New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


43. I'm Sorry, Forgive Me?

     Rosalin P.O.V

     I have so much going through my mind. I want to forgive Niall, I don't think I can trust him again. Ella was sleeping in my arms, I kissed her forehead and laid my head on hers. I felt something grab my hand. "Rosalin, It is okay. He truly loves you." I look up to see Louis looking down at me. I nod and pull my hand from his. "Rosalin. Why did you stop eating, you were doing so good." I shrugged. I won't talk, I don't feel like it. "Well when you find out, come talk to me"

     We soon reached the bus, it is either now or never. The boys are leaving in the morning. I climbed out with Ella, "Da Da!!!" She knows the bus from a mile away. I smiled slightly. Louis helped Eleanor out and got my bags before I could. I slowly walked to the door and stopped. Louis stopped beside me. "You going first?" I shook my head. He went ahead, followed by Eleanor then me. Everyone was in the sitting room in he back. No one spotted me, I grabbed Louis back belt loop and hid. "Lou, I can't do this." Eleanor went to the bathroom, not saying a word. "Look. You have to do this for Ella... and your own health. I watch you. You eat when your around Niall. When your happy." I nodded, not like he saw. He walked in and sat down. I sighed and walked in with Ella on my hip. Everyone's eyes shot up to mine, all but Niall. Liam ran up and hugged me and grabbed Ella. "I knew you would come back" I nodded. I let him take Ella. Niall met my gaze, I could feel the tears brim my eyes. I shook my head, and turned around to walk away. Someone grabbed my wrist, I turned and saw Niall. "Rose, I'm sorry. I know I don't deserve this but, Forgive me?" I want to walk away but I know I can't. I need him. I went to open my mouth but nothing came out. "N-Niall. I gave you TWO chances already. My heart.. So smashed. I just think I can never fo-"  I was cut off by Niall's lips to mine. I want to pull away but I find my hand around Niall's neck and his hands on my hips. Niall pulled away short after. "Never. Say Never." I smile slightly. "I can't believe I'm about to say this but I-"  was cut off again by Eleanor's cold screams. Louis jumped off the couch and to the bathroom. I rush and see Eleanor in a ball, with blood around her. I shack my head. Louis picked her off the ground and rushed out of the bus. He had tears in his eyes, we all did. I think we know all of us knew. Niall grabbed my hand and a crying Ella and we rushed and followed Louis and Eleanor to the hospital. The ride was quiet. I was trying to make Ella stop crying, while Niall drove. Ella fell asleep after I sang to her for  short time. "You know. You still have that talent of singing and dancing and being you." I nodded. "Thanks." Niall parked the car puffed. "What were you trying to say back at the bus?" I was confused. "Oh, I was saying that I wi--" I was cut off. Yet again. Liam knocked on the glass. "Come on! Yall can speak later!" Niall grabbed Ella and I dashed out of the car leaving them behind.

     I ran into Louis inside, "Where is Eleanor and is she okay? Is the baby okay!?" Louis shrugged. I turned around and saw Kyson. "Is my sister okay? Louis called me!" I shrugged and Niall came up to me and handed me Ella. Kyson looked at Niall. "Hey. I need a word with you!" I looked at Kyson who is much younger and weaker compared to Niall. "Me?" Niall said to him. Kyson nodded adnd got closer to him making Niall smile. "Haha, what are you going to do.. Shorty"  Kyson grew red. "You know what pun-" "STOP IT" I can't stand it. "Eleanor is hurt. We are here for her, NOT to fight" They nodded and went there separate way. I sighed and walked over to Louis. The nurse me up to us. "Louis honey. There are good and bad news." I brought my hands up to my mouth. "Eleanor is okay right?" Louis was panicking. The nurse shrugged. "Kind of. You see the baby is okay, but if you continue with the pregnancy. Then Ms. Calder could possibly die in the process of giving birth or just simply the baby growing in her tummy." Everyone gathered around and heard. "Ms. Calder said she wants to continue the pregnancy, I wish you both the best."  Louis turned pale. " I can't risk Eleanor dying." I pushed myself into Niall's arms. I am speechless. What is going to happen to Eleanor. Niall wrapped his arms around Ella and I and rocked us.

     Eleanor P.O.V

     I sat there. Thinking. I am going to have this child, I'm not letting my baby die because I'm scared. The nurse walked in and smiled. "Louis is wanting to see you. Can I let him in." I nod and smile. Louis walked in an closes the door behind him. "Eleanor, I love you and this baby, but I can't lose you." I shack my head. "You will not lose me. I will be okay. This baby is important to me. If it isn't to you, I can leave!" Louis shook his head. "I love his kid. I'm scared of losing the love of my life! We can always try again." I shook my head. "No we can't. After this baby is born. I have to tie my tubes so this won't happen again." Louis looked at me hurt. "Eleanor, are you sure you want to do this?" I nod and smile. "This is the best thing I can do!" Lou smiled and kissed my cheek. "We will make it." I smiled. "We can hope for the best" Louis climbed in bed with me and had small chat about how we will raise this baby to the best of out ability!

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