New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


26. Night and Problems.

Rosalin P.O.V


     I woke up and Niall was staring at me. "Eveing Babe." I sat up rubbing my eyes. "How long have you been staring at me?" Niall smiled. "About 10 minutes. Your adorable when you sleep." I smiled, "So I have been told." He cocked one of his eye brow. "Really?" I shook my head and laughed, "No! Thats so creepy!" I hit his arm and he started tickling me. I started to squeal and scream. I got back at him when I bit his neck, He Back off and winked. We got out of bed and walked hand and hand to the door. The girls and the rest of the boys were waiting outside the door. We all laughed when I opened the door. Niall went to the kitchen for food and I went to the couch with the girls. We heard laughing from the kitchen Liam yelled, "Dude!! Niall what happen to your neck!? Looks like someone bit you." The girls looked at me and laughed. I chuckled. Liam pulled Niall over the us and the guys followed. Liam pushed Niall's neck back so we could see the bite clearly. I put my hand to my mouth, Not realizing how hard I bit him. "Damn!" Danielle whispered, we all looked at her and so did Liam, shocked. "Sorry. It slipped it, Gosh Rosalin. How hard did you bite him?" I sighed and got up. "Not hard at all. Does it hurt babe." I asked putting presure on the bit? He laughed, " Nope! that tickles!" I sighed happily, "Good!!" I kissed him and he grabbed my waist making the kiss harder, then pulling away and put our noses togeather. We heard a bunch of awes from around us. I looked and smiled. Niall went back to get his food and Louis entered. Zayn sat on the floor. "Hey Louis did you and Eleanor clean the couch after this afternoon?" Eleanor turned red and louis glared. Dani and Perrie looked at her. I laughed.


     There was a knock at the bus door, Paul entered with a beautiful blonde girl. Everyone looked at me then Paul. I just smiled, Not knowing what this was for. "Hey, good that everyone is here! Well guess who just arrived. Holly!" The girl smiled and was looking around. Niall appeared and She smiled and blushed, Niall just smiled slightly and waved. I lost my smile a little and Paul gave me a sorry look. Eleanor saw and patted my back. "Holly is here for the weekend. Maybe a week. My point is she will be here for a while. Make her feel at home." At that he left. I could feel my heart smash as Holly and Niall kept smiling at each other. You could see how he feels about her. Liam stood up and took Niall to another room. Holly began talking to the boys while I looked down. Trying not to cry.


Niall P.O.V


     I saw Holly and couldn't speak, I was shocked she was accually here. I was pulled away by Liam. He took me to the back bedroom, shut the door, and locked it. Liam shook his head. "I know you still love Holly, But you have a girlfriend, a kid on the way. You need to get over Holly before you lose Rosalin." I nodded. I forgot about Rosalin. How bad she must feel. I have no idea what I am going to do. Holly and I have such a History, all Rosalin and I have, is a kid on the way. I do love Rosalin but I dont think it's for the right reason. I saw Holly all memories flew back to me and I can't forget about them. Liam could tell my thoughts. "What's on your mind kid? " I shook my head. " Holly and I have so much History and all Rosalin and I have is 2 months and a kid on the way. We don't have anything in common but that kid." Liam's face turned red. "You and Rosalin have much more than that. You told me." I was confused. "I did?" Liam nodded. "You said you like her smile. Her personality, How she talks. Her voice, How she sings. Everything about her." I smiled. Everything that I love about Rosalin came over Holly. I laughed, "That's true. Everything about her is perfect. I can't let Holly ruin my life. It is about to begin with Rosalin." Liam smiled and nodded. " That's my bro."  We left the room.


     I walked over to Rosalin and grabbed her hand and got her on her feet. "Holly, this is my girlfriend, Rosalin. Rosalin, this is a old friend of mine, Holly." I know Rosalin connected the pictures when Paul said Holly. We talked about her just the other night. Rosalin smiled and shook her hand. Holly didn't smile much. I sat down beside Eleanor and pulled Rosalin onto my lap. Holly sat next to Harry, He kept smiling. It made me wonder. Holly kept smiling at him, then looked at me. All feelings are still there. I needed them to stop. Rosalin is my one and only. Paul come on the to bus again, "Boys, the sound guys are worried about the show for tomorrow, Late Night Rehersal in 5 minutes." We all groaned. I put my head in Rosalin's back, which made her poke out her chest, Holly stared at us as I tickled her a little. I could hear Holly talk about Rosalin quietly. No one else did, "Whore."  I glared at her, she knew I heard her and looked away. Rosalin got up so I could go get ready. I glrared at Holly. She looked down. I couldn't believe she would judge Rosey like that so quick. I didnt care. No one teases Rosalin, not even the boys. "BOYS COME ON!!" Paul called from outside. I kissed Rosalin long and hard before I left. It showed she was mine.


