New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


13. Late Night Walks.

Rosalin P.O.V

     I stayed up for a while, thinking, I couldn't sleep. I decided I would go for a walk. I thought it would get my thoughts out of my head. I grabbed my Vans and my phone and left. I closed the door behind me and started walking, I didn't know where I was going, just walked. A lot of thoughts came across my mind, This school is too talented for me. I miss my parents and Cade. Kyson... I miss Kyson. I looked at my phone, 11:00 P.M, it is 5:00 P.M back home. I grabbed my phone and searched for his number. To: Kyson(: Hey Kye, Thought I see how you are, Miss you buddy ): I sent it and put my phone in my pocket. I walked along this rocky path. About 5 minutes later, my pocket vibrated, It was Kyson. From: Kyson(:  Hey Rosey! im fine, how about you? Miss you as well ): The bus is not the same anymore, I sit alone. I won't let anyone take your sopt. I laughed at his text, but he was serious. To: Kyson(:  Oh...Im sorry, Hows school?  This time i just held my phone and he answered fast, From: Kyson(: Good, just not the same. speaking of school, it is like 11 where you are at, shouldn't you be asleep?   I sighed. To: Kyson(: Yeah, but I cant sleep. keep having nightmares. Scared to sleep. it sucks, I miss my parents and Cade and.. you. I have not even told Sky anything, I have not even talked to her since she moved. She prob. met new best friend and forgot all about me. Life sucks. I started to cry sighlently as I typed it. I miss home but this is a once in a life time chance. I'm not going to let my fears and weakness ruin it. I got a text From: Kyson(:   Hey dont say that, it is tough to be away from family and stuff, but it's okay. You have my sister there with you and you have me, through text. It will be okay. just think of happy things before bed and it will be okay. I need to go so I can get ready for school in the morning. Bye Rosey. talk some time soon! 

     I didn't even reply. No need to. As I was putting my phone in my pocket, I ran into something. I looked up and just saw a shadow and heard a deep male voice. "Will you watch out where your going!?" I looked up and in the moon light, it was Harry. He didn't look happy, he never looked happy when he saw me. I just wipped my eyes and looked down, "Sorry, but I don't wanna be yelled at by some stupid British." I went to walk away, but Harry grabbed my wrist, "Wait, im sorry. Come here." He let go and I turned around and faced him. The moonlight spoted out the tears on my face. I sighed. "What? What could you want." He looked down and around. "Can I talk to you about something?" I wipped my face again and crossed my arms. "Well you just did. I'm not really in the shape to talk to anyone." He looked up at me with hurt eyes, "Pease?" He pleated. I nodded. he grabbed my hand and took me to a nearby bench. "What's wrong with you?" He asked softly. I sighed. "Being away from home, Having nightmares that make me scream and cry, I'm just not talented enough for this school." I looked at the sky, the moon was really pretty and bright. "Don't say that. You had to of audition, and it had to be great for you to get a full scholarship. Plus I know how it is like to be away from home." I looked at him confused at the last part. "Your living in your home country? Your right next to your home." He looked at me. "I'm talking about when the boys and I travel the world for tour. To America, or Canada or even somewhere else," He paused, "But I think of happy things and it is all better." He smiled and I half smiled, "I think this is the first time I have seen you smile in person." He kept smiling. "Well your welcome." he laughed, I did too then stopped. "The first day I came here, when I first bumped into you we were okay, and then today, it seemed like you hated me." I frowned and so did he. "I'm always like that to new people." He said looking down. "I know I have heard, but why?" He looked up. "I'm always afraid of falling for them, Like you." He smiled and I did too, "Why me?" Harry kept smiling, "Your amazing. I see how you are around the guys and they love you, Mostly Niall. He likes likes you," He laughed. "My point is, your funny and beautiful and shy. When I saw you in Niall's bed this morning, it hurt cause I do like you but I joked so no one would suspect a thing." I looked down thinking about everything he was saying. "So you were mean to me, cause you like me?" He nodded and smiled, "Guy logic!" He laughed, "Can you stop being mean to me now please?" He nodded, "Anything for the One Direction Beauty!" I laughed, "Where did that come from? " Harry shrugged. "I dont know, just thought of it? " He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I leaned in also, out lips met. I felt completed and happy. We pulled away and put our forheads together. I smiled. "Wait why are you up this late?" he smiled. "I needed to get things of my mind, So I walk."  I jumped up. " Me too! but it's almost midnight, We both need sleep. Do you think you can sleep now Harry?" He smiled and shook his head. He pulled me in his arms and kiss me again. "Now I can." He smiled and let go of me. I kissed his cheek and waved bye to him and started to head back to my dorm. When I got there, My door was locked, I was locked out of my dorm. I sighed and sled down the door and burried my head in my knees. I heard some footsteps infront of me. I looked up and it was Niall.


