New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


28. Mums House!

Niall P.O.V


     I was in the kitchen making some tea when something was biting at my P.J bottons, I look down and saw Lady. I smiled and bent down to her and began to play with Lady. Liam walks in and laughs. "Niall. Your tea is boiling over." I jumped up and reached for the tea. Lady kept tugging at my bottoms. Liam picked her up and put her to my face. "Play with me, daddy Niall, Play with me." Lady whined a little and licked my face. I grabbed her, "You made her cry Liam! Your not nice!" Liam giggled and ran back to his bunk. I set Lady in the sink and went back to my tea. She kept trying to climb out. I laughed when Rosalin came around the corner, "Niall!! Why is Lady in the sink??" She walked over the the sink and grabbed her. "It's okay Lady. I know he is mean." she wispered to Lady. I sighed. "I hope you dont do that to our kid, when it is born." I laughed. "Only for the first year of her life." Rosalin glared at me. "Her? and you won't put it in a sink." I sighed, "I don't like calling the baby an it." Rosalin put Lady down and walked over to me, "You okay?" I grabbed both her hands and held them in mine. "Yes, it's just, I don't think i'm ready, i'm 19. and your only 16. You are not ready either." I tried to say it without sounding heartless, it wasn't meant to be that way. Rosalin sighed. "I know. I'm too scared. I have not thought of anything, my mind is everywhere. I'm scared." I nodded. " It's okay though. As Long as we have each other. We will be just fine." I kissed her nose and smiled. I was beyond scared. I don't wanna be a parent right now, I don't wanna tell Rosalin that. I know she feels the same. We have to live up to this. I just don't know how. Everyone appeared from the corner smiling. I rolled my eyes annoyed like. "Were you all listening?" They nodded. Dani and Perrie walked over to Rosalin, followed by Eleanor who was looking better. "That was SOO sweet!! Niall will be the best parent!" I smiled slightly and looked at Rosalin our eye contact met. She smiled. Making my smile complete. Liam shot up and down jumping. "We are going to see Niall's Mummy today!!!" I nodded my head and laughed. " Yes! Once you slow pokes go get ready we will leave." Rosalin smiled, "I'm going to meet you mom?" I always laugh at her accent. I liked americans accents a lot. How she says Mum is adorable, I tried to copy her. "Yes! You are going to meet my Mom." she smiled. " It's funny when you try to copy me. Its hot." I blushed and kissed her. The guys ran trough the bus, "WE ARE READY!! LETS GO!!  I laughed. Rosalin looked confused. "My mum always makes cookies when we come around." She smiled and nodded, " Niall! does she know?" I nodded. Of course my mum knew she was pregnant. Who doesn't by know. The thought of everything worried me. Rosalin pulled my hand. "Come on Niall. Will you quit stopping the guys are waiting in the limo." I snapped back to Earth. " Niall you seem so out of this world today." I smiled and laughed. "No I'm not! I'm Niall." She smiled and got into the limo. It was a good 45 minutes to my mums. Everyone fell alseep on top of each other.


     When we arrived the boys darted out of the car, leaving me with all the girls, they looked at me, "Hold on I got this." I cleared my troat. "Sounds fun girls!! We can just go to a hotel and have tons of pillow fights under the sheets!!" Liam. Zayn and Louis appeared in the car doorway glaring at me. I laughed and so did the girls. When everyone was out of the car we went to the door and I just walled on in. "MUM I'M HOME!!" My mum walked out of the kitchen and smiled. "Niall I missed you so much!!" she grabbed and squeezed me.


