New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


5. Phone Calls.

     I went up stairs so I could call Eleanor, I hope Kyson told her I was going to call. I got in my P.J's and sat on my bed, Cade came and joined me. I picked up my cell phone and began to dial, I hope she answers cause I'm desperate for help.



                 Eleanor P.O.V


    I walked into my dorm and saw Louis sitting on my bed with roses, I laughed. "Louis, who are those for?" he smiled " Just for the most beautiful girl in the world." I turned my head and looked side to side. I looked back forward and Louis was standing infront of me. "I dont see anybody" I smiled. Louis grabbed my waist "The most beautiful girl is you." he smiled and we started kissing. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He went from my lips to my neck and guided me to my bed. I giggled and smiled. Louis started sucking on my neck, one of my turn ons, Then my phone rings. "Louis, I need to get my phone." I said trying to get up. "No you dont. your mine, stay." he said pushing me back down and coming back to my lips. I groaned at him "Louis, it might be someone important!" He groaned annoyed.

     I worked my way out of Louis's grip, giving him a glare, and made my way to my phone, it was a american phone number, my brother had a number like this, maybe he got a new phone with a new number, I looked at Louis. "What is it babe?" I showed him my phone. "Some American number? Should I answer it?" Louis shrugged his shoulders. "I dont know, might be your brother." I laughed a little " That's what I thought." Louis layed down on the bed. I answered it anyway. "Hello?" there was a young female voice on the other line, she seemed to be a tad shacky. "Hello. Is this Eleanor Calder?" I was confused. This number must know me. "Yes, this is she. Do you need something?" Louis sat up in the bed and looked at me confused. I shrugged my shoulders and began to listen to the person on the other line. "Yes, well err maybe. I am not sure. My name is Rolsalin Sheperd, Im a a friend of your brothers, Kyson? " everything started to click in my mind. " Oh yes! Kyson called me and left me a voice mail about you. Is there something that you need, I would be glad to help!" Louis looked more confuded than ever! I could hear the relief in Rosalins voice. "Thank you, well you see I applied to your school a few months ago maybe even longer, I got a letter in the mail yesterday, I didnt get in." I could hear the tears form in the eyes. Even without looking at her, "I was wondering if they could have made a mistake. I know that it might be stupid and pointless but everyone is telling me that i should have got in because of my talent. Even the head asters said they loved me." I started to think. Louis came up to me and pulled me to the bed. I rolled my eyes at him and mouthed no. "This is true, they could have made a mistake. I was a sophmore when I came here and im a junior now and they made a mistake. Took me a few months to call because it did bug me and people told I should have made it in. I called and everything was sorted out, I suggest you give them a call. what grade are you in?" I could hear her take a deep brathe in as in, there is hope. "I'm a sophmore this year." I smiled " Okay. Rosalin. I really suggest you call the school and talk to the principle and ask them. make sure your parents are with you and I'm sure everything will turn out fine. What's your talent to come here." Louis started kissing my neck. I almost let out a moan but held it in. "I major in music and instruments." I took in a deep breath and tried to get Louis off of me "I major in Modeling and I got a scholarship, I hope you get in. I could show you around and intuduce you to some people." I could tell she was cheering up. "Thanks Eleanor, is it okay if i keep your number in my phone? " I shot off the bed, making Louis fall. I laughed at his expression. "Yes! I'll keep yours and I would like you to call me when you get an answer from the school! " Rosalin laughed at me excitment " I will do! Bye Eleanor"  "Bye Rosalin!" 

     I hung up the phone and smiled. Louis got off the bed and wrapped his arms me " Who was that Ele? " I turned to him and smiled "One of my brothers friends and she applied here and they had to of made a mistake. I heard her sing, she is amazing, Kyson took a video a while back, didn't know who she was but now it all clicks. She is really pretty too." Louis smiled "Not as pretty as you, love" I Smiled and kissed him. Louis threw me on the bed. "Louis what are you doing." he smiled evil like while taking his shirt off. " You, your all I want! " he winked. I laughed.



    Rosalin's P.O.V


    I got off the phone with Eleanor, smiling and went down stairs. "Mom, Dad. We are going to call the UK music school." They looked at each other confused. "What do you mean dear? " my dad asked. "I talked to Kyson's sister, Eleanor, and she said when she was a sophomore. The school didnt accept her, but they made a mistake. Maybe they made a mistake with me!"  Dad and mom looked at eachother and shook their head "Babe, It's highly doubtable that they made a huge mistake like this."Mom said shacking her head. I looked down, not wanting to give up. "Mom, Dad! Please can we call? at least try? This is my only hope." Dad nodded " It doesn't hurt to try." Mom nodded her head in agreeance. "But, we might need to call in the morning before school, the time difference is terrible its 6:00 p.m here, its like 12:00 midnight there, we shall call in the morning." Dad nodded his head. I kissed and hugged them goodnight and went up to my room. I fell asleep quickly.


