New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


23. On The Road.

Rosalin P.O.V


     We didn't go to far, the boys first stop was down town London. Girls still went crazy, I'm not that clingy to Niall. He is a part of a famous band and girls do love him, I was one of those girls and still am. He knows how I feel about him being around crazy girls and he knows not to get too close, but I'm still whiling to share. Eleanor and I sat on the bus during the boys rhersals and cleaned. Most of the guys were messy. I am almost 2 months pregnant and you can barly see a tummy. I was still tiny. I'm scared of getting any bigger.. I hate the feeling of being over weight or fat. Nothing wrong with it, it's just something new. Eleanor and I sat on the couch and read some stuff on Twitter. Eleanor came closer to me and handed me her phone. Eleanor sighed. "Look at this. This is so stupid!" I looked at the phone. She was reading an article, "Niall Horan's Girlfriend,  Rosalin Sheperd, Getting fat, Or Secretly Pregnant!" I put the phone down and threw my head back and put out a long sigh "I'm not even noticeable. What the actual hell." The boys came in the bus at this time. "What's her problem? " Zayn said laughing. Niall glared at Zayn. "Shut up Zayn, but seriously what's her problem." Zayn dropped his jaw, "Woah wait! He can say it but I can't!!" Liam patted his shoulder. "Come on Zayn" Everyone laughed. Louis came and sat beside me while Niall went to the mini kitchen for a soda, "You want anything Rosalin?" I smiled. "Hmm... Water please?" Niall nodded and sat in front me handing me a water, and kissing my cheek. "Seriously, what is the problem Babe?" I handed Niall the phone and he read the head line. "My gosh. Rosalin, I'm sorry. You're still beautiful." I shook my head. "I don't care about that," I lied. "It's just what will your fans think, once they know you got your girlfriend of a month pregnant." Louis looked at Niall giving him a 'you-know-it-is-coming' face. Niall grabbed my hand, "If they are true fans, they will still care for me and stick with me and the boys." I smiled and kissed his cheek. Niall smiled, "Umm we gotta head back to rehersals soon, they gave us an hour break. Then back to danceing and singing." I laughed, "Your first love?" Niall gave me a weird look. " Nope My first Loves are infront of me." He smiled. I was caught in his stare. "Come one boys!!!" Liam and Zayn said, Harry followed after them. Niall kissed my temple. "Bye babes. Love you." I smiled. "Love you too." The boys left. I groaned and thew Eleanors phone back at her, "People are stupid." Eleanor laughed. "Right!! Wanna go shopping Rosalin? I'm done cleaning their messes" I smiled and jumped up, "Yes!!" We laughed and walked out the bus door, Paul stopped us. "Where are yall going?" We lost our smile. "Umm shopping?" Eleanor said kind of quietly. Paul smiled. "All you had to say. I'll call some body guards for yall. Have fun and be safe. The fans will rip Rosalin up, all these articles about you." We nodded and smiled. "Thanks." Paul nodded his head and smiled and waved for some body guards to come over. Soon we were surrounded by men, Then we were off to shop.


     We came to this one store that Eleanor liked. It was a small shop that had some cute cothing. I picked out some shirts that were twice my size, so I can hide when I get bigger. Eleanor came across this cute little jacket, "Do you like this?" I shook my  head, "It is cute just not for me Ele. It looks like you!" She nodded. A few minutes went by and there was a crowd waiting outside the doors. "We should leave out the back. Lets check out first." I nodded. We checked out and went out the back.

     We came to my favorite store, Hot Topic!
  Eleanor was kinda scared to go in so she waited outside, two body guards went in with me and two stayed outside with Ele. We went in the store and it wasn't crowded. Thank gosh. There where a few girls looking at One Direction stuff. I told the body guards I was fine but stand by. They didn't want to, so I told them I was going to try on some clothes. I lied once again. I walked to their hats and jeans to pick out some new things to go with my shirt. I was over hearing the girls convocation. "I can't wait till the One Direction Concert!!" one of the girls said, I smiled. Another snobby girl started talking. "Same Girl!! Did you see that article on Niall and Rosalin?" My ears percked up as I had three pair of pants and two hats in my hand. "Yeah! That Rosalin might be pregnant." The girl shook her head, "That's sad that Niall is stuck with a tramp that cant keep her legs closed forever. He probably doesn't even love her like he said he does." The girl other girl shook her head, "Not true He said he loves her more than Holly!" the snobby girl laughed, "He is still seeing Holly! They never broke up! Rosalin is a slut." I gasp. Causing the girls to look around. "Oh look there she is now. SLUT !" the snobby girl called. The other girl frownd, started running to me. The guards came to me and blocked her. "Sorry miss but we are protecting Rosalin." I looked down. The less snobby girl looked about 11, "Rosalin!!" I poked the guards, "Let her talk to me. Please." T       hey moved. The girl came up to me. "   Rosalin, I love you and Niall. He truely loves you, and Holly is my friends Great Cousin, Niall and her are not together anymore, they broke up long ago. Don't listen to that girl! She is jealous. How old are you Rosalin?" I smiled, " Thanks and I'm 16." Her eyes went big, "Wow that's close to my age!! My sister is 16!" I smiled. "It is and that's nice!" She smiled. "Can I have your atograph," I smiled. My first autograph. "Umm Sure!!" I signed her book. "Whats your name?" She smiled,. "Abby!! " I laughed, "I love that name!! Nice to meet you Abby!!" Abby smiled and took off. "Okay guards. I checked out and we can go." They nodded