Rosalin P.O.V


Niall's mom let him go and hugged the other boys and the girls. She came to me, "Niall, is this the beautiful Rosalin you told me about." I smiled and giggled a little bit. Niall came beside me and wrapped his arm around my waist. " Yes, Mum. She is really sweet as well." Niall seemed so polite and calm when around his mom, or how he says mum. I laughed as they were talking about me. "Rosalin this is my mum. Mum this is my love, Rosalin." Niall used hand gestures to introduce us. I giggled. "Hia Niall's mom." She smiled, "Your american? Not many of those around here. That's a good thing. Makes you more keepable." I laughed and she looked down at my belly and back up to my face. "How old are you dearly?"  My smiled kinda faded, "16.."  Niall's mom looked at Niall and was shocked, "Oh, It's nice to have you here hun." She gave Niall a look but smiled at me and then walked away. I looked at Niall and shrugged. "That didn't seem to be well." Niall kissed my forhead. "It's okay. Age is just a number, remember" I sighed, "Yes! Age is just a number, I know but that's when you dating, Not having a kid." I was slightly upset. Apparently I said that a little too loud cause Niall's mom and everyone else stared at us. I took off up some stairs, not caring where I was going. Just needed to get away. Niall called after me. I didn't listen.


     I ran into a random room and  locked it. I turned on the light. It was a little boys room. Had a bed, a desk. and an Irish flag on the wall. I smiled at the kidish room. Niall was knocking on the door  "Rosalin open up. Can we talk about this? " I rolled my eyes. "I know you in MY room. I shouldn't be locked out of MY own room." I walked over and unlocked it. "Nice room you have here babe." Niall blushed. He walked over to the bed and patted the spot next to him. "What's bothering you, I know all that just now isn't over my mums facial expression. By the way. She makes them a lot but doesn't mean them." I sighed and looked down. "It's not just over that. Its about everything from getting pregnant to the thing with Holly. Why was she even here? What is going on? I'm just so confused. I don't know where to turn or look. I'm millions of miles away from my parents who abandoned me because I wanted to stay here. With you. But that doesn't seem to be working out." I stood up and walked over the window. Niall followed. "Woah wait, What is not working out? Everything seems to be fine." I shook my head. "Have you not seen us? We are a wreak! Eleanor is keeping me calm, when she is having trouble keeping cam herself. I barely know Perri and Danielle. I'm thinking about so much my mind is going to explode. " I laughed a little with a tear rolling down my cheek. Niall sighed. "The only thing keeping me calm are the concerts and seeing you calm.  Seeing you like this stresses me out. It hurts me." I laughed, "I'm worse when i'm by myself." Niall smiled. "Niall this is no time to smile. I'm freaking out!" He started laughing. "Niall your pissing me off!!"  Niall grabbed my waist and pulled my into a hug. "Sorry babe. When i'm stressed and scared there is nothing else for me to do then laugh." I put my head in his neck. "What are we going to do Niall?" He strugged. " I don't know, just take things day by day. Thats what my mum told me to do in sticky places.... Like mud!" I laughed. "Mud?" He nodded. "Yep! You don't need to over think or stress cause everthing is okay. I have everything under control. When you stress yourself out your sressing the baby out." Niall stated that comment seriously. I pulled back from him. " Have you been reading those baby books?" He nodded making me laugh. "Geek!" I hit his arm playfully. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into a kiss. I smiled as we pulled away. " I really do like your room. It seems so... you!" I smiled looking around the room. "Well sense this is my room. It makes tons of reason why it seems so ME." He smiled. "We should go back down stairs.. Everyone seems worried." I nodded while Niall pulled my hand to the doorway.