    It was morning and I quickly got up and dressed. Today I was wearing some Purple Skinnys and a black t-shirt. I ran down the sairs and grabbed the house phone and the peice of paper Kyson gave me with the numbers on them. Mom dialed and I listened " Hello, This is the UK School of Music and Dance. How may I help you today?" I got scared while mom was talking. " Yes'mam. We would like to talk to the principle if possible? " there was a pause. " Yes'mam, let me see if she is avalible to talk." there was another pause but a very long one. "Excuse me mam sorry for the wait, I will be glad to transfer you over the our Head Mistress." I smiled. " Thank you mam, have a nice day." there was another pause. I grabbed my dads hand wanting to cry, I know this is a long shot, but this was a mistake. The feeling was there. The pause had ended " Hello, this is Head Mistress, Mary, is there a problem?" my mom cleared her throat. " I believe so. We seem to think that you have made a mistake with my daughter's acceptance into your school. She was denied and we think it was a mistake." There was a since of confusion on the other line. " I see, our school seems to have a problem with that," she laughed a little, she seemed to be really nice. "What is your daughter name, so I can check our school sytem. " I burried my head in my arms and closed my eyes. The wait to see if it was a mistake or not, was killing me. "Rosalin Patricia Sheperd." there was a really long pause, all you could hear was typing. " Hmm to see that ' Rosalin Patrik Sheperd ' is not in the school introllance so im sorry." my mom jumped. "Excuse me Head Mistress Mary, that isn't our daughters name. her name is 'Rosalin Patricia Sheperd.' " There was no pause. " Oh my! I'm sorry! Here let me check real quick again. I'm so sorry!" I laughed at the mistakes people make. There wasn't such a pause. "Oh yes! Rosalin Patricia Sheperd, you ARE in the school enrollment. You should be on a plane on your way here about now." I jumped and started crying. My mom teared up "So she did get in? " We all could hear is Mistress Mary smile. "Yes and quite and empressive paper she has, she can sing, very well, play many instuments and knows Ballet. We would be proud to have her here! She starts coming to school as soon as possible!"  My mom started shacking, "Thank you Ms. Mary. What is she going to school on?" There was a pause and more typing, "Ms.Rosalin is on a Full scholorship for music and dance. Again we would be happy to have her here. We will pay for her flight and everything she needs while she is attending our school for all the pain and troubles!"  I am in tears now. I grab the phone from my mom " Thank You Mistress Mary! I wont let you down!" she laughed "I can't wait to meet you Rosalin. Have a nice day, see you sometime next week! " We hung up the phone. "This is amazing!!!" dad shouted, scaring Cade up the stairs. I smiled really big. "Oh my! I need to call Eleanor!!" She should be at lunch maybe!" I went to take off up the stairs, but my mom grabed my arm and pulled me into a hug, "I am so poud of you babe! Oh you don't have to go to school. If anything we will go and withdraw you." I smiled at the idea, " Yes! im gonna go call Eleanor and tell her the news first. Be down soon!"


      I ran up the stairs and grabbed my phone and dialed Eleanor's number. It rang a few times then she picked up " Hello? " I smiled "Eleanor, it's Rosalin! I called the school this morning and it's a mistake. I'm enrolled at the school!!" The excitement in her voice made me cry "Oh my gosh! Rose! that's amazing! im so excited!!! I can't wait to show you around!! You will just fall in love with my friends! When are you coming? and what are you on?" I smiled and laughed " Sometime next week, and im on a full scholorship. for music and dance." there was a pause. " A FULL scholorship. Dang, you must be full of talent." I giggled " Thanks I will meet you sometime next week and this is all thanks to you Eleanor. I Give you all my thanks!" she laughed and I could tell she was smiling "Anytime! I'll see you sometime next week then, I have got to go, about to go to class, bye Rose!" I hung up the phone and screamed into my pillow, waking Cade up and scaring him. "Cade I did it!! I made it in! I made my dream happen!!" I pulled Cade to me for a tight hug.




          Eleanors P.O.V



    I put my phone in my bag and couldn't stop smiling. "Why you smiling Ele?" Louis asked. "You know that girl, Rosalin, I told you about? " He looked lost then realized "Oh yeah!! That chick!" I laughed "She was right they made a mistake and she is starting here next week!" I smiled and Louis wrapped his arm around my waist as the other boys came up. "Who is starting here next week?" Harry asked confused like. I laughed "One of my brother's friends from America, she applied here a few months ago and she got a letter saying she was denied. My brother sent me something of her singing and she is AMAZING!! She called me asking me for help since my brother told her that the school made a mistake about me. Maybe they made a mistake about her, and they did! She is started next week on a FULL scholorship. For music and dance!" The shock on all the guys face was priceless. They all looked at eachother. " We are famous pop stars and we didn't get a full scholorship! she must be amazing!!" Liam stated. I nodded while taking a slip of my drink. "She is, I'm going to be her buddy and I would like you all to meet her, be her friends?" They nodded, un-suring. The boys don't like making friends with complete strangers, took them a year to get use to me. "If she is on a FULL scholarship. She must be a complete package." Niall said, mostly to Liam. I laughed. "Niall. she could be grilfriend material!" Zayn winked at him and laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Niall she seemed nice over the phone, you might like her, maybe." I said suringly. Harry stayed quiet, he doesnt like new people at the school. "She seems like a complete snob!" Harry mumbled. I rolled my eyes. " hut up Harry! You don't even know her! " I barked at him. "Whatever" Harry barked back before walking away. Louis calmed me down by rubbing circles in my back. Harry is too judgmental. I wish he would lighten up a little. On the bright side, I can't wait to meet Rosalin, from what Kyson said, she is a really nice person. I Can't wait to find out myself! By time we finished our conversation/argument, that Harry caused, I reached my drama class. I kissed Louis goodbye and watched walk away with the boys. This was going to be a great school year!


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