New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


22. Tour.

Rosalin P.O.V

     Finally it was time to go on tour, I was watching Niall pack sitting with Eleanor while Louis packed their stuff. Niall was talking to Paul earlier and telling him the news, all he could say was , "Niall!! How could you be so careless and stupid. What where you thinking? She is 16 and your 19! You have to grow up now! " Niall rolled his eyes, knowing Paul was right. Niall just didn't want to accept it. Niall's mocking and rolling is eyes made Eleanor and I laugh. Eleanor and I started our own talk when we heard Paul over the phone, "Niall! Quit mocking me! and I know your rolling your eyes!" Niall's eyes got huge, making Eleanor and I laugh. We turned around and saw Paul and Louis at the door. "I told you boys I was watching yall, all  the time. " Paul laughed and walked over to me. "Your so tiny!!" He joked. I laughed, Louis mumbled under his breath. " Not for long!" I glared at him, Eleanor got up and hit his arm, Paul seemed to be in a great mood, even though he had two well really three more people to look after. Niall walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my temple. Paul rolled his eyes playfully. "Alright guys. Where are the others?" Liam, Zayn, an Harry rushed through the door, "WE. ARE. HERE" Liam said out of breath. Paul smiled. "Nice to know I can count on you boys to be ON TIME." Liam smiled sheepishly. "Okay boys, here is the plane. We start loading the truck while the girls finish up in here, and then after they are done. We will load the bus and head out. Got it?" We all nodded our head, "Okay! Lets get going Take Me Home Tour IS HEREEE" Paul yelled walking out of the room. I looked at Eleanor and puffed air, Eleanor laughed, "Someone grumpy?" She smiled, I laughed. "Nope! Someone is just tired and tummy is hurting." Eleanor shrugged. "There will be a lot of that this tour." I nodded. It took about and hour and a half for us to pack the rest of the stuff and to take it by the bus for the boys to load on. 

     We started loading the bus when my phone ringed. "Hello?" I answered without looking at called I.D. It was my mom, there was an instant smile on my face, "Hey baby girl. How are things." I heard her polite voice say. I smiled. "Great! you?" My mom sounded tired, "Good. How is school?" I gestured for Eleanor to come to me. The smile on my face was wiped away by my moms words. "Mom, about that..." I paused, "What's wrong baby." I put the phone by Eleanor's ear so she could listen also. "Mom, I'm pregnant, I dropped out of school and I'm going on a world tour with the baby's dad..." Everything went silent and Eleanor rubbed circles in my back. I heard a voice that didn't sound like my mom, it sounded harsh. "Excuse me!! Who is it?? " I was silent, "Who is it Rosalin!!" I felt tears come to my eyes, "Niall Horan." The boys much have turned to look at us, hearing Niall's name. Eleanor shook her head and they went back loading the truck. On the phone, I heard a bang, Causing Eleanor and I both to jump. I heard someone pick up the phone, It was bad. "Rosalin!! We want you home NOW!! " I felt anger and more tears came to my eyes. Eleanor rubbed my back some more."No! I'm staying here! With Niall and with people who care and will help and look out for me. I'm NOT going back to that hell whole you call home!!!" My dad sighed "If your not coming home now, then you won't come home ever ! You are to NEVER to appear at our door step EVER again!" Tears flew out of my eyes, I couldn't believe what I just heard my dad say to me. "Fine! I have people here for me! Who care and who will help me!!" I cut the phone off and fell to the ground, I buried my head in Eleanor's arms, "I'm screwed. I can't do this!" Eleanor sounded like she was hurt, "You're not doing this alone, you have all of us, even Paul offered to help if needed babe." I still cried.

     The boys rushed over and Niall got beside me. Eleanor gave me up and I knew I was in Niall's arms, I calmed down instantly. "What happen on that phone babe? I have never seen you this hurt." I looked down, "I told my parents and they blew up, telling me to come home. I can't leave you and the boys or Eleanor. You all are my family and your my boyfriend, and we are having this kid together, I can't leave you all." Niall looked sad, "We are family and we are having this kid together and this kid will have the best life we can give it. Everything is okay." Niall whispered in my ear. I started to cry hard again. "My parents said I can never ever show up at their door step again." Niall hugged me as the others put their hand over their mouth. They felt my pain somehow. Eleanor took me to wash my face while the boys finished loading.

     Around 9:oo p.m. Paul said it was time to go. We all piled on the bus. Niall and I sat on the couch that was in there and relaxed, while Harry and Zayn went to the kitchen. Louis and Eleanor went to the back and doing god knows what, and Liam went to take a nap. My thought kept killing my heart. My parents that I have known all my life, want nothing to do with me anymore. This hurt. I felt Niall's arm rub mine and I snuggled in his arms. I fell asleep. I'm going to try and focus on my baby and my relationship with Niall, We have about 3 months touring the countries near us, then we go to the US, Last thing I felt before I fell into a deep sleep was Niall's lips on my head.

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