needs to eat!!" Louis half shouted.

Shortly after Rosalin came in the room with a bag full of stuff, "I'm going to fix this with Niall.. I need to, for Ella" We nodded and said Bye to Kyson and left. Rosalin was quiet on the way there. I am so worried for her. I hope Niall can get his shit together.


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