We were smiling coming off the stairs. "Everything okay." Niall's mom looked at us. I nodded. "Yes mum. Just needed to talk some things through." Niall smiled at me, Making me blush. Niall's mom smiled at us and nodded, "Anyone want a cookie." I laughed. "Me!!!" I ran over and grabbed the plate and took off running. Liam stomped his feet. "No. Fair!!! Mummy! She took off with the cookies!!!!!!! I WANT A FLIPPING COOKIE!!!!" I was still laughing. Niall's mom just stugged. "I'm coming after you!!!" I squealed and laughed. "Hey! Be. Careful. LIAM! You are chasing my babies" Niall yelled after him. He stayed by his mom, laughing. Liam caught up with me on the couch. I was trapped so I just sat there. Liam got on top of me and started to tickle me. I was laying on the cookies. "Give me a cookie Rosalin." I had one in my mouth. "Here!" I opened my mouth. "Eww. NO. Now I want the whole plate!!" I started to fight back. Liam ened up on the floor breathing heavy. I sit the plate on his fast pace, moving chest. "Here. Cookie Monster." I kicked his leg and walked back to the kitchen where Niall was having a chat with his mom. I walked up to them and hugged Niall from the side. Niall put one of his hands on my back, rubbing it. I looked at his mom who was smiling as big as the world at us. I let go of Niall and just stood beside of him, Niall looked at me and smiled. "Hi Niall's mommy." She smiled. "You can just call me mom, if you like. I have a very strong feeling that you will be around for a long while." She smiled wide. I smiled and looked up at Niall. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Thanks mom." She laughed, Zayn and Harry groaned from the other room, We rushed into the other room to see what was going on. Liam took Harry's phone and read it, " Uhh.. Guys we need to go.." Liam handed back the phone to Harry and was looking at Niall and I. " What's going on?" Niall asked grabbing my hand. "Everyone knows about Rosalin's pregnantcy and the rumor thats going around is, your leaving the band cause Rosalin said so. Rosalin. Just dont look at your twitter, It's bad." Liam sighed. "Rosalin is getting death treats and Paul wants to keep an eye on her. These fans go nuts if they hear a band member is quitting because of a person."  I grabbed Niall's shirt and hide my face in his it. " Whst started it." Niall asked stressed. Zayn was scrolling through Twitter. He shook his head, "My best guess would be Holly." Nialls jaw got tense. We all stood there. "Guys!! We Need To Go!!!" Zayn yelled and ran to the door. I panicked. I hugged Niall's mom. "Bye, Thanks for having us." She smiled and could sense the fear in my voice. "Nice meeting you. Everything will be fine. Just dont let go of Niall." I smiled and nodded. Niall hugged his mom, "Love you mum. We will Skype you later and keep you updated on everything. Bye!" She nodded and waved by to us as we headed out the door. We got to the car and pilled in. It was another long ride back to the bus. Eleanor, Perri, and Dani fell asleep. I pretended to sleep on Niall's lap.


Niall sighed heavily. "Whats wrong bro? " Liam asked, Niall didn't say anything so im guess he just shook his head. " I don't understand half the things going on right now." Liam puffed. "Everything happens for a reason man, Rosalin got pregnant for a reason. Your meant to be with her, god just made you notice in the worsted and stupidest way possible." Niall nodded. "Yes. I noticed. My point is. I can not do this. I love Rosalin I really do. I'm just setting us up to fail. I don't wanna hurt her." Liam patted Niall's back. "Your not, your helping her out, Your doing the best and she is thankful for it. Trust me. She has it worse than you do right now. Fans are freacking out. They want your love.. dead." Niall's voice cracked "Don't say it like that. It hurts me to think if they ever get a hold of Roslain. She can't fight back well enough. I gotta protect her." He leaned down and kissed my cheek. " Do whatever you have to do man. We are all here to help you and Rosey out. We won't let you down love." NIall nodded and started to sing in my ear. I truely fell asleep not long after he started to pet my hair.


I woke up on the couch in the bus. Paul was talking with everyone when I woke up and sat up. "Okay. These fans seem to be serious. I dont want Roslain or Eleanor to leave this bus. " I caughed causing them to look at me. "What's going on." I asked pulling my knees into my arms. Niall came and sat beside me, wrapping one arm around me. "Your life and baby's life is in major danger, We want you and Eleanor to stay in here," I sighed, "Many fans are sending death threats to your Twitter. I recommend you not to look for your own health." I caughed again and nodded. "Are you coming down sick love?" Niall said feeling my head. I pulled his hand down. "No, I just got something in my troat."  Niall handed me a bottled water, I smiled and kissed his cheek. Paul went to talk again. We heard some people outside. Not much later we heard a gun shot. I sat straight up, chills running down my spin. I began to cry. Niall grabbed me and held me tight. "Paul, we can't do this!" Zayn said grabbing Perrie. Paul shook his head. "We have to for a while." We heard another gun shot. Making me jump. I started to shack then fell asleep slowly. I was scared for my life... I can't do this.

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