New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


9. New Findings.

       Rosalin P.O.V


      10:30 A.M UK Time


       I woke up and looked at my phone, I had one message from Eleanor and one message from Mom:

Mom: " Hey Hun. Glad you made it in! hope your having fun! Text when you can!"

Eleanor: "Omg! Your here I cant wait to meet you! See you around !!"

I decided to message Eleanor back and text my mom later

Me: "I'm glad I'm here, I'm going to go by the office and get more paper work from the Mistress, see you laterz!"


   I got out of bed annd opened my door, all my suit cases are there, I dragged them in and opened them. I hung up all my clothes in one of the closets. My room had two closets. I picked out some pink skinnys, Purple shirt, and some Purple Vans. I put on some make up and did my hair, it was straight, and walked out the door with the map of the school and a transfer paper. 

     I walked out of the building and on the side walk, I was looking down and hit something, "Watch out where your go-" I heard a harsh voice said then I looked up, it was Harry Styles. I almost freaked but kept it cool. "Sorry, I didn't mean too." I said sweetly. "Oh dont be im sorry, I was about to go off on you. Forgive me." I smiled and so did he, "Umm can i ask for your help? " He looked at the paper I was directing to. "I see a map of the school, you must be new here?" I smiled sheepy "Yeah, tough times" I giggled softly, he smiled at me. "What? " I asked him. " Your accent is adorable. Where are you from?" I laughed "Flordia, umm the US." he nodded his head " Nice" I laughed. "Can you tell me where the Mistress's office is? I need to turn some things in." He pointed. "Over there, you go in the office tell them you need to see the Mistress let them see that transfer paper and your good to go!" He smiled. I smiled back. "Thanks!" I started to walk away he shouted back at me " Oh, by the way im Harry!!" I laughed and kept walking.

     I reached the office and as if they knew me. They smiled and took me straight to Mary's office, I was happy about this. "Rosalin!! Morning Love. Today is a free day I will give you your classes and stuff but you dont worry about the books and other stuff till Monday!" she said as she handed me a peice of paper. I nodded my head "Today I'm going to give you to a buddy and they will show you around!" I kind of smiled "What's wrong Rosalin?" I looked up. "I was hoping one of my friends could show me around." She looked at me. " Friends?" I nodded " My friend back home has a sister who goes here and she said she would show me around." she smiled " What's her name? " I smiled back "Her name is Eleanor Calder " Mistress Mary smiled bigger "Ahh, I love Eleanor! I'll give her a page"



   Eleanor P.O.V



    I was walking around campus with Louis and the guys and then Harry runs into us. "Hey guys! Hows it going ?" we all said good and he started walking with us. Louis and I were holding hands when my phone started beeping, I was being paged to go to the Mistress's office. "Umm guys I've got to go." I said slowly. I let go of Louis's hand and told them I was being paged. I left and made my way to the office. I was told to go to mistress's office. "Morning Eleanor, We got our new student this morning and she said that she knows you and that you would show her around!" I was confused. Then it hit me. I smiled "You must be Kyson's friend, Rosalin!" the girl nodded and laughed "Nice to meet you" she said. I turned to the Mistress " I would love the show her around town" We all laughed. Rosalin seemed darker than I thought not skin wise but like personality. She seems nice and funny and happy but seems like she is hiding something. I didnt care, she was nice and really pretty! Niall is going o love this girl.

     Rosaline and I left the office and started walking to where I left the boys. I looked down at her phone and saw her case, It was One Direction. I giggled. "Rosaline, How are you around famous people." She laughed "Okay I guess, I ran into Harry Styles this morning, he is in my favorite band. I had no idea he was going to be here." she laughed. "How did he act?" I asked ceriously. She made this face " Kind of rude at first cause I bumped into him. I was looking at this stupid map," she help of a folded peice of paper, " But he looked at me and smiled and turned all friendly." I smiled and was relieved. "That's always good! Well there should be something you should know. Im dating Louis from that band and so I hang out with all the boys a lot! Is that okay" She smiled " Totally! I have always had this thing for Niall, he is just so adorable and kissable " She laughed and i smiled " We will be good friends. I will be your survivor!" she laughed in relief. "Thanks"


     We came upon the boys and Rosalin acted like they were normal guys. Niall kept looking at her. I nugged him so he would stop. Harry was all smiley and happy and the other guys couldn't believe that was Rosalin. I laughed Louis kept his eyes on me, he knew better. Rosalin was really pretty, Blonde long hair, perfect body and was scene like and she had an american accent. The guys will love her here. "Rosalin, this is Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn and of corse Louis!" she shook all their hands. Louis pulled her into a hug, Kinda scared her but I laughed. She turned to Harry " I already met you, this morning when I bumbed into you by accadent, still sorry about that." She smiled sweetly. I guess its a natural smile, it was pretty. Louis pulled me out of the cirlcle. "Wanna come over tonight Ele?" I smile and bit my lip " Yes! we can have alone time" I smiled,kissed him and pulled away from him. Louis and I joined the group and we went and ate.




    Rosalin P.O.V



      I looked at Niall and wanted to faint, He was so beautiful. He looked at me with his blue eyes and it melted me! He sat by me at lunch and put his arm around me. I was blushing hard and every one saw that, Liam pointed it out " Oh Look Rosalin is blushing! Someone likes Niall!" I hit his arm playfully and everyone laughed. We all hung out and then night fell qucikly. Eleanor went with Louis to his room. God knows what they are up too and Harry and Zayn went to play poker in Harrys room. It was just Niall, Liam and I. I was looking down and Niall gave Liam the 'Go Away'  look. I laughed. Liam patted Niall's back and went to his room. I smiled, "Niall im getting sleepy, the Mistress told me I have Jet Leg" Niall laughed, "I hate Jet Leg, I normally get it when we go on tour. it sucks but its okay, just makes you really sleepy." he smiled. I nodded. "So Rosalin, what's your room number? "  I had to think on it for a second. " Hmm room number 657" His eyes brightened " My room number is 656! We are Roomates!" I smiled " Yay, now you can walk me to my dorm as well as go to yours." He laughed as well as I. We reached our dorms and he did walk me to my door, " I know you have only been here for a day and I have only known your for a few hours but I think your cute and I would like to get to know you," He smiled, I looked down "Like wise Blondey!" he made this cute face, "Hey look at your hair color Blondey!"  I laughed, "Hmm your right! Opps blonde moment!!" I looked down again. He picked my head up and kissed my cheek, " See you tomorrow? " I smiled "See you tomorrow." I waved goodbye and got in my P.J's and got in bed and fell aleep instantly.



     Niall P.O.V




     I went to my room and opened the door, not believeing the perfet girl for me was right across the hall. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but i just kissed her cheek so I wouldn't scare her. Rosalin is beautiful, she looks like she has a dark side though. I am ready to get to know her. I think I really like Rosalin. Maybe I fall to fast, too easily. Harry kept looking her up and down, made me tense. I crawled in bed and fell asleep. Can't wait to see her in the morning! See her beauty and her charm, that's sweet smile and soft looking lips. Everything about her seems...Perfect.

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