Rosalin P.O.V


Niall kissed me like he did earlier before he left for night rehersal. Made me think he wasn't going anywhere, Made me feel better about Holly being here. Even though she didn't seem to happy. "What are we going to do? " Eleanor asked. Everyone shook their head, "I have no idea!" Perrie said. I spoke, "Hmm What about a borad game?" Holly looked at me. "You sound American?" I nodded. "I am American." I laughed. Holly wispered. "No wonder." I ignored the comment. Eleanor rubbed my back. "I'm gonna go change real quick." I got up and left, I wnated away from Holly. Everyone smiled and nodded. I went to the room and closed the door and layed back first onto the bed, I could hear talking in the other room. "I need to go to the lou. Where is it?" I heard a voice say. Another voice echoed in my head, "Down the Hall, next the the that bedroom." I heard foot steps approch the door and it opened, Holly stepped in, closed and locked the door behind her. I got up and stood infront of her, "Excuse you Holly? This is mine and Niall's room. Not the bathroom. You shouldn't be in here?" She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "I don't care, Niall is MINE. I don't see how he ended up with a fat whore like you." She scuffed. I was done being nice. "Look! Niall is with me now and he will be for a long time, if not ever! He won't let some skank come in our lives and ruin everything, He loves me and his kid, He wouldn't leave us cold like that." I sighed. Holly's face went into shocked. "N-Niall has a k-kid?" I nodded. " Yes, he isn't going to let you ruin OUR relationship." Holly looked down. She was not upset much, she was thinking. She looked back up and rolled her eyes, "So that's why he won't leave you for me now. Your pregnant, and he can't get rid of you." I laughed and got closer to her face, "No! He won't leave cause he LOVES me. and ONLY ME. If you have a problem with it, you can take you skanky ass back to Ireland." Hollys face turned red, next thing you know, I felt somthing hit me. Holly had slapped me. "Thats what you get for being a ridiculous, hardheaded, fatass. Bitch. Watch I will get MY love, Niall back. Just watch. When I want something, I don't stop till the problem is gone or till I get what I want." I was holding my face. "What I want is Niall, and the problem, well it's you, Watch your back babe." I could feel tears come to my eyes. She went to walk out the door. Then came back to me, " Oh how old are you, 14 ? " I growled," I'm 16, get it right." She crossed her arms. She sighed, " Your too young for Niall anyways, He is 19. Your like 14," I interrupted her, "I'm 16!!!" Holly rolled her eyes," Close enough. My point is. I'm NIalls age, your not, He loves me, Not you. Get over you self Kid." I went to say something, there was a knock at the door, It was Eleanor. "Rosalin? You okay? You have been in there for a while." I sighed, "Yes! I'm fine be out in a minute."  The footsteps walked away. I went to walk to the door and leave, Holly grabbed my wrist and sqeezed it as hard as she could, which was hard. "Look slut. You don't tell a soul, I ever touched you, or about this little talk." She smiled fakely. I snached my wrist away and opened the door. I could feel her glare at me from behind. My face was hurting really bad, as well as my wrist. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. There was a huge hand print on my left cheek. I grabbed my makeup bag and grabbed my foundation. I looked at my wrist and thought it was fine since I changed into a longer shirt. After I was done. I tried my best not to cry walking back into the sitting area. "Gosh I love this bus! It is so huge, I got lost." Holly laughed, I walked and sat beside Eleanor and fake laughed at Hollys joke.


