New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


21. Last Week Of School.

Rosalin P.O.V


     It seemed like everything was falling together. Niall and I headed back to the dorm after the meeting and I didn't feel to well. Niall was checking Twitter when I walked in the room from the bathroom, I walked over and sat on his lap. "What Rosey?" He smiled at me. "Can I really go on tour with you? " Niall kept smiling. "I think so. I would have to double check with Paul. He is fine with Eleanor going, she could use some one to hang with while on tour. I think he wouldn't mind." I smiled "Will you check though." He nodded pulling out his phone. He dialed a number, then deleted it and set his phone down. "I should wait till after school hours." I laughed. "I'm going to take a nap. You going to join Niall? " He shook his head. " I don't think so, go get your beautiful beauty rest." He smiled. I kissed him and walked to the bed and crawled in, before I knew it, I was fast asleep.


Eleanor P.O.V

~Lunch time~


     I was searching for Rosalin and Niall, But I forgot they dropped out. I continued to look throughout lunch period though. "Babe. They are not coming. They left remember?"" Louis said to me. I sighed. "I know, its weird not having them here. So how is everyones day? " Liam nodded. " Excited for tour, How was the meeting?" I laughed. " Land Lady thought I was the pregnant one at first and was talking to Louis about how he and she went over this before. It was funny. Anyway Rosalin and Niall can graduate early. She put it as drop out, which we all know is gradulate early. They both have straight A's" Everyone looked shocked. "Niall, Straight A's?" Zayn said with wide eyes. I laughed, "Right! But that isn't the matter, The only thing is Rosalin has to go on tour with yall." Louis laughed, "USA!" I thought, " I can go ??" Louis nodded, I smiled. "Thats great!!! Now Rosalin can have someone to talk to!" the guys shook their head. "Paul saw that twitcam that Niall had with Rosalin that night, He doesn't like her at all. He rather Niall leave her." I was shocked. "That was Harrys fault. We need to change his mind. Rosalin is the sweetest person ever!" We all agreed. I looked around, "Where is Harry?"  Louis pointed at him. He was with some new girl. "That girl is from California. Real wild child. " I shook my head. "She is screwed, seriously" We all laughed. 

     The lunch bell rang and it was time for classes which passed quickly felt like five minutes. Before I knew it. It Music and Dance class. The teacher went to the front of class. "Where is Rosalin and Niall?" Everyone whispered. Taylor raised her hand. "Yes Ms.Taylor?"  Taylor laughed. "I think I know where Rosalin and Niall is." I looked at the boys, we all were eyeing Taylor. "Okay Taylor, where are they." She laughed. "They might be getting kinky in the twitcam, Again!" Everyone laughed. The teacher rolled her eyes. Taylor pissed me off, Took everything I had and Louis for me not to say something. I raised my hand. "Yes Eleanor?" I sighed. "Roslain and Niall dropped out." Taylor dropped her jaw and started to whisper. "Okay! Thank you so much Eleanor"  

     Class was over and we left the class buildings and went to Niall's dorm. We found a sleeping Rosalin and a confused Niall. "Niall are you okay?" He was slurring his words. He was drunk. "Niall, what have you been doing." Niall couldn't talk. I looked at Louis. "A few hours of sleep he will be fine." Louis walked over when Niall fell on the floor. We put him on the bed and Rosalin woke up. "Hey guys! How are yall." we all smiled at her. "Great! What's todays goal." Rosalin stood up "Find out if I could go on tour with yall." We all faked smiled. "Niall was going to call after school, but it looks like he fell asleep?" I laughed, "No, Niall was drunk and he hit the floor." I could see hurt in Rosalins eyes. "I don't understand him at times. I don't care right now. Can we call Paul?" We nodded our head knowing what Paul would say. "Yeah, Louis hand me your phone." Louis handed me his phone and I dialed Pauls number. "Hello?" a deep voice said. I smiled, "Hi Paul!" I could hear his voice lighten. "Hey Eleanor. What's going on? Tommo behaving ?" I laughed, "Yes. I was just calling to ask if my friend Rosalin can come on tour with us. She is Niall's girlfriend and he would love to have her come along." there was silence. I spoke again. "I know you don't like her cause of that twitcam last month but you know how Harry likes to get girls drunk, yeah Rosalin has been a victum of that and-" I was cut off by Paul laughing. "Eleanor calm down. I love Rosalin as I do You. I have been watching her Twitter closely and she seems nice. I can't wait to meet her." I could hear him smile. " Great Paul! We will see you this weekend. Say bye everyone... BYEEEE" Paul laughed, "Bye Kids!" We hung up the phone and I hugged Rosalin. "I can't wait!" she smiled. I heard Niall laughed and he jumped up at us, we jumped and Rosalin squealed. Making us laugh. "What then hell man!" Zayn yelled. "What I learned in acting class, I fooled yall didn't I?" I laughed, "You performed that to well." Rosalin walked over and hugged him, He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her from behind. "Niall, I can go on tour with yall!!" Niall smiled. "I know, I heard. Now I spend tour with both my babes." Rosalin smiled. I couldn't help but say awe! Seems like a perfect day.



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