New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


49. What Broke?

     Rosalin P.O.V

     Everyone but Niall was sitting in the sitting area. Niall had disappeared for half a week. I only cared for Ella, who continuously watched the door. Liam had his arm around me and I was snuggled up to him. Louis had it on the news. I think he was hoping to hear news on Niall, which he has luck. 

     The news reporter looked upset on the screen, "Well Directioners, looks like Niall and Rosalin are seriously and officially over. Both have moved on. Niall went to Ex-Girlfriend, Holly Scally and was seen holding hands and baby shopping today. Rosalin has seemed to move on as well, she is currently seeing someone who no one has spotted but knows from her twitter. Since the break up between Niall and Rosalin, Rosalin has been seen, happier and healthy. What does all this mean for Ella, well Rosalin keeps her until Niall takes her to court, that is if he wants Ella bad enough. Thanks for waching! Goodnight!" 

     Louis was searching through the channels when something caught all our eyes and ears.

     Another news reporter, who stands outside of the arena outside. "Niall Horan from the popular boy band One Direction has been rumored to have quit the band because of pregnant girlfriend Holly Scally wants him to. Is this rumor or truth? Call in and we will take your opinions."

      We looked at Louis and saw him dialing. Oh Lord. "We seem to have a call come in from a blocked number. Hello you are on the air." Louis took a deep breath. "Hello! This is Louis Tomlinson, calling in from One Direction on this topic." The news lady's ears perked up. "Yes, Louis, What is going on?" Our eyes from Louis to the screen and back and forth as they talked. "That is the biggest piece of rubbish, I have ever heard. Niall wouldn't quit this band. He love all of us and would not do that to us. It is a rumor!" The women smiled happily. "Thank you Louis for clearing that up." Louis smiled. "I am always happy to he-" Louis was cut off by the grunting of Eleanor. The lady on the news made an awful face. "Everything okay?" Louis started shacking. "Louis, My water broke.." I looked at Liam, we rushed off he couch to grab the nursing bag and Ella. "Uh, yes! Everything I fine love. I have got to go! bye!" Lou hung up as soon as he could and helped Eleanor to the car.

     We rushed to the hospital, Eleanor trying not to scream in pain. I remember going though this pain. It hurt like hell. We reached the hospital and rolled Eleanor in and checked her into a room. Liam, Zayn, Harry, Ella, and I, had to sit in the waiting room. Louis and Eleanor went back. Lou was freaking out pretty bad.

     Louis P.O.V

      I was running along the side of the doctors and Eleanor. They doctors said it was time to push. Push what? Thy handed me some doctor things and told me to put them on. I did as I was told and was taken to the room with Eleanor and the nurses. I walked along the side of Eleanor and grabbed her hand. She was calm or I was freaking out more than her. It doesn't matter. Our baby was about to be here! I sighed, trying to as calm as possible. "Okay Ms. Calder. Get ready to push." She nodded and grabbed my hand tight! I was close to screaming. "Okay! 1...2...3.. Push!!" Eleanor screamed, having a death grip on my hand. "Alright, We have a head, one more push and we will have your baby." I gave her a kiss on her temple. "You can do this, almost here love." She smiled. "Okay. One more time! 1...2...3..Push!Push! Push!" Eleanor pushed one more time and we heard tiny cries. Eleanor was in tears. I was close to having tears. "Okay, congratulations on your beautiful baby boy born on September 2 at 4:04 A.M! We will bring him back after we clean him." We nodded. 

     The nurses grabbed me a chair and made Eleanor look nice and comfortable for pictures. A nurse came in with pen and paper, "Okay! Who is this cute little guy?" she asked giving the baby boy to us. I looked at Eleanor and she looked at the baby. "You choose love." I told her. She smiled and nodded. "How about...Blain Ryley Tomlinson?" I smiled big and nodded. "Yes! Sounds like a hero already." We agreed and our Blain was ready for visitors. Everyone piled in and Ella was excited. Roslain and Liam came in the room, holding hand in hand, I know they are going to make it in the future, they are going to go far. "Who is this?" Rosalin asked playing with his figures. "Well, his is Blain Ryley Tomlinson!" They all smiled and Liam was so into the whole, newborn baby thing. I know he will have his own kids, most likely with Rosalin. Perrie and Zayn came in and smiled. They are also going to go far. No one has heard from Niall in a while. We don't think he is coming back. We will have to wait and see. Everyone was hoping to hear from Niall today but I guess not. Liam winked at me. I got it, so did Eleanor. "Happy 17th Birthday Rosalin!!" We all cheered. Roslain had her jaw dropped. "Blain and I share the same Birthday!!" We all sang happy birthday to Rosalin and Blain at the same time. "Rosalin as  gift, you will be Blain's god-mother like I am for Ella and the god-father is who you ant to choose" Rosalin smiled an looked at Liam, "Will you?" He smiled. "I would be honored." We spent the rest of the day, talking about this magical baby sent to us from Heaven.

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