     Before I knew it. It was 2 hours later and the boys came back. Niall went straight to me not paying any mind to Holly sitting across from me. "Hey babe! Missed you." I smiled, "Missed you a lot more." He kissed my left cheek, I flinched in pain. Niall looked at me. "You okay Love?" I fake smiled and nodded, "Yep, just your lips are cold." He laughed, "Maybe this will warm them up." He smiled and leaned into to kiss me, our lips met and I could feel the hot eyes of Holly on us. I deepend the kiss and wrapped my arms around Niall. He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Everyone wolf whistled. Holly couldn't look at us. I was put on the floor. "Did that help Rosalin?" Niall asked me, smiling. I smiled. "Yes! So much." I looked at Holly and she just glared at me, I rolled my eyes. She stood up and walked over to NIall and tapped his shoulder. "Hey Niall. Its been forever, and we didn't have time to talk before you lef-"  She stopped talking and I kept watching her, "Babe. What happen to you neck?" Niall laughed and smiled. "Rosalin gave me a love mark this morning." I laughed watching Hollys face turn sour., "Here let me kiss it and make it better." Niall's face looked like he didn't understand what she meant. "Oh No Holly thats fin-" He was too late. He kissed the bite mark and went up a little to his ear. Niall pulled away as quick as he could. Everyone looked at me and I was almost in tears. I was mad and upset that Niall didn't move or talk fast enough, he was natrually slow. I stood up and watched Holly smile at me. "Well...I-I'm going to b-bed.. It's been a long day." I was having trouble speaking and holding back tears. Liam looked at me upset. Harry was in shock. The girls were shocked as well. Niall looked at me and chased after me through the bus, "Rosalin wait!" I got to the bed room and fell on the bed. Niall was after me and closed the door behind him. "Rosalin, I'm sorry, I didn't know she was going to do that." I cried, "I did!!" Niall came and sat beside me. "W-What you mean?" I stared at him for a minute. "While you all were at night rehersal, I came back here to get away from Holly, but she followed me. She called me a fat whore and said she was going to get you back no matter what." I started crying harder, "She slapped me on my left cheek,thats why I jumped a few minutes ago. It hurt. and I went to walk away and she grabbed my wrist and squeezed it." I pulled up my sleeve and my whle wrist was black and blue. Mostly purple. I cried more seeing it. " She called me a lot of names that I can't remeber. She said I couldn't tell anyone or I would regret it. I dont know what to do. I'm scared for me and the baby." Niall shook his head and pulled me into his arms, "No worries, I will keep you safe. You and OUR baby. I love YOU and this baby, no one else can replace yall. If something happened to either one of yall, I will blame myself and won't forgive myself." I smiled and burried my face in Nialls chest. "I love you!"  He smiled, "I love you too, Stay here i'm going to straighten things out. Go on to sleep." I nodded and put my head on the pillow and fell asleep. Niall seemed pissed and left.


Eleanor P.O.V


     I was pissed. "Holly what they hell are you thinking." Louis had to hold me to him so I wouldn't hit her. "I just dont know. I guess I had to much to drink before I arrved here." Liam walked up to her and smelled her breath, "Nothing is on her breath." Holly sighed. This pissed me off more. "So your now lying? ": Louis pushed me onto him when he saw Niall comeing in the room without Rosalin. "Holly what the hell ado you think your doing??? Roslain is MY GIRLFRIEND and my one and only! I LOVED  you as in the past. Why are you even here? I have moved on and so should you. Oh if you put one more god damn hand on Rosalin again, I will sue!" I broke out of Louis grip. "You did what to Rosalin?" I clenched my fist walking to Holly. Dani and Perrie went to their boyfriends sides. Louis tried to grab me but Harry grabbed him. Holly rolled her eyes, "I hit it! Okay I hit the little slut! She runined Niall's life! He could have had a better life with me!!" Niall scuffed, "Bitch please! Rosalin is the BEST thing to EVER happen to me your 100% wrong."  I was beyond pissed at everything, I swung. "Rosalin is the sweetest thing in the world. You have no right to touch her!" I hit her jaw, she came back at me and hit my nose causeing it to bruise a little, "Eleanor! I thought we were friends?" I scuffed and hit her again, "That's was until you messed with my family!!" She grunted and hit me in my throat. Causeing me to fall back. Holly cmibed on top on me and started to hit me. "Eleanor!!" Louis screamed, Harry was still holding him back cause Paul and the body guards came on the bus. They Pulled Holly off. I couldn't brathe that well. Louis grabbed me, and took me to the couch. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!?" Holly tried to speck. Niall over pwered her. " Holly hit Rosalin then started a fight with Eleanor cause Holly said some things about Rosey and Ele was sticking up for her since Rosalin is in bed asleep." Paul shook his head. "Holly come on. You're going home." Paul turned to me, " Eleanor are you okay." I was gaining my streanth back and I could breath again, almost. " Yeah... Just fine." I was bruised. But didn't care. Louis and the girls helped cleaned me up. Niall watched in shcok. "Ele, you didn't have to do that." I nodded. " Yes I did. You guys are my family, I would take a bullet for any of you." I smiled. Niall kissed my cheek with Louis's permission and went to bed. I went to bed with Louis soon after and everyone else did too.


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