New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


11. Nightmares.

                    Rosalin P.O.V


      I'm trying to get over the fact that I'm away from home and miss my mom and dad already. It was almost 9:00, I was feeling sleepy and there was school tomorrow. I needed to get some sleep so I got into my SpongBob short shorts and a black tank top. I crawled into the bed and fell asleep instantly.


   ~"Rosalin, wake up!" I woke up and my mom was in the room. "Mom! I missed you" I hugged her tight and when I pulled back my arms. there was blood all over them. I panicked not knowing where it was from. "Rosalin my back hurts can you rub it ?" I nodded and Mom turned around. There was a knife sticking out her back. All of a sudden my moms falls to the floor, I start crying rivers. "Mom!! Mom get up!" My mom was unresponsive. I kept thinking where is my dad. Why isn't he here, not wanting to leave my mom, even though I had to, I left and went to find my dad. He was outside my door shot and dead on the floor. I knelt beside him and hugged him. " I love you daddy! I Miss you!" I was still crying rivers. There was a person standing in front of me with a gun in their pocket and I bloody knife, I stood up and backed up. "Your next Rosalin. You little slut. You don't need to live. The UK will be better off without a freak like you!! I told you you can get away from me!" I ran into a corner trying to get away. I was stuck. I started feeling numbing pain in my side and in my back. I knew I was dying, I was fine with it too. I don't want to live without my parents, I am only 16. With every stab it hurt more and more. I cried out all my pain. Then everything stopped. I was left there to die. Before I blacked out. There was a face, The face of Grayson. It hurt even more that I couldn't tell my friends goodbye. My heart race slowed to a stop and I closed my eyes. This was the end, the end of me. ~


    I woke up and screamed, not so loud and not so soft either. I rubbed my eyes and picked up my phone, It was 1:05 a.m. I sighed and went to my contacts, I went to my moms number and clicked the contact. It rang and rang then it finally picked up. "Hello?" I heard my moms voice "Mom!! I miss you!!" I yelled into the phone almost in tears. "Is everything alright?" I realized I made her worried. I straighened up my act. "Yep totally fine. I just wanted to see how everything was and how Cade was" I heard a small laugh, it was my dad, I was on speaker phone. "MOOM! you put me on speacker phone!?" I heard her pick up the phone and laugh "No dear, We are fine! All heathy but Cade misses you tons. He wont stop meowing. It's like when you went to camp for a week." I laughed. "All you have to do is take my pillow and throw it at him, he will shut up." She laughed, "Wait shouldn't you be in bed?" I giggled. "Yes, I'm about to go back to sleep." I lied. "I just wanted to say hey while I was awake." She fell quiet. "Oh okay baby. I'll talk to you sometime later. Love you Bye." I sighed and turned off the phone and got up. I couldn't go back to sleep I was scared. I grabbed the animals my parents gave me and I went back to bed. I cuddled them close and fell back asleep.


     "MOM!!"   "DAD!!!"  "NO! WAKE UP!!! YOU CANT LEAVE ME"  I shot up in bed, sighed, and looked at my phone, 1:30.  It didn't help. I got up and grabbed my sweater and went to Niall's room. I walked right in and he was sleeping, I went to turn away but Niall started talking "Rosalin, are you okay?" Niall asked sleepyly I started to tear up. "No.." he sat up in his bed. "What's wrong.?" I shook my head and looked down. He just looked at me in the dark. "I can't see your rocks raddle babe. Come here Rosalin."  He patted his knee, I walked toward him and sat on his lap. "Now tell me what's wrong love?" I looked at him. His eyes were bright, really bright, you could see them through the dark. "I had a nightmare about my parents coming to visit me and my old bully came with them and killed them and me." Niall's eyes grew sad. He knew I was about to cry." It's okay, everything is okay. We can give then a call if you like?" I smiled slightly. "I already did, I can't go back to sleep." Niall smiled and patted the spot next to him. "Here you can sleep with me tonight, Maybe having someone with you will help you sleep. Plus I'm a good protector" I smiled and got off his knee, "Thanks Niall. I owe you." He smiled "Nah sleeping with you is enough" I looked at him wide eyed. "Oh my bad. That sounded pretty bad. I mean having you sleep in my bed is good enough " I laughed and nodded. I took the open spot next to him and fell asleep quickly.



     Niall P.O.V



       I looked at Rosalin sleeping, she started to shiver. I pulled her next to me and wrapped her in my arms. While moving her over closer to me. I felt something on her right hip. I pulled up her shirt a little to see, There was a huge bruise and a small knot on her hip. Was there something she wasn't telling us? She said her nightmare about a "old" bully. Maybe the bully was before she came here a few days ago. Which is why it looks to fresh. I touched her side and she flinched in pain. I rubbed circles in her back and covered her up. She was wrapped in my arms and I felt like I was protecting her, I will be her protector. Before I knew it I feel sleep. My head was resting on Rosalin's I hope she will be okay with this.



   Eleanors P.O.V




     I walked into Rosalins building with Louis and the other guys, We have not heard from Rosalin or Niall all morning. It was about 6:00 in the morning, and classes start at 7:30. I went onto their hall and went to her door. I knocked before entering and saw no one. Her phone was on the table buzzing, I beleive that was her alarm. I walked over it was her 5:30 a.m alarm. I turned it off and looked around no one. I shouted while walking towrd Louis and the other boys at Nialls room, "Louis! Rosalin isn't in here! I don't know where she is- " Louis put his finger over my mouth and pointed to Nialls bed. There was Rosalin and Niall, Rosalin was cuddled up to him with her head and one hand on his chest. Nialls hand was on her waist and his head was on a pillow.  I laughed and the boys took pictures. Zayn and Liam walked over to Niall and poked him to wake him up. "Niall! Wake Up!!" Niall's eyes shot open and he looked around and saw Rosalin, He smiled. It made me wonder if anything happened between them or if she just crashed. Niall slowly got up not trying to wake Rosalin. He was wearing some P.J pants and no shirt. I walked over to Rosalin, who looked like she just fell asleep. "Rose, it's 6:00 a.m. We need to get ready for school. "She looked up and around. " Why are you in Niall's room, sleeping in his bed, on him?" I looked at her smiling. "I had a nightmare about my parents and I being killed by my old bully, I couldn't sleep. I was scared and Niall was the closest to me." I nodded my head, I helped her up and we went to her room to get some clothes. We walked passed the bathroom and we hear all the guys talking at once. They stopped when we reached the door. They looked at Rosalin's short shorts and tank top and looked at Niall and High fived him. I rolled my eyes and helped Rosalin get dressed. I'm a fashionista. I love helping people get dressed. I picked out some blue jean skinnys and a plain white shirt with a colored Beanie and she was ready. I grabbed Rosalin's schedral and we all left. Rosalin seemed quiet. Maybe she isn't a morning person. Hope she is okay, first day of school here is always the toughest. Hope she does okay here.



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