     We walked out and Eleanor wasn't there, we looked around and Eleanor was by a dumpster. "Ele, are you okay? " She was crying. "Someone dumped this poor puppy here!" She was holding it in her arms, He didn't' look to well. I frowned, "Lets take it back to the bus and take it with us on tour, I hope Paul doesnt mind." We looked at the guards and they were talking, not minding us. "Ele give me the dog! I'll put it in my bra." It was tiny maybe about 3 weeks old.  Ele laughed slightly. "Rosalin, your crazy!!" I looked at her. "I have done crazier. Remember, I was a crazy fan." We laughed.  I placed the pup in my bra. Making sure I wasn't going to squeeze it, I walked in a cirlcle, it wouldn't move so it was okay. The guards started to head back to us. Ele wipped her face, "Rosalin it looks like you have bigger boobs for a 16 year old." We busted into laughter. " Okay girls are yall ready to Lea-" He looked at my chest. "Guard. Eyes up here!!!" Eleanor busted into laughter. "Yeah Uhh sorry, let's go." We walked around the corner and the pup whined, "You okay Rosalin." a guard asked me. " Yeah! my tummy is hungry." Eleanor laughed. 

     We reached the bus and ran inside, the boys were sitting there on the couch and looked at me and Ele as we came in with bags and the guys looked at my chest. "Rosalin, what did you do.." Niall asked, Eleanor laughed. I glared. "GUYS, eyes are up here !!" Eleanor could not stop laughing. I hit her arm softly and she tried to control it. I smiled at ELeanor, "Well Eleanor and I must be going." We ran the back of the bus and shut the tiny door and locked it. We heard footsteps, we knew the boys were listening. I took the pup out of my bra and Sit it on the queen size bed. I looked at Eleanor and wispered. "The boys are listening, wanna put on a show??" Ele nodded her head, "This shall be fun!" I smiled, "First, we need to feed this pup." Ele laughed, "There is some baby milk in there," I looked at her, "In the bathroom." She nodded, We fixed some and feed it to the pup, The pup was a girl so we named her Lady and she looked like a cocker-poo. We placed her in a towl and put her in a chair, she didn't move much. "Okay ready. on the count of 3, we both jump on the bed and grunt." I laughed. Eleanor looked nervous but nodded. "Okay. 1.2.3" We jumped on the bed and grunted. "Oh Rosalin!!!" Eleanor yelled. She busted into laughter as did I. We heard the boys. "My god!! what are they doing!!" Liam said. " Each other!!!" Zayn answered. We laughed. "You like that Eleanor??" Eleanor sent out a beleiveble moan, "Yes. More!!" I grunted. We heard Louis, " That's what she does with me!!" Eleanor turned red but laughed. We carried on for about 5 more minutes. "Okay come on, we need to mess up our hair and put some water on us, you know sweat." Eleanor nodded and laughed. We went to the bathrom and teased our hair and put some water on ourselves. We changed into some short shorts and tanktop. Eleanor changed in the bathroom and I changed in the room. We laughed and opened the door. The guys looked horrified. I kissed Eleanors cheek, "Loved it Babe! See you tonight!" I winked at her and walked the the couch. Eleanor laughed and followed me. The watched us walk away. "All the gouys have boners now."  I high fived her, "Nice fakeing." We laughed. The boys came in the room. " Not funny girls!!" I laughed. "Yes it is! You horny guys!!" They looked down. I got up and Kissed Niall. He grabbed my waist and pulled my closer. "Whoa! Niall, pregnant here!" Niall blushed and I kissed is cheek.

I stood beside Niall and we all had small chat, "Hold on guys, Ele and I need to show you something." I went back to the room and grabbed Lady. I walked back in and they guys were in awe. "Who is this!!" Zayn asked grabbing the towl. "This is Lady," Eleanor said standing up and put some P.J pants over her shorts, I did the same. "I found her by a dumpster." Louis walked over to her. "I liked those shorts but we cant keep her. Paul said no dogs. Well, no animals." I sighed, " But he keeps you boys!!" Eleanor laughed, the guys didn't, "I was kidding!!!" They smiled. "No one will take her and she will die on her own. Plus Elanor and I are here to take care of her." The boys nodded. "Let's go get him." Louis and Harry walked out of the bus and Zayn gave me Lady and we sat on the couch next to Eleanor.

     Soon Harry and Louis walked in the bus with Paul. "Hey girls, how was shopping ?" He smiled. Eleanor sighed. "Great, but I found this baby next to a dumpster, She can't live on her own and no one will take her so we brough her here, can we keep her? Rosalin and I will take care of her!" Paul sighed, "I dont know.. " He looked at all of us. We had puppy dog faces on. "Okay... but it's is yalls responsibility, as is everyone. I don't think Niall and Rosalin can handle anymore responseability." I sighed, "Yeah we will care for two things dont worry." Paul smiled. " What's it's name." We smiled. "Her name is Lady! She looks like a cocker-poo" Paul smiled. "I love cocker-poos and Lady is a nice name." He smiled and left. Eleanor took Lady and put her in a small bed that we had laying around.

     Niall pulled me up and took me to his bed. "Can we go to sleep now babe?" I smiled. "Someone seems sleepy."  He nodded and kissed my nose. I made a weird face, He laughed. "That was cute." I smiled, "And so are you!" He blushed. We layed down and cut the light off. He layed beside me and wrapped his arms around me. I remembered those girl talking at the store. "Hey Niall, Who is Holly?" His eyes opened and sighed. "An old old girlfriend from before I was famous. Why?"  I sighed. "I heard some girls talking how you and her are still together and that your only with me cause I'm pregnant.." His voice turned sad. He faced me "That's 100% not true babe. You're my one and only. You and this baby are my everything, my world, I wouldn't throw that away for anything." He kissed my cheek, "Goodnight babe!" I smiled, feeling better " Night hun." Niall fell asleep almost right away. I fell asleep slowly. Thinking happy thoughts. I was happy to know this Holly girl is nothing. I feel asleep after my last thought.

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