New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


2. School.

     As I walked into the school, people stared and started to whisper about me, which is normal. You learn to ignore it even though it hurts. I walked passed a couple of girls, who were cuddled in a group whispering. "Look at her clothes. Where does she get them? Babies-R-Us?" I rolled my eyes and kept walking. I got to my locker and opened it. I pulled out my English binder and book then shut the door behind me. I turned around and ran into some girl, I had no idea who she was but she seemed to know me. "Ugh, look out where you are going-? she looked up, paused, and smiled. I could clearly see it was fake, anyone can really. "Oh look, the Freak came to school!" She hit the top of my books, causing them to fall to the floor. "Oh no, the Freak dropped her books," Her previous and obviously fake smile disappeared, "pick them up.Freak."  I sighed under my breath and bend down to get my books. I got the books and scooped them in my arms, making it look like i was tightly hugging them. I went to get up but she would not let me. I felt something or someone hit my side. Someone kick my hip, making it hard to walk. When I was finally off the ground, the bell had rung to go to class. That girl, Later I found out named Grayson, looked straight in my green eyes and said "This is not over, I will ruin you. You might wanna be scared." I giggled at her choice of words. Maybe I was scared, maybe I wasn't, but I surly wasn't going to show I was. It only gives her power. I smiled, "You wish I was scared of you, but there is nothing to be scared of. All you do is follow others around. You might think your a leader, but your really a slut who is a follower. Don't mess with me, It's a warning not a threat." She puffed air and walked away with tears in her eyes. Okay maybe I wasn't scared. There is nothing scary about a girl in pick heels, black mini skirt, and a really low cut shirt that shows half her bra. Maybe I was out of line by calling her a "slut"  , but she had it coming for her. I sighed under my breath trying hard to ignore the pain on my side and headed to Elglish. What a perfect way to start the day right?


     I walked into English and took the seat in the back of the class, trying to stay unnoticed, but it seems to never work. My English teacher, Ms.Kay, called me to the board to do a sentence correct type thing. My sophmore classmates were as dumb as rocks, I never understood why i was put in there, i have A's in everything. I walked up to the board, shacking, knowing what was coming at me. I took the chalk from Ms.Kay's hand and began to write. I heard voices behind me, " Freak,freak,freak " someone called in a caughing matter. Another called "die,die"  while Grayson called "Bitch,freak,slut,fake"  over and over, I started to grind my teeth. I finished my sentence on the board and went to go back to my seat. I was walking back to my seat when all of a sudden, my face was on the floor and my head started to ache. I looked up to a laughing, Josh, the High School's favorite football star. The whole class busted into laughter and I felt like I wanted to cry, not from pain from my head but from embarrassment.

     Ms.Kay helped me up and took me into the hall and handed me a rag to put on my head. "How long has this been going on Rose? " I felt the knot on my head and answerd "Please call me Rosalin, and ever since my best friend, Skyler, moved away last month, all this stuff has been happening. I don't know what I have done." Ms.Kay nodded her head. "Are you alright hun? " I nodded my head slightly "Yeah I will be fine it's just Sky was my rock, she helped with everything and now its so different, I dont like change." Ms.Kay laughed slightly " I understand, I dont think anyone likes change, but everything is for the better." I gave her a fake smile and went back into the class, Ms.Kay stayed in the hall and talked to some other teacher. I walked in to the class holding the rag to my head, looking down, trying to advoid all or any eye contact. I know everyone was watching as I slowly went back to my desk, After the trip my hip started to act funny and started to hurt even more. I was halfway to my desk when people just started shouting names at me. "Bitch" "Whore" "Freak" "Slut" " Fake" , Everyone stopped when Ms.Kay walked in and continued to teach, watching me the rest of the class. I don't understand why people hate me so much. I just wish I could start over and meet new people. Make new friends, but no one will ever be my best friend like Skylar was, and still is.


      The rest of the school day went fast, thank god. Not many people messed with me after this morning, which I was happy about. I remembered that I had to ride the bus hom and all sadness came back to me. I waited for my dismissal and went toward the big yellow bus, I don't think I rode the bus in forever, so I was kinda nervous. I got on the bus and sat in the very back and put my ear phones in then started some music on my phone. I rested my head on the window, it was still hurting from earlier. I was half way asleep when I felt a presence next to me. It was some guy who seemed to know me. I couldn't tell who he was, cause my vision was blurry. Once my vision cleared, I saw that it was Kyson, a friend of mine and Sky's from Middle School. He looked at me smiling. I couldn't help to smile back. We started talking about Sky moving, how freshman year was, and our fmailies were. "So is your dad still making those little comments and sarcastically answering questions?" I started laughing at his question " Yes!! Some people never change." He laughed a little. His smile and his hair reminds me of Liam Payne from my favorite band, One Direction. You know when his hair was longer and straight. 

     My thoughts were interrupted by Kyson's deep voice, "So, Rosalin, how have you been?" I struggled to answer, " Good, besides getting pushed into lockers and kicked to the floor and tripped, but good." I could see the saddness on his face. I continued, " Oh, I applied to a UK Music school a few months ago for Junior and Senior year." I ended my sentence with a smile, while Kyson began his with a bright smile. "Uk Music School and Dance?" I smiled when he knew what i was talking about, " Yes! How you know?" He laughed as the excitement showed on my face. " My sister, Eleanor, goes there. It's a really great school. I hope you can make it." He shot me a sweet smile. I blurted out "Okay, Okay. Enough about me. Tell me how have you been." Kyson kinda looked down, "I have a daughter named Kali, she is about to be 5 months." I was in shock, and didn't know what to say. " I didnt know you have a kid?" He chuckled and answered " Yeah, freshman year can change a person." A awkward laugh left his lips as he held up a picture on his phone of a baby girl with dark dirty bonde hair and bright blue eyes. I smiled " She is so cute!! She is such a lucky girl to have a dad like you." He smiled slightly. Kyson looked up from his lap and smiled, " She loves meeting new poeple. You should come over sometime." I smiled at the idea, I've always loved kids. " I would love that! Well im gonna have to go soon, were almost to my house. You should text me and we can catch up more." I smiled and we switched phones. I put myself in his phone as 'Rosey'. That was the nickname he gave me in 7th grade. My cheeks were always rosey red and its was close to my name. Kyson put himself in my phone as 'Kye-Kye' . The nickname I gave him when I told him everytime i said 'Kyson'  i thought of the chicken name 'Tyson' . I miss Middle School days.

     We got our own phones back and I gathered my stuff. By time i was done, the bus had stopped in front on my house. I smiled and waved bye to Kyson and got off, While walking up my drive way, I started thinking. What if Kyson and I become close again? |Would he be teased for talking to me or being my friend? Would he be bullied the way I am? These questions kept creeping in my mind. I reached my front door and got the spare key out of the plant next to it, since i forgot mine inside this morning. I walked through the door and smiled big. I'm home, at last. My smile turned to annoyance when I realized I still had a day or two till Friday. My cat, Cade, ran up to me and started rubbing against my legs, seemed like someone missed me today. I'm glad that I am home, safe and sound.


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