Niall P.O.V


I walked out of my room sleepily, thinking I heard noises, and saw Rosalin sitting outside her door. "Hey Rosalin, What are you doing out here.? I asked her as I rubbed my eyes. She sighed. "I locked myself out of my dorm when I went for a walk. I have no way into my room." I laughed," Why are you laughing Niall? This is not really funny." I laughed more. "It really is, Well you see. We have the same key. I can let you in your dorm if you want." She looked up at me confused, "How is that possible?" I shrugged. "I dont know really, it's just something I was told. I think it is because we are on the same hallway? I dont know." She laughed, "Niall your drunk go back to bed." I laughed at her joke, "Not drunk yet. Wait till the weekend" I winked at her helped her off the floor, she followed me into my room as I grabbed my key and handed it to her, "Don't lose it!" She laughed, "You even sound drunk" i glared at her, "I'm not drunk, I'm just sleepy." She laughed and left my room to unlock her door, I went back to my bed and laid down. I saw Rosalin enter my room and laugh. "Can't stay awake long enough to get your key back?" I shook my head and smiled. She put my key on the table beside my bed and wispered in my ear, "Thanks for letting me use your key, your a hero, goodnight blondey." She kissed my cheek and left. I smiled. I wonder if she likes me? I fell back asleep before I finished thinking.






I walked out of Nialls room, closeing his door. I entered my room and went straight to my bed. Thinking about what Harry and I talked about. Thinking about that we kissed, twice. I always had feelings for Harry but I thought I had feelings for Niall, he seems a bit nice, like a brother. I think of Niall as family, my brother. I just need to find a way to tell him. Harry is like perfect, His hair, his smile, his eyes. Oh his eyes, you could swim in. You get lost in them so easily. Harry seems mystrious and secrative, I liked that about him. Having to find out what he is about. Before I knew it, I fell alseep. I wonder what school would be like.. Any different maybe ?



Harry P.O.V


     I didn't go back to my dorm when Rosalin left, I continued to walk. I needed to think more. I did like Rosalin, I just dont wanna hurt her. Am I falling for her heart or just her body? So many things about me are spreaded around across the school, I'm shocked she hasn't heard any of it, yet. Most of it is untrue, but still. I started kicking a rock around. I am never going to get sleep if i don't try. I started to head back to my dorm. I needed sleep. I ran into Louis in the hall. "Harry, what are you doing? Just coming in?" I nodded, "Yeah, Went for a walk." Louis looked worried, "You okay mate?" I fake smiled, " Yeah just needed to get some thinking done. Umm, Erm. What are you doing up?" He laughed. "Went to get something to drink and go to the bathroom."  I nodded, "Ah, Well I'm going to bed, Goodnight Lou." Louis smiled. "Same, Goodnight Mate."  I got to my room and unlocked it. I got right into bed. I thought about kissing Rosalin, How it felt so right but yet so wrong. I need more time to think about how i fell. Niall would be crushed.. I fell alseep on the thought of Niall hurt, I couldn't take his crush away from him. Again.






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