New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


36. Home Coming.

      Rosalin P.O.V

     I rushed back to the bus with Eleanor to grab my things. "So Sorry this is happening Rosey." I shrugged, "I should have saw it coming, I mean, Look at me? I am disgusting." Eleanor looked up. "Your beautiful, you're just sick. Why didn't you tell us?" I shrugged again, "Doesnt matter right now. Lets just hurry up so I can leave please." Eleanor nodded. Louis came in and hugged me. "Gosh, Rosey I'm so sorry! Your so boney.." He trailed off and looked at me in my eyes, I shook my head and whispered. "That means perfect right?" I teared up. He shook his head, "Your perfect the way you were" I shrugged, "No I wasn't." His kissed my forehead, "You were perfect love. I loved you for you." He whispered in my ear. He let go and walked away, I finished packing as much as I could.

      I walked away and Lou pulled me back. "Yes you were. You are perfect now, stop hurting yourself." He looked down at my wrist and saw some cuts healing. "What are these?" I shrugged and walked away. I grabbed Ella who was crying slightly and went towred the door. Niall busted in, "Rosalin! I'm sorry! I screwed up. Please forgive me?" He held out the ring. My face turned red and I looked at Eleanor who came and got Ella and stood there. I knocked the ring out of his hand. "Niall. Do you HONESTLY think I would take you back now? You cheated with you 'First Love'. Yes I heard you call her that. There can't be enough room for me and Ella because we are not you 'First Love' I'm sorry but I can't do this right now." I began to cry harder. "Come on Eleanor. We need to leave. Eleanor looked at Louis and he nodded. I grabbed my bags and walked out the door with Eleanor, leaving Niall on the floor. "Where are we going?" I shrugged, "The only place I know of around here." I looked at Eleanor, "My parents." She went wide eyed. I nodded and flagged down a taxi. Once we got into the taxi and set Ella in the car seat, the driver turned to us, "Where are we going tonight Ladies?" I grabbed a peice of paper out of the bag and handed it to him. He scanned it and Smiled, "We will be there in about 30 minutes." He handed back the paper and I took a deep breath. Eleanor rubbed my knee.

     "We are here!!" The taxi driver said. I jumped cause my eyes were closed. Eleanor smiled and grabbed Ella. I paid for the taxi and grabbed the bags. I see my parents cars, they were home. I started shacking. I walked up to the front door and went to knock, I stoped. "I can't do this." I said with a shacky breath. "Rosey, come on, it's about to rain." Eleanor said looking up. I sighed and kocked on the door. I grabbed Ella from Eleanor's arms and Eleanor took the bags. Just so my parents would know Ella is mine and not Eleanor. You can now see a tiny baby bumb on Eleanor. "Coming!!!" I hear my mom say with a cheerful voice. I smile as she opened the door. She frowned until she realized it was me. "Rosalin!! You're home!!" She cried. "Honey!! Honey!!! Rosalin is home!! She brought a baby and a friend. Wait a baby! This must be our grandchild" I smiled slightly. "Come in Come in!" Eleanor and I walked in and my mom took the bags out of Eleanor's hand and set therm on the floor, "Welcome to our home.." She paused,Eleanor smiled "Eleanor." She said shyly. My mom went wide eyed, "Your british?" Eleanor laughed, "I am. I am from the UK afterall." She smiled and my mom laughed. My dad came around the corner. "Rosey!! Your mom and I are sorry what we told you a year ago. We wanna be in your life and our grandbaby's life." He smiled and I hugged him. "I will be happy to let that happen!! I smiled and my dad turned to Eleanor, "Your pretty! Hi I'm Rosalin's father, you can call me dad." She smiled, "Okay thanks... Dad" She smiled. We all walked over the the couch and sat down. "So mom is it okay if we stay her for a few days?" My mom nodded. "Sure, What's wrong. You've been crying?" I nodded. "Niall and I ran into some issues." Dad nodded. "We figured. Look." Eleanor and I looked up on the T.V and saw a report on Eleanor and I leaving the bus with bags with Ella. "What happen?" my mom leaned in looking instrested. I sighed. "Well Niall, you know the blonde one in the group." My mom nodded. "Yep! He is cutest!!" I laughed slightly. "Well he is Ella's father and we got engaged." I paused and my mom took it to her advantage. "Omg!! This is great!" I shook my head. "No?" she said. "He ened up cheating on my tonight with his first love, Holly." My mom glared. "I have read about her. That's a whore!" Eleanor busted into laughter. "Never heard adults use words like that. Sorry" Ella fell asleep on the couch. Mom and dad laughed at her. "I'm sorry babe. Things will be better." I nodded. "I know, I can't trust him again." My mom nodded and turned to Eleanor. "I don't mean to be rude Ms. Eleanor but are you expecting?" Elanor smiled and was in shock. "Am I noticeable?" I laughed. My mom can spot a pregnant lady from a far. "No dear, Just I know.. I'm a mom afterall." I laughed. "And me too!!" She glared at me. "Yep a Teen mom." I smiled. "Eleanor and I are going up to my old room and we will stay there. You can hang with Ella if you want. Let her get used to you both." They nodded and we left.

     My room hasn't chaged much. Still how I left it. I have not found my cat anywhere. I will ask mom what happen to it tomorrow. "You tired Eleanor?" Ele nodded and pulled out her phone. "Yeah let me text Louis and let him know we are safe and where we are." She went typing on her phone then it  rings all of a sudden. "Hey Lou... Yeah... We are fine... Her parents...Yah they are fine with us here.... Sure." She pulled the phone from her ear, "Lou wants to speak to you." I nodded and he tossed her phone. "Hey Lou." There was a pause. "Hey Rosey, How are you?" I shrugged.. "Rosalin, I can't hear you shrug." I laughed, "You know me so well. I am fine, Eleanor is fine, Everything is okay. We both need sleep so I'm gonn hang up the phone and go to sleep." Eleanor sat up in the bed. "Goodnight Louis!! Love you!!" I pulled the phone away. "Love you too Eleanor!!!" He screamed and I hung up the phone. "Goodnight Eleanor." She smiled. "Goodnight Rosalin."

      Niall P.O.V

     Roslain left and I don't know where she is. My baby.. I am a mess. Lou came in, "Niall they are fine. They are at Rosalin's parents' house." I jumped up, "Can we go???" Louis laughed. "No, Sorry. She need to be left alone thanks to you." I shrugged, "I dont care anymore. I've lost her." I went to get up but Lou pushed me down. "Where the fuck do you think your going?" I rolled my eyes, "Some fucking where. Let me go!" He pushed down on my harder. "No! You're going to regret somthing." I was pissed now. "I'm not gonna regret this!" I reached up and punched Louis out of the way. He fell back into the wall. "Bye Louis." I got my jacket and left. I found Holly outside of her car on the phone. I ran up to her and  grabbed her phone. I turned it off and slit it in my pcoket. "I want you." I whispsered into her ear, "I knew you would come back." She kissed me and I kissed back. I was not drunk. I need a get away and holly is it. "I knew you would come back to me." She said as she opened her back car door and slid in. I climbed on top of her. She undressed herself and I did me. I kissed her all over her body.  I coundn't stop myself.

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